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The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
4,541 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      John - I'm sorry to hear you are having issues. Please take a look at and see if those tips help you. if not, feel free to contact me with the form at the bottom of that page.

    2. John Sebastian La Valle on

      It's garbage. Pure garbage. It won't stay up and the connector feels wobbly. Wish you could get refunds on here. Waited forever to find out it doesn't work right. Last time I back something like this.

    3. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Greg! and Matt, You're welcome.

    4. Greg Treece on

      Received my 2 Bobines today! One petite and one 'standard'. Love em! Great job on execution- plug grips feel great and the "snake" part bends quite smoothly. Congratulations on completing a great product. Well done.

    5. Matt M. on

      Ordered, thanks Jon, you rock!

    6. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Shahrouz - You can search with without having a twitter account.

    7. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Matt - kickstarter25 - available on all orders through - valid through Friday.

    8. Shahrouz S. on

      dont use twitter :(

    9. Matt M. on

      Hi Jon, love my iPhone one, but I work with other products that require micro USB. So now that I have my two iPhone Bobines, looking to order a microUSB one, is there still a discount for us kickstarters?

    10. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Shahrouz - If you search Twitter for Une Bobine or FuseChicken, you'll find some great posts and pics from backers who have received them.

    11. Shahrouz S. on

      Ah mixed reviews! now im excited to get mine. I was feeling a bit wary about getting mine . but im sure it will do what i want it to :)

    12. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Matt and Lyan!

    13. Matt M. on

      Got it and love it! Awesome!

    14. Lyan van Furth on

      Just received mine! and yes.. lovin' it ;)

    15. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      I've made a video showing how well it should hold:…

    16. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Said Tahsin Dane - It isn't plugging in to the Nexus all the way, which explains the lack of holding and not connecting to the computer. I've sent you a direct email to resolve this.

    17. Said Tahsin Dane on

      And one more thing. I have 2 phones. Atrix is working but when I connect my galaxy nexus my computer dont even recognize it. Bullshit.

    18. Said Tahsin Dane on

      Are you kidding? Chine made 1$ cable of mine is better then this. It holds the phone better. The pins behind the microusb cable is missing. It does not hold the phone when it flipped.

      You can see the video below:

    19. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Akshay - Send me a message through our website contact form at with your full shipping information and I'll see if I can track down the package.

    20. Missing avatar

      Akshay Kohli on

      Just wondering, based on the shipment notifications, my bobine has been in OH for 7 days now. I'm just really anxious to begin making my iPhone more useful. Does anyone know how much longer it might take?

    21. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Hanske - i'll see if I can arrange that :) 40 Belgians.

    22. Hanske

      Wooohooo I'm still in the running for a "Une Bobine" shipment :-p Can I be the last package sent :-D (I do want proof of course) Btw How many Belgians invested in this project?

    23. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Kai - I'm actually working on a bunch of the 6 Bobine shipments today.

    24. Kippy on

      As a backer of 6 Une Bobine units, I guess I will be in the last 5-10% of shipments. Sigh. :(

    25. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Brian! We're glad you like it!

    26. Brian on

      I got mine!!! It is nice =)

    27. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks David.

      Friday Shipping update: 1200 packages went out today with 2000 Bobines! Rewards are shipped for over 75% of backers.

    28. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      - Arnold, I'll try to get a video of an iPod touch with it. My kids both have Une Bobines in their rooms for their touches and they work really well. One thing that helps overcome the rounded back is that the weight is so much less.

    29. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the comments.

    30. Robert Newton on

      Can't wait to receive mine. Just got the shipping notification today...

      As a note for those people going out with the masses and buying an iPhone 5, Apple already has an adaptor for the 30 pin to Lightning so your older connection devices will still work. I'm sure this may be an alternative for all the people complaining. I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon.…

      Keep up the great work guys!!!!

    31. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Would it be better if the video is also shown when the Une Bobine is pluged in to an iPod (with its curvy back) and/or old iPhone (with its port little bit worn)..

    32. David Moulton on

      Hey Fuse Chicken,

      I have backed a couple products on Kickstarter and have to say you guys are killing it with your project and communication. I am really impressed and I am looking forward to seeing the product soon.



    33. Sachiko Choochote on

      I will wait to see your next project. ^_^

    34. James Canavan on

      Got my Bobine yesterday. Great product! I did notice a HUGE amount of "wobble" in the plug on my iPhone 4. I'd have to say there is at least a 1/32" of play. It worries me a little but it's not a huge deal. Don't want to see the dock connector snap off inside the phone. The cable is plenty stiff enough to hold the phone a good 18" above my Mac. Kinda funny lookin', but great angle for video chats and stuff. Again...excellent product and I'm proud to be a backer! :)