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The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
4,541 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Hanske

      Wooohooo I'm still in the running for a "Une Bobine" shipment :-p Can I be the last package sent :-D (I do want proof of course) Btw How many Belgians invested in this project?

    2. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Jason. We'll be looking at all the options as soon as get our hands on the products to see what alternatives there might be.

    3. Jason Lee on

      Really bummed that I have to pay another $30 to keep using the bobine after next week. Its a really great product though.

    4. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Robert - It is too early to tell what is going to happen once that new connector is on the market. We are hoping the adapter is available the same day as the phone so that we can purchase it next Friday with the phone to test if it will work for a short-term solution. For long-term, we do plan to offer backers as big of a discount as possible on a new version once we are able to come out with the new connector.

    5. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Sandip - We caught it before it left the post office.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Smithson on's out there now...the 30-pin dock connector is dead for the iPhone 5. They have an adapter ($30!!!), so I'm hoping it's not too big of a deal to use it with your product.

      Do you have any insight into whether or not the "Made for iPhone/iPod" program will be available for the Lightning connector? If so, would we be able to exchange a cable for one when it's available? Or maybe an "early supporter" discount?

    7. Sandip Patel on

      Big problem! Mine has been shipped to the wrong country! I've just e-mailed your regarding this issue.

    8. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      As of this evening, we have shipped rewards for more than half of the backers.

    9. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      I posted a support page on our website that should provide good positioning tips as well as information related to some of the questions we have received so far.

    10. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      A quick note regarding the surveys. While you can still use the survey link to send us your information if you have't sent it in already, it will be easier and ship faster if you send it to us via email to We have pulled all of the information out of the Kickstarter system into our shipping database already. Also, if your information still is blank on our website link, and you have just sent the survey in this week, please be patient. To not cause issues with the shipping process, we are only able to add your information to the database at specific times.

    11. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Matthew! I'm glad you like it!

    12. Matthew Berry on

      My Une Bobine arrived today - awesome! Initial impressions are of a quality product which I am sure is no accident. My congratulations on a project well run and delivered!

    13. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      End of the day update: The post office just picked up another 800 Bobine packages on their way to you. We have shipped about 1/3 of the packages for rewards at this point. We have 2 pallets of incoming products in customs clearance now and are hoping those will get delivered tomorrow.

    14. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Matt - That is correct. Shipments are going out everyday. You should receive an email notification once it ships.

    15. Matt Ricupero on

      My order says its is still processing. The address in the DB is that just because mine has yet to ship?

    16. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Turki - Our system should be sending tracking information by email automatically when it is shipped.

    17. Missing avatar

      Turki Alshammari on

      Is there a way to track my shipment after you send it? Would I expect some track number?

    18. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Chris - is your name Christian? I replied to an email requesting additional information because the name and email address did not match the kickstarter information, but I haven't heard back. Send me an email to if that is you and I'll get it updated.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi there, I have sent in my details via email but my record still draws a blank when I search by email and pledge amount. The address is empty and the product choice is 0. Ho can I get my details into your system? Thanks

    20. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Yes, I've read that. I'm hoping they release the adapter at the same time as the phone so we can see how it will work with Une Bobine.

    21. Kippy on

      Here is a rumor from ilounge about Apple (possibly) trying to corner the adapter market to "reap a windfall by limiting competition..." :( Sad news.

    22. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thank you all for the support and the comments!
      Quick update today. Several hundred made it to the post office this morning before they closed and we have 1000 more packed and ready to go out Monday morning.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ben Abraham on

      Dear Jon.kickstarter must make it compulsory for the rest to follow your update system. Make it a standard. Honest, timely and no beating around the bush. This is INTEGRITY at the highest level. Kudos to you and your team. Your willingness to answer every single comment honestly speaks volume of you as a person. God Bless.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan Stiévenard

      i agree with Fernando Garcia.

    25. Shahrouz S. on

      @Benni im 100% with you! honestly. you wouldnt only been using it for 1-2 months anyways!!! they make no sense!!!!

    26. Damien Cher on

      Hey Jon, Great job done. Can't wait to use the Bobine when it arrives.

      Keep p the great work.


    27. Missing avatar

      Fernando Garcia on

      For those complaining for Iphone 5, don’t you realize it is fault of that great, awesome company that you adore so much? There is something called standards, it helps to avoid wasting money changing proprietary connectors whenever an awesome company wants… Great Job FuseGuys, waiting for my bobines!!!

    28. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      An update - we got hundreds of units shipped today. I think we have email notifications working so you shouldn't need to check the shipping status on the website. we will continue shipping first thing tomorrow morning.

    29. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Frank....I mean Hanske - how could I not reply with this :)
      Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
      When I bit off more than I could chew.
      But through it all, when there was doubt,
      I ate it up and spit it out.
      I faced it all and I stood tall;
      And did it my way.

    30. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      For the iPhone 5 people.... We're not the only ones that Apple is affecting with this change... Between my devices, wife, and kids we have dozens of cables and accessories for the exiting connector. Most people are probably in the same situation. My best guess is that Apple knows this and will answer the question by announcing an adapter next Wednesday during the event.

    31. Benni Klomfass on

      those people complaining about not being able to use it as the new iphone comes out still keep popping up huh?

      why did you pledge in first place? to use it one/two months and get rid of it?

      i don't get those people, really - stop it already !

      and let's say IF you wanted to get it and try / use it for a couple of months before changing to iphone 5 - just sell them with/without your phone . and how you are so sure that you'll get the iphone 5? . ..

      great update, thanks for the info

    32. Shelley on

      FYI - if your pledge amount ends in "0", leave the zero off. (ex. $ 32.30 enter as 32.3) at least that is how mine worked!

    33. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      I was making an update and accidentally broke it. It's fixed now.

    34. Laura Vogel on

      I entered the correct email and bid amount on the webpage but am getting a error message? Help?

    35. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Busy packing as many as we can to get to the post office before 5pm :) I'll reply to all of the comments and emails after the post office closes.

    36. Hanske

      Hmmm.... Jon hasn't replied in like 39 minutes... so weird... not his usual behavior... he must be really busy i guess :D Keep up!

    37. Norris Lewis on

      for those of us who won't be waiting in line like dogs to apple's pavlov, i'm excited to get my bobines and my 4S can live on my bobine instead of on that thing that blocks my ac vent. thank you.

      if the rumors are wrong and apple doesnt do a new dock connector, do you think all these people will come back and apologize for blaming fuse chicken who could not have anticipated a new dock connector when they started this, just like the early adopting complaining crowd couldnt when they decided to back the bobine.

    38. Hanske

      And now the end is near... And so I face the final curtain... My friends I'll say it clear.... well done (so far) team (fuse)chicken :-)

    39. Luke Arledge on

      Speaking of new phone with new cord.... Would you guys be thinking to make a new cable once the (possible) new iPhone comes out? If it has a new connector that is (we'll see when it comes out).

    40. Josh Yates on

      My sentiments are a little like this, but remember, there will probably be an adapter, so all my not be lost. Also, Fuse Chicken has stated that when (if, I suppose) they produce an Une Bobine for a new dock connector, they will pass along as much of a discount as they can to Kickstarters. Time until production and price will see if it's really gonna get frustrating. :/ For me, my wife will get my 4S, so it's not a total loss.

    41. Kit Wade on

      this seemed like a good idea at the time, but not only is it behind schedule on arriving, but i probably will have no use for it once it arrives as i will have a new iphone that isn't even compatible with this cord. waste of money.