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Nightfall, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings old-school fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
Nocturne, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
Nocturne, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.
163 backers pledged $7,150 to help bring this project to life.

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Nocturne cover mockup and Logo

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Nocturne cover
Nocturne cover

 Hi all, this is the Nocturne logo and cover mockup, nothing's set in stone yet but we thought you might like to see it - seeing it like this, with the 13th Age logo also cements the book a lot more.

Logo created by the excellent Aaron Acevedo, and cover art by Sam Phillips.


Suzerain & 13th Age


I just wanted to share this with you all!

Miles M Kantir is a huge fan of Suzerain and my work, so he's taking on the editing of Nocturne.

For anyone who is worried that the Savage Worlds version is the priority, here's some 13th Age news.

"We also plan to keep moving forward with the 13th Age version. There's a solid core of developers working on the project with little or no hope of getting paid for their time, but passionate about not leaving backers with nothing, with the likes of ASH LAW working on 13th Age systems."

Have fun,


The Night is falling (in a good way)


The state of Nocturne

"Darkness is a friend, a weapon and a mystery." The Hunter.

So you have seen the announcement and what Savage Mojo are up to, I'm still 100% behind the project and in constant contact with Dr. G... after a big chat today I've got some more news for you all.

The Darkness of Gothic Horror

There are some elements of Nocturne that don't fit the Gothic Horror mould, so what we want to do now we have Savage Mojo on board is leverage their editors and designers - they can take elements that don't quite work and re-write them.

Everyone is 100% behind me on this and I'm with them 100% as well.

Some names will change, some concepts will alter but they'll change for the better, entering a darker theme and making Nocturne into the setting that I really want it to be. One that brings to mind the fear of shadows, the creepiness of the dark and the terror of not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

You'll get a better book, by far a better book and we'll make sure with Savage Mojo that this book shines beyond the original concept. Stay tuned!

Darren W. Pearce

The 13th Age of Savage Nocturne


Hey folks, here's a pretty important announcement regarding Nocturne!

Hello everyone. My name is Genevra Harker-Klimes, the CEO of Savage Mojo. You can find out about us at but in a nutshell we're a collective of creative professionals in the hobby gaming industry.

Darren Pearce is a part of the Savage Mojo family and we take care of our family, so when we heard about what happened with Nightfall (now Nocturne), we were shocked and appalled. Darren has stayed in the Kickstarter well beyond the call of duty, especially given that he wrote 80,000 words and hasn't been paid a cent, and for that we give him credit. Ditto for Sam the illustrator, who has returned to working on the project despite all the money disappearing into the pockets of the original publishers. Darren and Sam's sense of duty to the fans and backers is amazing.

Despite that, there's no way that Darren and Sam alone, even with the help of ASH writing 13th Age rules, can deliver on the promises of the Kickstarter campaign. That's where Savage Mojo comes in. By rallying around Darren we've agreed to take on the publishing of the Nocturne book, to get the art pledges fulfilled and to get as many rewards as possible completed as professionally as possible.

What does that mean if you're a backer of this Kickstarter? It means that we're going to work with Darren to get his text fully edited. We'll work with Sam and other illustrators within Savage Mojo to get plenty of wonderful art. We've already got an agreement with our superstar friend Aaron Acevedo to do graphic design and all the layout (you're a wonderful human being, Ace).

Savage Mojo publishes a metaverse setting called Suzerain and we will make Nocturne fit into the Suzerain Continuum. As with all Suzerain settings, that means the material can be played alongside other Suzerain books or stand-alone. We're doing this so that we can get more sales for the book after fulfilling the Kickstarter. That's important, because everyone at Savage Mojo only gets paid royalties based on sales, and we really want the family members (Darren included, and Sam if he'd like to be an SM family member) to be able to pay their bills and put food on the table.

We're also going to be focusing on Nocturne as a Savage Worlds setting initially, with 13th Age to follow. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, so that it fits with the rest of the Suzerain line (that is to say, for the same reason as above). Secondly, because we have SW experts and can guarantee quick turnaround. ASH has been wonderfully generous with Darren, but he's busy with many other things, and we want to get this book to all backers ASAP.

Hopefully everybody's aware that a print run of physical books isn't possible - all the money for that has disappeared with the original publishers. As a result, every backer will get a free PDF of each version we produce (Savage Worlds and 13th Age hopefully) and we'll create a print-on-demand option on DriveThruRPG where backers can get a print book at cost. You just pay the DriveThruRPG print fees and shipping. It's not what anyone would like, but it's all that's possible under the circumstances.

You'd have a perfect right to ask, "When will all this happen?" and the honest answer is that I don't yet know. The last few days have been a flurry of activity and we've started putting the pieces in place. Still, there are pieces of the project we're ironing out and it will take time before I can make a solid estimate. The main manuscript is finished. We have some great art already. As for the rest, we'll see how fast we can pull this Kickstarter up by its bootlaces and deliver what you all want - a wonderful book full of roleplay potential.

In the meanwhile, we'll be posting updates to the Kickstarter whenever there's news. If you're a backer with a question, feel free to ask in the Kickstarter comments section.

Dr.G Genevra Harker-Klimeš CEO, Savage Mojo

A very quick update!


Hey all, just a very slim update to let you know that thanks to Tim Baker we now have Sam (the original Nocturne) artist onboard -- Sam's going to try and honour all of the backer art rewards that were pledged for, so major props to Sam there for boarding the good ship Nocturne once more and donating his skill, free time and awesomeness!