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A Midwestern teen is abandoned by her single mom and decides to take survival into her own hands.
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Future Weather

555 backers pledged $41,927 to help bring this project to life.

$24,000 by 3pm EST?

WOW. You all did an astounding job of rallying the troops last night. You raised over $1000 in a matter of hours--from new backers! That's the power of the Love Brigade!! 

It's going to continue to take large daily jumps like this for us to push on to our goal of $40,000. We just broke $23,000. Can we break $24,000 in the next 2 hours? Or even $25,000 by midnight? I THINK WE CAN!!

It's not about the amount of the donation, it's about the # of backers!! If you haven't posted or tweeted about FUTURE WEATHER, try it now! 

Dear friends, I'm backing this small independent film, because it's telling a story we haven't heard before. I think it'll inspire you, too. They're still a ways from their funding goal. Check it out now, and please consider becoming a supporter! Any amount truly helps!

Thanks for your loyalty and enthusiasm, everyone! We're sending giant hugs to you over the internet!


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