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Nightfall, the first third-party supplement for 13th Age, brings old-school fantasy horror to the next generation of players and GMs.

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The ancient Libris Annoctatio describes the dimension of Solenset. It is an unsettling place by day - the inhabitants are grimmer, more insular, less charitable. The sun tracks across the sky with no rhythm; some days last mere hours, some go on for weeks. When night comes (and it always does), Solenset transforms into a land of ultimate horror.

In some realms, the monsters come out at night. Inconceivable horrors stalk in the darkness, creeping, alien evils that make the monsters in our dimension seem like domesticated pets. Monsters can be killed, however, and evil vanquished. The Nightfall is more clever than that.

Some inhabit a nightmare world that repeats the same day, endlessly, with no escape. Others live under the umbrella of Armageddon, the tick-tock of inevitable doomsday always palpable in their lives. One realm finds life itself loathsome; clockwork horrors serve an unfeeling, ravenous Lord whose hunger for life will not be sated until it has consumed the entire universe.

Solenset is not to be entered lightly. Do not deceive yourself and think you are immune to evil - the Nightfall is insidious, intelligent, and inexorable. Tread carefully, or into darkness you shall fall, and for all time...

Nightfall draws you into a world of darkness and evil; where even the slightest light or goodness is cherished and kept safe against the cold, unfeeling forces that fill this place.

Nightfall is a place players will never forget. Even if you have delved a thousand dungeons and investigated a thousand mysteries, Nightfall brings a new dimension to your game - literally! Your heroes will shine brighter against the darkness and evil of Solenset, and your victories and defeats will stand in the Book of Nightfall for all to see.

What's in the book:

1. Three new classes, three new races, and a collection of character options to enable players to face the darkness - or succumb to it.

2. Six chapters, each detailing a single realm of Solenset - from the traditional horror of Foundry Ridge to the madness-inspiring archipelago of The Inland Sea. Each chapter includes descriptions of major and important locations, biographies of key residents, and most importantly, what Nightfall brings to this realm.

3. A collection of horrors, foes, and hazards for players to fight, defeat, serve, or become, ranging from the least poltergeist to the greatest demon.

4. Finally, a chapter on playing and gamemastering in a horror campaign. We walk you through bringing your players to Solenset (or creating characters there), how to set up your game and guidelines for preserving the tone and mood of a horror environment.

13th Age is a new fantasy roleplaying game (powered by the ARCHMAGE engine) from Fire Opal Media and Pelgrane Press. It plays like the fantasy roleplaying game you know and love, but with new-school mechanics that bring fun to the forefront.

The brainchild of designers Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet (who you might recognize from the covers of the last two editions of D&D), 13th Age is the next generation of fantasy roleplaying. 13th Age is truly unifying: it enables a great experience for everyone at the table, whether you started playing in 1978 or 2008.

We were immediately drawn to 13th Age for its strengths - and its versatility. Fantasy horror roleplaying has been sadly neglected for nearly a decade now. Nightfall is the supplement you've been waiting for since the heady days of AD&D: an opportunity to shine light on the darkness - or become one with it - in a fully-realized setting for both players and game masters.

Author Darren Pearce is a prolific games writer, a veteran of such companies as Mongoose Publishing and Cubicle 7, and game lines like Lone Wolf and Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space.

Artist Sam Phillips is an extremely talented guy who has captured the look and feel of Nightfall in a way that evokes everything we've wanted out of the book.

Also on board is the Fun Tyrant himself, Bryan Schwaderer (who wrote that caustic How Not to Run a Game Business Blog for a time) and our webmonkey/coauthor/all-around guy Mac Sample.

Getting to Nightfall is just the beginning, and this Kickstarter is no exception. What sort of rewards can be found on this journey?

All backers will be credited in the finished book, both PDF and hardcover. That's guaranteed to everyone; we want to make certain you feel appreciated for helping make the dream of Nightfall come true.

At the $20 level and above, every backer gets the PDF. No DRM, no restrictions, no guilt trips. We really hope you show it to your friends - and they they like it enough to buy it!

There are a multitude of other rewards, including signed books, art prints, and even your own contributions to the book! In addition, every backer at the $50 level and above will receive, in addition to the listed reward, a personal note of thanks from the Fun Tyrant himself.

But wait! We also have a set of stretch goals set up to reward you for kicking in to help us make this a reality:

I live in Alaska/Mozambique/on the Moon. Do I need to add international shipping?

If you don't live in one of the fifty United States, then yes, please do add $13 for international shipping. There is an additional $2,000,000 charge for shipping to the Moon or either LaGrange point.

Why is it more expensive to get the book signed by the author?

Our artist lives in Florida (which is relatively cheap to ship to), but our author lives in England (which is slightly more expensive).

What if I don't play 13th Age?

You don't? Why not? Not to worry, though; we are striving to create an experience that is, in many ways, system-agnostic. The bulk of the book will be "fluff," systemless setting information that is easily adaptable to any game. In addition, when we meet our second stretch goal, we will add support for the Pathfinder, OSRIC, and FATE roleplaying games!

I can't find this 13th Age game anywhere. Has it been released yet?

The final print version of 13th Age is currently wrapping up production. You can pre-order it here, which includes a copy of the "Escalation Edition" preview - essentially the entire game in beta, without art or fancy layout. Check it out, it's really awesome!

Where is the money going?

Well, the usual places. We have to pay our author, our artist, pay books to be printed, and then ship them to you. Our initial goal of $3500 is really the bare minimum we need to ensure Nightfall will happen. We hope you will support us in reaching that dream and much more!

What if I have a question, comment, or just want to chat?

We welcome all feedback! Email the Tyrant himself here!

13th Age is a trademark of Fire Opal Media. The 13th Age RPG is published under exclusive license by Pelgrane Press Ltd.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We know that role playing game supplements are hit-and-miss - and few more than those for fantasy games. It's not easy to set a mood and overcome the schlocky, blood-and-guts style of horror that is prominent in media. It's certainly not simple to combine even the best lore with mechanics that support that playstyle. We're here to admit that, and accept the challenge.

We've put a great deal of thought and research into what prior horror games have got right - and wrong! Every person in this project is approaching it with the fullest confidence. We're aiming to produce a book that will be just as good to play as it is to read, that will inspire new experiences with you and your friends.

All we need is you.


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