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Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
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Hello from the factory

Posted by FŪZ Designs (Creator)

Hello everyone. There were a couple small items that delayed my trip to the factory, but I am here now and things are progressing nicely. I can’t tell you how great that makes me feel. It has been an incredibly long journey for all of us and our patience is finally paying off.

We made several complete units and packaged them up to send to the office. We will test them over the next couple weeks, but it’s really just a formality.

Based on the success of the trip, we have ordered all the components and will be starting production at the end of October.

Here are some photos of the packaging. I think it turned out amazing. What do you think?

I'll post pictures of the factory and assembly line when we start full production. It was a bit messy for this trial run so we figured we'd wait until the complete line is set up to send those photos.

Thanks again for all your patience and support. Have a great weekend.






The Noke Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aranza Alvarado on

      THREE YEARS!!!


    2. Brian Catton on

      The sound of silence.

    3. Brian Catton on

      Be prepared for a let down everyone. Noke do us all a favour, prove me wrong.

    4. Tim Kirkham on

      Thanks for the updates. This was originally intended as a present for a keen cyclist. Will it be arriving in the UK prior to Christmas. Thank you

    5. Darren Challender on

      Can we all assume that production is in full swing based on your last comments in September? if so is their any update on shipping times?

    6. Si on

      Shipping update please

    7. Paul Pelsmaeker on

      BTW need to change my address. It has changed since 2015. How can I do that?

    8. Paul Pelsmaeker on

      Any updates on production and shipping? We're almost in 2018...

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Berger on

      Hi there. If we need to change our address due to the delay, how do we go about doing that? I am no longer at the address from 2015.

      Thank you.

    10. Robin on

      This thing is never going to ship, so it seems.

      FYI, Nomatic is shipping their new backpack 3 months before the expected shipping date!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyson S. Carroll on

      Thank you for the update. Will there be any updates to the iOS application?

      -watchOS integration
      -today view widget (swipe down)
      -user interface update. I don't mean any disrespect, but the UI does not match the modern design of the lock. It is kind of clunky.

      For what it is worth, I have had no issue with the wait.

    12. Nico Heßlich on

      are the brown/silver once also shipping in November?

    13. Missing avatar

      hiroshi sano on

      Thanks Update!
      Shipment is around Christmas?
      I can't wait !!

    14. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      @Norman Willems, Thank you for being so patience and sticking it out with us through this journey! We’re excited to get the U-Lock to you and glad to hear that you love the look of the U-Lock and Packaging!

      @Udo Bottger, It has been long time, but we think it was worth it for the reward that you’ll be receiving. Shipping is just around the corner so stay tuned for updates regarding that!

      @Roger & Valerie Skulsky, Doesn’t it? It looks even better in person so we can’t wait to get it to you.

      @Chad Kukahiko, Mass production will begin end of October, and shipping will start shortly after that. Typically the manufacturer can produce a couple hundred locks per day, so from the time the mass production beings and the time shipping starts, it will be a short timeframe.

      @Patrick, Thank you for the feedback, we’re glad you love it and can’t wait to get it to you. Thank you for being patient. 

      @Christian Kramer, Definitely! Just in time for Christmas. Wether its for you or someone else, It will be an awesome gift.


@Ronald Lam, Trust us, we wish we could have completed this long ago, but great things take time and we didn’t want to cut any corners on this lock. We hope you can understand, but we took our time so that we could provide the best product in the end for you. It took a few years, but it was worth it for us and I’m sure once you get the U-Lock, you’ll realize it was also worth it for you. Thank you for being patient!

    15. Ronald Lam on

      This would of been a great update september 2015. Waiting this long, it better transform and grab me beers from the fridge.

    16. Christian Kramer on

      Nice gift surprise for Xmas!

    17. Patrick on

      It looks really great!!

    18. chad kukahiko on

      Thanks for the update. Do you have an estimate as to when we'll be sent our locks?

    19. Roger & Valerie Skulsky on

      Packaging pics look great, can't wait!

    20. Udo Böttger on

      well, that sounds great. Then I will hope that the shipment soon on the way to me to Germany is.
      it's long ago that the project has started.

    21. Norman Willems on

      Thanks for the update! It has been a long journey but I believe it’s all worth it. I backed this product because it was the perfect gift for someone, and I still think it is. I’m really looking forward to the moment I can see and feel the end product. Packaging looks sleek!��

    22. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      Chase, you are correct. This is what happens when you send a photographer out to grab a few photos. They often get lost in their creativity and forget about the utility of the product ;)

    23. Curt Simon Harlinghausen on

      Cool. Thank you. And thank you for keeping us in the loop and all your efforts.

    24. Chase Massingill on

      Excited to finally see this in production! That photo of it in use though...really a bad example of how to lock your bike. You'll come back to a frame hanging from the lock. At least get a wheel up in there or something.

    25. Steve Delepine on

      Thank you please ship to my address that you have had on file for the past 2+years �

    26. Aaron Vinall on

      Packaging looks great, would look good on the shelves of an Apple Store! Can’t wait to use mine. Keep up the good work.

    27. Tony L

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait!