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Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
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More U-lock Samples

Posted by FŪZ Designs (Creator)

Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment to show off the samples we received last week. They look amazing. Only a couple more tweaks to go. If you look really closely, you'll see some fine marks near the dimples on the main body. Those will be easily removed when we put the final finish on that tool. That's it for the cosmetic parts.

We are doing extensive waterproof and strength testing on these samples as they are constructed exactly the same as the final design. We expect great results.

We are all very excited. We have 20 more samples coming in a couple weeks with another set of refinements and we expect these to be the last before final production. 

Thanks agin for your unwavering support and patience. Enjoy the photos.




The Noke Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Aranza Alvarado on

      TWO YEARS I have been waiting for our locks. Two y e a r s. I will never fund anything else in my life. This is ridiculous.

    2. H Ismail on

      Any updates?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Payne on

      1) Is there an update coming soon?
      2) Is there a shipping schedule coming up?
      3) Will there be a survey going out or will you be shipping to the original addresses?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      The pictures do look amazing. The lock will look even more amazing on my bike. It appears that there are two different shank sizes. Will I have an option of one or the other? Have you got a reasonable estimate on when they'll ship? Biking season is upon us.

    5. Missing avatar

      michael Liebenthron on

      Will you ever ship or is this a bad joke? You are now 1,5 years late and counting. You started the campaign 2 years ago with a design and a plan. Why the h... do you need to re-shape, re-design, re-color or and other re-whatsoever. Was your design so crappy 2 yrs ago and still is?

    6. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      @Kat Ferr, we're glad to hear you think so too! We love the look and the feel of the locks. Thank you for your patience, we're positive you'll love it.

      @Breanna Faye, if you could contact we'll be sure to update any address info to make sure the lock gets to you when we ship here shortly. Thank you!

      @Pete Delsman, We expect shipping to begin next next with the majority going out in late May/June. This is as long as everything goes smoothly at the manufacture during this final phase. We've already received some samples and they're looking pretty good. There are just some minor tweaks with the tooling that needed to be done before full-fledged production begins. Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pete Delsman on

      W-H-E-N W-I-L-L T-H-E B-L-O-OD-Y T-H-I-N-G B-E S-H-I-P-P-E-D???
      Love all the tweaks, improvements, updates, apologies, whatever, but would like to now see something happening.

    8. Breanna Faye on

      I need to make sure I have a recent address on file for you to ship to (I have moved approximately 4 times since making the pledge). Please let me know how to update you ASAP!

      Thank you

    9. Kat Ferr on

      Ooooh I'm so excited! They look great!

    10. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      @Courtney Ziggy Spent, Thank you for the feedback and being patient with the process. Having the body completely covered to protect from damage to the bike was our main concern with that change. It also protects the U-Lock from any drops or dings that may occur. We’re super close to having it in your hands and we can’t wait! Thank you again.

      @Johan Söderström, Not a problem! Thank you for sticking with us. The application energy consumption depends on the phone being used. The Android will most likely draw more power than the iPhone however they both use Bluetooth LE (low energy) and they are not always constantly searching. We recommend that if you’re not always using your lock to open it an hour or so before you’re about to use the lock, or at the time of use to a avoid any excessive energy consumption. We’ll be updating the apps consistently to try and negate the battery consumption. Great question!

      @Richard, we do apologize for the delay and appreciate the patience you have to wait for the U-Lock. We hope that the final design will be enough to count for the “interest” of the money given to us, but we’re still looking at ways we can give something back to you guys. Thank you.


@Brian Orlick, This is the final design. The material is similar in look and will always look slightly different from the Computer 3D rendered version. This design provides the most protection for both your lock and bike. As we get the other colors in, we’ll be providing some additional photos. Thank you for being patient.

    11. Courtney Ziggy Spens on

      Thanks guys! I'm excited to see the other colors! While it is a bit bolder than the original ID intent, I actually like the full leather look. Looks more secure to me and there is NO exposed metal to scratch my bike! As a designer who knows projects like this can take a turn for the worst, I appreciate how hard you all have worked to make sure we still get a product at the end rather than throwing in the towel!

      To everyone posting negative comments, I understand your frustration, but remember this:
      If you want to buy something, you go to a store. If you want to fund a dream and invest in an idea you believe in, you come to kickstarter, knowing full well at the end of the day you might end up empty-handed. Funding this project was an investment, and requires risk just like buying a stock. And having been fully aware of that risk when I paid my money, I'd rather my investment flatline for two years and spike at the end than I lose everything all together!

    12. Johan Söderström on

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to holding it (and using it)
      Regarding the app, will you post additional info on that? How is it with battery drain etc if it's running in the background while waiting to get close to the Lock?

    13. Richard on

      Given how long this has taken I think you should be doing something for your backers - you've had our money at 0% interest for a very long time.

    14. Brian Orlick on

      Is that really what the final finish is going to look like? That's nothing like the color and texture that material in the campaign presented. Please tell me there is some missing paint here or something!

    15. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      Hello Everyone! We’re almost ready to start shipping these locks and we appreciate everyone’s patience through this process and understanding that good things take time. The pictures you see here are not computer renderings but actual photos of the product (Our Graphic Designer takes great pictures). As you can see there are a few changes here that we mentioned in previous updates such as the full protective covering of the lock. Internally we have updated the seals, included removable batteries, and updated a few other components. We’re happy with the final product but the mass production tooling needs some tuning before we start cranking these out in large numbers. The updates moving forward will be more frequent as it gets closer to shipping. If you have any questions whatsoever, such as concerns over your address, please contact us at

      Thanks again for being patient!

      -The Noke Team


@Andre Brown, Not a problem! Thank you for being patience and sticking through this project with us.


@Tony L, We think so too. As you can see the major change is the covering over the metal. This make it so your bike won’t be scratched by the U-Lock metal and the U-Lock won’t be damaged either.


@Pocket Rocket, Glad to see you’re still with us! We should have available locks to ship out to new customers by July/September. We’ll be getting all of the backers orders out first.


@Leonīds Osipovs, Awesome to hear! The fob is a great backup for times that you don’t want to take your phone somewhere but you’ll love the app as well. Thanks for your update!

      @Robert, Thank you for the positive feedback. We made some hard decisions last year and each decision ultimately delayed the lock a few more months but, we know you’ll love this final design along with the benefits of each change. 

      @M Bassam Adam, currently there are no other U-Locks on the market quite like ours offering the same security and workmanship. However, if you would like a refund you can contact

      @Joe Areejunthawat, With some Kickstarter projects and in order to make a perfect reward for you - it takes time. We had our initial vision of what we wanted the lock to be, and when we met that vision it just didn’t live up to our expectations so we made a few changes to ultimately give you the best U-Lock around. We hope to see you back when it becomes available to new customers. 

      @Jan Persiel, We appreciate your patience and understand the frustrations completely on your end. Each delay for us was in no way a benefit on our side other than being able to provide a better product. When you’re creating a new product such as this there are a lot of ideas that come in to play that when implemented, don’t make sense in the end. This project took more money than what we initially received through Kickstarter so we have been working to increase our sales of the Padlock in order to finish this project and bring it to all of our Backers. We hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you again.

      @Steve Delepine, We definitely apologize for the delay and the failed expectations for delivery. We are however going to be shipping here shortly and the lock will be in your hands. If you would rather have a refund instead, we can provide one if you email

      @Luckyboys, we thought so too. Thanks for being patient and sticking with us!

      @William Lu, We can’t wait to hear what you have to say when you get it! Thank you for being patient, understanding, and positive about the lock. It’s been a long road but we’re almost there.

    16. Andre Brown on

      Thanks for the update.

    17. Tony L

      Nice pics! Thanks, they look great!

    18. Pocket Rocket on

      As an ex-backer who got a refund, Im looking forward to the production version at the shops guys. Keep it up - nearly there :)

    19. Leonīds Osipovs on

      I also have an update. I finally got a compatible phone last week, but the key fob may still be useful as a backup.

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I really have to say how impressed I am at the attention to detail you guys pay to each project you undertake.

      Thank you for working tirelessly to get this out to your backers - I appreciate how slow things can be when working with so many other providers and I think this is something the other Kickstarters need to bear in mind when criticising such a complex refined product!

    21. M Bassam Adam on

      This have taken too long and there are better new products
      Please refund my money immediately

    22. Joe Areejunthawat on

      still hadnt shipp!?
      i order these thing when i start my internship
      and now im going to be in residency program
      so happy i choose to refund before

    23. Jan Persiel on

      Although I appreciate it when someone pays attention to details, I am getting more and more annoyed by the lack of communication for months. The project was funded 2 years ago and the original shipping schedule was either a complete joke or you had simply no idea what you were working on. This surprises me even more since you have working products on the market. And that makes me fear the worst. You do not seem to work on the actual product all the time, or if so the funds should be eaten up by wages any time soon if they are not already. Alternatively if you are pursuing other things at least let us know. However, I still hope for the best, regarding a delivery before yet another cycling season is over and a great product. But pretty please get your act together and try walking in our shoes: Would you trust providers who keep you informed about components the way you keep us informed? And now imagine that they have your money as well. Thanks for finishing the product soon and shipping it before the end of summer.

    24. Steve Delepine on

      I would ask for a refund but I'm sure it would take even longer for that. Your updates are a joke. Just be honest, you will never ship and we will never see our money.

    25. Steve Delepine on

      Coming soon, Christmas 2020!!! Can't wait! Great job! Such an amazing time management organization. Your team deserves some type of an award, for the longest project!!!!!!!!!

    26. William Lu on

      Thank you for relentlessly working to deliver your idea and promise. I can't wait to show it off