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Nightfall, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings old-school fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
Nightfall, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings old-school fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
163 backers pledged $7,150 to help bring this project to life.

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Icons and an update!


Hey all, Darren here. So you're probably wondering what's going on with Nocturne, I'm pleased to tell you that the core text has now reached version 4. It's lacking mechanics and classes, but I've been able to go back into what I originally wrote, change a few things and polish up some others.

I am pretty pleased with what I have at the moment, and having the master document here shows me just how much I've got -- 102,300 or so words as of this update.

I've also been in talks with Savage Mojo, who I worked with on Set Rising and I can't tell you wholly what's going on, on that front. I can only tell you that some pretty awesome things are afoot.

I've not been able to get in touch with Sam, the original artist -- so sadly I don't think the moth people are going to make it into this version of the book. But hey, at least there's a book coming out since really, this is a labour of love for everyone involved since as you know -- I never got paid, have no obligation to the KS whatsoever -- that's not me though.

I'm a fighter through and through and I'll fight for the backers of this every step of the way. So, there'll be a product at the end and it'll be shiny and chrome compared to how it originally was.

I've got some truly talented folks devoting their time and effort, their resources and everything for nothing on Nocturne and I am BLOWN away by the level of support.

In the meantime, here's something I've been working on.


The Icons of 13 th Age are movers and shakers, powerful beings who’ve left their indelible mark upon the world, footprints in the stone of civilization. In Nocturne they represent the Realm Lords and Ladies, corrupted and driven in some cases insane by the power of the Nightfall.

They are players in a sweeping game of dimensional chess, where the goal is only known to the Nightfall itself. They are sometimes encountered by your heroes, but most of the time they send agents and use their influence from the lofty halls, shadowy castles and deep lairs in which they reside.

The Icons in brief are:

The Bohemian Queen: Ruler of the City States and the icon closely associated with pride. She’s heading for a fall, and she’ll drag everyone down with her if they’re not careful.

Claudia Verovius: The Empress is a powerful and decadent woman; her life is one of control and keeping her status. She’s closely associated with diligence and order.

Count Federmir: The eternal hunger, greed, gluttony – Federmir is a Forgeborn with an insatiable appetite for blood. He can be charming and enigmatic, mostly though, he’s vicious and ruthless.

The Demon: A guardian and protector, a selfless creature who wages an endless war against the Paragon. She is closely tied to charitable acts and represents an odd force for good in the Realms of Nocturne.

Golgath: An ancient war machine, one of a pair of twin war machines designed by the gods to wipe out all life. Golgath is the odd one; he shows a particular kind of mercy and rules his any colony of the Inland Sea with a fair, but ruthless hand.

Imehoten: A being from ancient Egypt, Imehoten is the personification of sloth in many ways, his plans can take years and years to complete and he’s not averse to using diabolical means to get to his goal – just as long as his people never find out.

The Lady of Shadows: A maudlin ruler of a colorless realm, the Lady of Shadows is the epitome of sorrow mixed with a forlorn hope. She delights in causing sorrow through emotional turmoil, just like her own life before she became an icon in Nocturne.

The Leviathan: One of the twin war machines, Leviathan is the aspect of wrath, of destruction and total obliteration. Leviathan only cares for the termination of Golgath, servants and followers it does not need. They can die.

The Paragon: If there is an icon who represents greed, and self-worth, the Paragon is it. Corrupted from his original purpose as a savior, now the Paragon is ruthless in his desire to maintain order in his realm, no matter the cost, he must have all the worship and accolades!

Lord August: A true selfless heroic icon, Lord August burns away the shadow that is Sombra’s encroaching melancholy – he gives of his own light so that some sun may rise in that grim realm. He is really an aspect of giving and charity in that regard.

Von Halzinger: The icon who opposes Count Federmir, Von Halzinger is another Forgeborn – only he represents the power of a true hunter of monsters, of protection and comfort for the terrified people in Botrovia.

The Werewolf: Like his namesake, the wolf, the Werewolf is a creature of loyalty and not of unbridled rage as is often painted in myth and legend – do not mistake this as a weakness, for he’s quite capable of savagery if he has to. He is a good icon doomed to repeat his Groundhog Day life over and over again until someone breaks a powerful curse over his lands.

The Town of Misthaven

The Town of Misthaven

The creation of Misthaven has been a week long process of ideas, some got thrown out, some got incorporated at the last minute and a lot of it has been iterated from my original concept for the town. I'm curious how people will use this little slice of safety in an otherwise quite hostile set of realms -- what kind of stories are you going to tell with the concepts that are presented here?

I also love working with 13th Age,not only is the system geared toward thematic and interesting monsters -- the community support for the resurgence of this project has been stellar really. I can't thank folks enough for standing by me, and us as we attempt to turn this whole thing around.

So I present the first very rough edit of the Town of Misthaven, to do with as you want -- the Foggers are now known as Brumelurks, a brume is one of the old terms for a fog or a mist and after chatting to Rob Heinsoo, we decided that Fogger might remind too many people of that Arcade Classic: Frogger.

Once he said that, I could not unsee it!

Gill is also going to be provided a map for Misthaven, she's got some other projects on at the moment -- so stay tuned for that!

So here it is --


The Mist, actually -- Foggers v2


So, after talking with Rob Heinsoo, a man of incredibly good feedback -- this is the v2 of the Fogger (there'll probably be another iteration) -- but this KS page has been woefully lax with updates when it originally began.

If you ever saw my work in progress on the Legend remaster of Spider God's Bride you'd have spotted that I tend to run quite an open development process. Plus, I wanted to share with you, so you could, if you wanted, throw these lovely Witcher 3 inspired bad guys at your players.


Out of the corner of your eye you spot it, a Fogger, rumoured to be the souls of the dead given partial physical form in mist and fog. Before you can act you feel the slash of claws, a chattering laugh erupts and the creature vanishes back into the mist once more, moving ethereally around you.

3rd level spoiler [UNDEAD]

Initiative: +7

Vulnerability: holy

Fog Bound + 8 vs. PD – 10 damage

Natural 18+: Next round the Fogger goes to the top of the initiative order, it always moves one point ahead of the highest scoring initiative creature in the round. A Fogger which sits at the top of the initiative order already gains the benefit of the escalation die as a to-hit modifier for the same round.

Resist weapons 16+: When a weapon attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.

Foggy Motion: Foggers can move through mist and fog quickly, unseen and strike when least expected – they can attack and pop free from an enemy as long as there’s mist and fog.

AC 17

PD 19    HP 45

MD 15

So yep, this is the version 2 of these nasty buggers -- they've got less AC, but more PD and they now get to use the escalation die for their to-hit on an 18+. Since they're also pretty evil, I gave them a vulnerability to holy.

Fun times!


Silent Chill


Hey all, so with Gencon fast approaching I'm still working on this thing -- mainly because I don't get across the pond to Gencon, everyone else goes there and I'm here twiddling my thumbs.

So, I'm designing a small relatively safe haven for you all to kind of relax in, that's of course unless you go out at night. There's a lot of mist and fog in Sorrow's Ridge and if you're unlucky you might just encounter the Foggers.


When the mist or fog takes a soul into its embrace, sometimes they come back, twisted and turned by the corruption of the Nightfall. Foggers are the souls of the dead, now returned to wreak havoc on the living – they delight in ambush tactics and can move through mist and fog as if they are invisible. They hate the living with a passion that borders on psychotic, but are patient and wily hunters – waiting for the right moment to strike.

3rd level spoiler [UNDEAD]

Initiative: +7

Fog Bound + 8 vs. AC – 10 damage

  Natural 18+: Next round the Fogger can act first in initiative order, regardless of its original roll – if the Fogger has already won initiative then it gains +2 to hit on the following round instead.

AC 19

PD 17     HP 45

MD 15

A relatively safe haven...

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The Realms of Nocturne are dangerous places to go, they're often violent and disturbing -- hostile to strangers and travelers alike. So in a discussion on horror themes and survival, with ASH LAW we decided that we need to offer a relatively safe haven for folks to kick back, spend some time recovering from whatever horror that might have attempted to take their life...or soul...

Notice that I say 'relatively' safe, no place is safe from the Nightfall, truly safe that is.

We still have the Foundry Ridge map kicking about, and I'm toying between working that realm up as a bonus or using the map as part of the Ridge, a safe enough haven for wanderers to recover some of their wits.

Of course, I've got Gillian Pearce to work on maps for me... so I could also dream up some interesting haven as well.

If you're not familiar with her maps, she's been in several products over the years, most notably from Moon Designs with her Glorantha maps.

Such as the one for Rich Post.

Or the Pavis Temple

You can even see the Foundry Ridge map that she did if you dig back to the first few Nightfall KS updates that Fun Tyrant put up.