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A flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable accessory for iPhone... and Android.
The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
4,541 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.

The Mega Crowd-Funding Giveaway!


Crowd-Funding – Better Together!

We’ve been talking with some of our fellow Kickstarter project creators about ways that we could really show our appreciation to all our previous backers and customers, as well as get our current projects to their stretch goals. And then it hit us – instead of doing things individually, let’s work together! First off, I’d like to introduce you to our friends, who all have amazing, innovative mobile accessory projects running right now:

Auris Skye allows you to stream your music wirelessly to any existing iPhone speaker dock. The Skye plugs into the dock and pretends it’s an iPhone. Now you can have streaming music everywhere in your home. Check it out here.

Touchfire is the world’s thinnest, lightest iPad keyboard. It attaches to your iPad magnetically, and adds 3D keys to the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. They now have Touchfire for the iPad mini Retina and the iPad Air, as well as a line of really nice cases for all versions of iPads. Check it out here

Une Bobine - You obviously already know about us. But if you haven't seen our new Kickstarter project for iPhone 5|C|S. Check it out here.

ChargeCard is a USB to Lighting connector that is the size of a credit card. They just came out with one that is the size of a house key! It fits on your key-chain like any other key, so it is always with you. They also have a version with a micro USB connector. Check it out here.

Together, we decided to put on CrowdRaffle, an unprecedented crowd-funded product giveway sweepstakes. The winner gets all of our products, plus Apple’s latest devices – the iPhone 5S AND an iPad mini Retina or an iPad Air. There’s never been anything like this, but it shows what happens when crowd-funding goes to the next level. Please check it out and enter the sweepstakes. Then let everyone know about it!

Thanks Kickstarters and Good Luck!


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    1. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Patrick - I'm sorry you had issues with them. We did determine that a portion of our first production run had a bad batch of connectors. We replaced any that contacted us with issues under warranty. For the new one, we are purchasing the connector directly from Apple, so those issues should be completely resolved.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Tengker on

      I bought 6 of these bobine's, 4 of them lasted less than a week so the 2 left are still in a closet ever since... I see they just come up with a new bobine product, I am very skeptical, so I just wanted to share this info

    3. Andrea on

      Jon, no I don't, but don't be sorry, I know you guys couldn't do things differently :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      Thanks. I entered the contest. Now I just have to see how my luck is going these days.

    5. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      @Andrea Raiconi:
      Unfortunately we don't make the laws :( do you know anyone in the US that could enter for you?

    6. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      I think we finally figured it out and got it working for you. We didn't realize that option I mentioned is only available after you do one of the others. So we have added a poll option where you just need to answer a question to enter. Sorry about the confusion and you should be able to enter now.

    7. Andrea on

      Heh, good luck to the eligible US residents!
      I followed you guys on twitter however.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      I used the link in the post above, put in my name and email but DO NOT get the share options. I give up.

    9. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      When you click 'Share This', you should see 4 buttons. The first are Facebook and Twitter, but last 2 are Email and Link. These will both give you unique links that will register you for an entry when your friends use them to enter. You can see what I mean with this image:

    10. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      Clinking on email link leads to option on tweeting or face booking. Still can't enter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      any word on when there will be new micro USB cables with the 15% thicker cable?

    12. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Done ... we will see!

    13. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Sue - You can still the Share link right under the prize image and get an email link. You'll get an entry for anyone who enters via your link.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      No twitter, no Facebook, no entry. Thanks a lot.

    15. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      I'm sorry...we don't make the laws! :( You know what though... go ahead and enter (if it will let you) and I'll see if we can figure out how to make it happen if you get selected. I can't guarantee you could win the big prize being non-US, but we should be able to at least work out some prize for you.

    16. Marie-Andree Poisson

      US Only :-(