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Fusion is the first smartphone-connected, LED-based smartband that responds to your music and motion with animated light patterns.


Fusion is a music-connected, light-up smartband that lets you:

  • Connect to your music — Fusion senses and responds to your music so you can see your song as well as hear it
  • Share your passion — Show what's important to you by creating and wearing super-bright animated light patterns and sharing them with the Fusion community
  • Stay connected — Show you're part of a group with coordinating light patterns or stay connected with alerts

Fusion Smartband In Action

Click on the video below to see a raw, unedited video of Fusion in action blasting out some intense light patterns to some of today's hottest songs.


If you’ve ever been to a concert or club or watched music videos, you know that music and light combine to make a memorable experience. Now Fusion brings this combination to your wrist. 

Fusion senses and responds to the beat with super-bright, full color, animated light patterns to connect you to your music.  Fusion lets you see your song as well as hear it.  Fusion can even pulse to your dance moves. 

Fusion is like glow stick 2.0: a dynamic light show that you wear on your wrist that senses and responds to your music and motion.

While we originally targeted Fusion at music lovers, our early testers told us they would wear Fusion to show what they're about while:

  • Making music with a garage band
  • Rocking sick tricks on a BMX bike 
  • Having fun with their pets

The possibilities for using Fusion to share your passion are endless. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use your Fusion!!

What's more, with the Fusion design tools, you can let your imagination run wild and easily make new light patterns for your favorite songs, albums, artists or even just to match your outfit.

You can even discover cool light patterns and share your favorites with friends and the entire Fusion community.

Sync Fusion with your friends and display coordinating light patterns to show you're connected to a group:

  • Going to the game with your buddies?  Everyone can wear a light pattern in your team’s colors. 
  • Going out for the evening?  You and your friends can wear the same cool light pattern and show who you are.

Fusion can also keep you connected to the rest of the world—you can set Fusion to alert you with a colorful light pattern to:

  • Incoming calls
  • Emails
  • Tweets
  • Calendar alerts
  • Facebook messages
  • Weather alerts
  • And more

even while you're out having fun.

Fusion works intelligently out of the box all by itself, sensing the music and your motion and responding with beautiful light patterns. 

When you connect Fusion with your smartphone or computer, Fusion really shines: you can select from 100s of interactive light patterns, download and play one to fit your every mood, make your own, and share with friends.

The Fusion iPhone app lets you discover and download new designs, share them with friends, and join the Fusion community. You can tag and vote for your favorites or get a light pattern for that new song you love. You can even match designs with your favorite songs on a playlist.

Elegant and fashionable, Fusion is a music-connected smartband that enhances your music experience, while seamlessly blending into your everyday life.

Fusion is smart and powerful.  With an advanced microprocessor, memory, sound sensor, accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0, flexible circuits, and high output rechargeable battery, you get an awesome music-connected smartband that works intelligently by itself right out of the box.

Or, you can seamlessly connect Fusion to your iPhone via Bluetooth or computer via USB for an even more enhanced music experience, including downloading, creating, or sharing light patterns.  Fusion connects with iPhone 4s, 5, or 5s, any iPod Touch, or iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 running iOS 6 or higher.  At present, Fusion does not work with Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone.

We’ve been working on Fusion for more than two years now, and the Fusion smartbands that you see in the video are real, working prototypes.

Being Kickstarters, you probably know that there are many parts to bring an amazing project like Fusion to market, but industrial design and product / technical engineering are the most important.  It is only when both of these parts are executed well that a project can be truly great.

 As with many high tech projects, Fusion began on development boards.

PCBs Getting Progressively Smaller
PCBs Getting Progressively Smaller

Once our architecture was complete, we progressed from large development boards through a series of refined and reduced in size boards, to finally integrating into a functional P1 prototype.

While the P1 prototypes displayed light patterns, we streamlined the appearance and made the USB connector less intrusive in the P2 prototype.

 Once the P2 prototypes were solid, we took them out for testing.


Our industrial design partners have explored many concepts and have completed several rounds of industrial design for Fusion.

First, because you Kickstarters come in all sizes, we needed to analyze wrist sizing.

Once we settled on wrist size dimensions, we needed to design a one-size-fits-all wristband.

With the one-size-fits-all model complete, we finished the initial industrial design for Fusion.

Once the final industrial design was complete, we input the design into a CAD modeling program.

With the CAD modeling complete, we could 3D-print a full "looks-like / feels-like" Fusion smartband.

And now we have fully working Fusion smartband prototypes.

We are now testing our full consumer design for comfort and durability with many music lovers and other users. At the same time, we are working with our manufacturing partners to make minor adjustments necessary for high volume manufacturing.

We are also continuing to make Fusion's design even better.  We are:

  • Spinning a custom version of the circuit board to reduce the size and thickness 
  • Moving to a high volume manufacturing process that will reduce the thickness of the housing.

As a result, the end product you will receive will be several millimeters thinner with an even more sleek appearance.

Fusion is more than just a light up wristband. As an intelligent smartband, Fusion is a marvel of advanced technologies. With a microprocessor, memory, sound sensor, accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0, flexible circuits, and high output rechargeable battery, Fusion is a music-connected computer on your wrist. 

When combined with the free smartphone and web applications for real-time control and design creation, an online community for sharing and discovering designs, and the ability for DJs and other artists to connect with you and make you part of the show, Fusion opens up an entirely new music experience.

We considered various funding options, including banks, angels, and VCs. Eventually, we decided on Kickstarter because Fusion is a connected lifestyle product that needs to connect with a community and is made for its users (that's you).

With your support, we can bring Fusion to your wrist. While we're close to entering production, your contribution will help fund:

  • Complete production tooling
  • Place a large component order
  • Make things smaller:  Perform final board spins aimed at shrinking the size of a few components
  • Make things legal: Complete FCC / ECC testing and global Bluetooth certification
  • Perform additional quality assurance engineering and testing
  • Create an even better iPhone app

Our appeal is for you to help bring Fusion to your wrist and to get involved: to interact with us, to share your ideas, and to help define a whole new category of expression, creativity, and socially connected fun.

It depends on what you want to do.  If you love all things tech and are on a budget, jump on the Early Bird supporter level.  If you're a real music lover and want to experience an entirely new way to "see" your music, grab a Music Aficionado reward.  If you've got to be the first to have every new, cool tech toy, sign up to be a Beta Early Access Tester.  If you love electronic dance music and want to be one of the "in crowd," check out the VIP supporter level.  If you love clubbing but have never been behind the scenes, check out the Backstage Pass supporter level.  If you live life to the fullest with the best of the best, then the Exclusive Access package is what you have been waiting for.

For more than two years, the Fusion team has been working hard on ways to enhance your music experience with a smartband that responds to sound and your motion.  Now we are looking for funds to put Fusion into production.

We have built and field tested multiple iterations of prototypes. We have developed a design that optimizes cost and functionality that resonates with early testers. We have lined up supply chain partners.

With your help we can place our initial orders and get the ball rolling toward production. You will be first to get Fusion ahead of everyone else.

At Fusion, we are passionate about music and self-expression. We are also hard core technologists constantly looking for ways to leverage and integrate cool technologies into our everyday lives.

Music has connected all of us for thousands of years – it allows us to share feelings and moods, as individuals or as a group. Technology now enables the most memorable music experiences to involve music, fantastic light shows, and a connection with the audience.

At Fusion, we are driven to bring this total music experience to you to enjoy anywhere, anytime by making it personal, mobile, and socially connected.

Team Fusion is comprised of a group of veteran entrepreneurs out of MIT, Cornell, Georgetown, and Carnegie Mellon. Together, we have helped bring innovative tech products to consumers that totally disrupted the status quo and made life better and more interesting.

Paul LaPorte leads Team Fusion.  Paul is proven executive with more than 20 years experience in high technology and consumer business. When not pushing the high tech envelope, he enjoys skiing, martial arts, and hanging out with his kids.

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like you, we love Kickstarter projects. While most are pretty smooth, we've all seen that some projects have issues. We wanted to be sure that we could really deliver Fusion before asking you to back us; so we decided not to launch on Kickstarter until we had built numerous working prototypes, completed initial testing, finished the initial industrial design, and found manufacturers.

As with any combined hardware and software project various risks exist. Fusion team members are veterans in the enterprise software and hardware industries and have spent a considerable amount of their career developing, testing, and supporting embedded systems designs. This experience has been valuable to help us get to where we are.

Now we need to complete the final industrial design and do the production development for the smartband in order to scale up for volume manufacturing. We’re partnering with a contract-manufacturing firm that specializes in bringing products like Fusion to market. Members of our team have previously worked with our manufacturing partner on other wildly successful consumer products. Our partner manages the complete supply chain, minimizing disruptions and increasing the certainty that we can deliver an excellent product to you.

We also need to further develop the smartphone applications and content with our DJ partners.


  • Fusion provides an entire wristband of controllable, extremely bright LEDs. Fusion can calmly pulse at a slow rate or radiate with an intense, colorful display at more than full motion video frame rates—faster than your eye can see.

    As you can imagine, power requirements can vary widely in this unique product depending on your usage. The Fusion technical team has focused considerable time and effort to provide an innovative, flexible battery and to implement strong power management control features. The content design team has also dedicated tremendous time to bring you designs for all occasions, while seeking to maximize the running time of your Fusion.

    Fusion has been tested at clubs and concerts and can run for many hours of high-energy fun and music—more than enough to enjoy your favorite bands or music collection.

    Last updated:
  • Fusion is water resistant, at least enough to deal with a little splash from washing your hands aggressively or sweating too much while dancing. We don’t recommend going swimming with your Fusion.

    Last updated:
  • Fusion is a Bluetooth device, similar to a Bluetooth headset. It does affect the battery life of your smartphone, but only about 5-10 percent per day.

    Last updated:
  • If you're just displaying a design on Fusion, you don't need a smartphone at all.

    You only need an approved smartphone or device to load new designs onto Fusion or to control personal or group features, such as setting up alerts, changing your mood, turning on/off sound and motion control, or enabling Fusion to be controlled by a DJ.

    Last updated:
  • Fusion is a Bluetooth Low Energy device, so your Fusion must be within 20-30 feet of your smartphone to stay connected.

    Last updated:
  • You are safe: Fusion does not have any exposed metal.

    Last updated:
  • Dalton Campbell in Las Vegas. He is an awesome videographer, great editor, and all around good guy.

    Last updated:
  • DJ Fabian. He is one of the top resident DJs in Las Vegas and throws down awesome mixes in all the top clubs in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and other party towns.

    Last updated:
  • We filmed most of the video at InsertCoins Las Vegas and Doc Romeo Skate Park in Las Vegas. Las Vegas locals rate Insert Coins Las Vegas as the top rated nightspot in Las Vegas. IC-LV graciously provided an awesome place for to film our Kickstarter video.

    Last updated:
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