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Nightfall, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings old-school fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
Nocturne, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
Nocturne, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
163 backers pledged $7,150 to help bring this project to life.

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3rd Times the Charm


Print Proofs HAVE been Ordered!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share the great news and give you a few new tidbits. After 3 tries with the print files, we've finally gotten them through the print on demand approval process at DriveThruRPG's website. I had a second really strange issue but that got resolved today and I ordered the print proofs. I hope to be updating all of you in about 3 weeks that the proofs have been approved at which time, I'll be sending codes out to all of you via email so you can get the books at cost, plus shipping to your location.

I also wanted to tell you about Tim Baker, one of you. He came to us after he'd read Nocturne and told us that the Nachtfalter really are a playable race. With his permission, we've shared his write-up on our wiki page here. Feel free to look in on what's there. Creating an account will let you post to the forums and we always enjoy hearing your thoughts. Thank you Tim - we appreciate the help.

You may also want to head over to our Suzerain and Savage Mojo Facebook pages. We post updates on everything there. You may want to think about what races you'd like to see created for Nocturne as I sense a poll about that coming in the near future....

For Immediate Release - Nightfall Kickstarter SAVED!


Released to Backers!

I am more pleased than I can convey to announce that Nocturne (formerly Nightfall) has been completed. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Darren Pearce and the team he put together and brought to Savage Mojo - along with some of our other family members donating their time, the full setting and players guides are complete.

In fact, an email has been sent to each and every one of you (save the two who chose NO rewards) that will allow you to get the pdfs of both the full setting and the players guide using a discount code. Just go to and follow the instructions in the email. 

Savage Mojo wants to thank all the backers of this project. Your patience, active support and suggestions have been more helpful than you know. We know this couldn't have been without you! Heck, there's some of you who offered your help and are contributors on the book too. 

This isn't your last update, or fulfillment email for that matter. After a great deal of talk and strategizing on our part, we've decided that once we've gone through a lengthy approval process with, we will be offering a code through their site to allow you to purchase a copy of the book (either hard or soft cover) at cost plus shipping. 

If you like what you see, please tell people through your own games and on the social media sites you frequent. We're new to 13th Age and would like others to know about us. Feel free to let us know if you have further questions and I'll see you in a few weeks after we get our print copies and inspect them for quality control.

Happy gaming and enjoy the book. I'll leave you with the final, final cover for the full setting.

~ Gayle


A long, dark, and tired road.


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Nocturne - IN LAYOUT


It's Nearly Done!

Can you believe it? We've got the manuscript through the first phase of layout already. In fact, we're in the middle of a readthrough to ensure everything is correct - spelling, grammar and content. There've been some minor changes but I'm really expecting the final product to get to the final stage very quickly here at which point, we'll be sending you all discount codes to pick up the pdf from our website. 

Additionally, we've been talking and as a thank you for your patience, we'll also be looking into a way to get you all links to purchase the print version at cost plus shipping. We really are very happy with the results so far and are looking forward to sharing them with you. It isn't often that we get to help out one of our own and complete a project that really deserves it. Darren's a family member and we're proud to help him with his project and hope you all enjoy the end result.

We'll update you with an actual release date once we're a little closer. In the meantime, HAPPY GAMING!

~ Gayle

A Sneak Peak + Progress and an Introduction


Hi Evveryone,

Gayle here, introducing myself to you. I'm both the COO and the Line Manager for Nocturne here at Savage Mojo and I've got some great news plus a bit of a peek at the work in progress. First things first, we are just about a week away from Nocturne going into layout. That process could take as little as 1 week and up to 2 weeks so we're pretty sure you'll have your pdfs by the last week of June at the latest. 

Darren and Gill Pearce are at the UK Games Expo this weekend so if you want to meet the writer and cartographer of this project, you can find Darren at NEC Hall 1 at stand C5 or A23 and Gill can be found at C5 as well. And now...

The Fallen Land - a preview

Fallen Lands Map
Fallen Lands Map

 Daylight scours the darkness from the Fallen Land like a rough razor dragged indelicately over a tender throat, leaving it somehow abraded and raw. Most often, daylight is a disembodied glow emanating from somewhere behind a blanket of grey clouds and it seldom warms all the way to the bones. Even on clear and bright afternoons the cold light of day feels somehow intrusive, as though it were hoping to catch those below in some compromising act. Yet there are other, more vigilant watchers than the sun: the Divine are unabashed in their disdain for their mortal flock and informers are always happy to report on a neighbor's impiety. 

The land and its people hold secrets closely, beneath the disapproving glare of the sun. As the sun sets, an unsettling chill creeps into the air. Pious residents blame the tricks of the twilight for strange sights as they hurry home, yet there's more at play than light and shadow. Specters and shades begin to wander, coalescing into full substance once the sun has set. Ghosts of ruined buildings become solid things, serving as secret gathering places or hidden sanctuaries. 

Corridors and pathways which didn't exist by day take form in moonlight, inviting the curious and foolhardy. In spite of these wonders, the wise and pious lock their doors at night and seek the solace of a fitful sleep. In the deep shadows of forgotten woods and alleyways, nightmares lurk with gore-stained claws or ravenous, unnatural hunger. While deadly creatures of the night prowl for mortal victims, those reckless or desperate enough to brave the gloom are not without their own protectors. In the shadows, just behind the trysting lovers, plotting revolutionaries, and decadent libertines, the Dark Walkers watch, and keep the monsters at bay.