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Glen More II: Chronicles is Matthias Cramer's new tile-laying game of epic proportions, with top-notch material and great replayability
Glen More II: Chronicles is Matthias Cramer's new tile-laying game of epic proportions, with top-notch material and great replayability
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Day 3 in the Highlands... and Canada!

Posted by Andreas Geiermann (Collaborator)

Hey everyone,

thank you so much again for your support – you are the BEST!

With the project well under it’s way, we just wanted to tell you a bit about what we did in the heady days since our start on Wednesday. 

Following the questions and remarks in the comment section (thank you all for being so active and open), we are working on all the details 24 hours a day.

Right now, we can tell you that we are shipping Canada-friendly. We are very grateful for the support we already got from Canada without that promise! And we are working on more locations like Asia, Australia etc. – stay tuned!

PLEASE NOTE! Some of our backers seem to have added the shipment cost to their pledge by themselves. We will handle shipping AFTER the campaign inside a Pledge Manager, since this is the most favorable option for all parties involved. Please, if you added the estimated shipping to the pledge, reduce the amount back to 59€.

In International Partner news, we are happy to announce that Korea Board Games will co-publish the Korean and Chinese language retail version later this year.

Some of you may have noticed, but we are of course still updating our campaign site to account for all the details that are ready to reveal. Also, we added more review und preview videos to the front page. We focused on some videos for the beginning of the campaign as to not overcharge the page with information, but we love all our media coverage and want to give it a broader platform now.

And last but not least we also have great news for the Add-On buys – partnering up with a top notch and well known European company for wooden inserts we are confident to announce that the high-quality Kickstarter version of the wooden insert will cost about 39€ (or less).

Thank you so much again and we will keep our 100% transparent and active communication with all of you alive even beyond the campaign! We promise to share all information as soon as they are confirmed or contracts are signed.

Have a nice weekend!

The Funtails Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Parker on

      First became interested in the game when I returned from a summer trip to Scotland and played (somebody else's copy of) Glen More at a gaming group session. Every other tile/card brought back a memory of my trip. Unfortunately, by that time the game was no longer available. I am SO anxious to receive my copy in the fall. Thanks for this new edition.

    2. Missing avatar

      Beatriz on

      What about having an add on of the wood insert file? That way we would save money of shipping weight :) I would buy that add on to make my own insert!

    3. Steffen Rühl (Funtails GmbH i.Gr.) Creator on

      Hi all,

      Regarding the packaging of the Chronicles, there will be a tuck-box for every Chronicle. They will be close to what you see in the pictures. Close, because we will make them - depending on content - in variable depths. To save space and keep the box small :)


    4. Steffen Rühl (Funtails GmbH i.Gr.) Creator on

      Hi all,

      the wood insert is really an optional add-on. It does not mean, that there won't be a good high-quality insert of another material. Maybe it's not visible yet, but you get my drift ;)


    5. Todd Suesz

      I totally agree with Frank Guerriero….The wood insert sounds nice, but at two thirds of the cost of the game itself?????? That is way out of line for an add on choice. And, that is not even taking in the cost of shipping! Plastic and lighter weight and cheaper are the options I would like to see offered. Have backed several campaigns using Game Trayz and they are awesome. If backers and afford and prefer the wooden option, by all means offer it, but please offer a less expensive option as well. Watched a game play thru last night and love the game even more, cant wait!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Frank Guerriero on

      Hi Glen More team, fantastic game - just a comment about the insert, nice that you are offering a high quality wooden insert, however wooden inserts are heavy and expensive to ship around the world. I would much prefer a high quality plastic insert, a good example would be the insert shipped with the game Endeavor - by Game Trayz, would be cheaper in context of postage and production. I would much rather something like that than be faced with the prospect of having to source a third party organiser. Another €39 is VERY expensive (>50% cost of the actual game!)

    7. Chad Hensley on

      This may have been answered elsewhere, but now that a wood insert is a possibility, I really would like to know what the Chronicles will come in? Are they tuck boxes made of cardboard or are the books the Chronicles seem to be in now just something for show that won't actually be in our boxes?

    8. Christopher Burns

      The insert add on is great! Please insure it can hold both original and add-on items. For example both a place to store the cardboard coins and also room for the metal coins. Past kickstarter inserts made me pick between components to keep in the box. Thanks again!

    9. Govind Krishna on

      Awesome news, eagerly waiting to hear about shipping cost for Japan 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼