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For Escaflowne's 20th anniversary, join us in creating a new, definitive dub of this classic that finally matches the uncut HD content!
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Next Escaflowne dub cast announcement: Dryden!

Posted by Funimation (Creator)

We're less than a week to the end of the Kickstarter, but we just hit $260,000! Here's the newest voice actor update!

 The charming and eccentric Dryden will be played by Eric Vale, known for such roles as America from Hetalia, Sanji from One Piece, and Loke/Leo from Fairy Tail!

Also want to do a quick shoutout to another anime Kickstarter, AnimEigo's campaign to put the classic OVA Riding Bean on Blu-ray! They've also put out other classics like Bubblegum Crisis and the anime-fan-required-viewing Otaku no Video on Blu-ray in the past through other Kickstarter campaigns. They've just got 12 days to go, so be sure to check them out and back before time's up!

Finally, we just got approval from Sunrise and original character design Nobuteru Yuki on our artwork selections for the Kickstarter Edition and Collector's Editions so we're hoping to unveil these to you soon!

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    1. Jen on

      I love Michael Dobson for Dryden. He sounded like such a hippie and chill dude, which is exactly how Dryden is! lol

      Eric Vale, very nice. I loved him as Trunks and Yuki Sohma. I hope Dilandau and Folken will both be revealed next!

    2. Trudy on

      Glad to have the voice for the other half of my Escaflowne OTP. A bit surprised it came before Dilandau, though.

    3. Jon Turner on

      I haven't heard much of Eric Vale, but I hope he does a decent job. Mike Dobson was OK, but a bit too… dry, even for a character like Dryden. (Yes, that was an intentional pun.)

    4. Carlisle on

      I like this casting decision a lot, actually. It's the first pairing of actor to character that I have absolutely no trouble imagining, in fact, and I rather liked Michael Dobson's original portrayal, too.

      Plus, like Colleen, Eric is scheduled to be at MegaCon this May, so that's two signatures I'll be getting on an as-yet-determined piece of Escaflowne merchandise. Thanks, Funimation! ^_^

    5. Garrett Carpenter on

      Eric Vale also did Canada from Hetalia...but everyone forgets about Canada.