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For Escaflowne's 20th anniversary, join us in creating a new, definitive dub of this classic that finally matches the uncut HD content!
2,058 backers pledged $318,784 to help bring this project to life.

NEW: Kickstarter-Exclusive upgrades to Collector's Edition + Hitomi cast announcement!

Posted by Funimation (Creator)

Big news today on major upgrades to The Vision of Escaflowne - Collector's Edition!

We've heard some requests for more exclusive items in the $175 THE WORLD tier and any higher tiers that include the Collector's Edition, and now the wait is over! We've been working through a lot of different options with our partners every day, and today we're ecstatic to announce not one but TWO major upgrades to The Vision of Escaflowne - Collector's Edition, exclusive only to Kickstarter backers.

All backers of the $175 and higher tiers will receive an exclusive version of the Collector's Edition box, now with a specialty effect premium print finish that will not be available to customers who purchase the Collector's Edition outside of the Kickstarter. This upgrade also applies to the just-restocked $200 THE LOVERS tier (which also includes the soundtrack), now open again to new backers with a higher limit. Our goal with this specialty effect finish is to really make a set that stands out even more on shelf--more details on the packaging and artwork coming soon!

Additionally, we're also including in a replica set of Hitomi's tarot cards--again, a special exclusive only available to backers who pledge to get the Collector's Edition on Kickstarter. These are printed from high quality vectors of the cards from the actual show, provided courtesy of Dybex! Here's a preview of them (box not shown):

We decided to opt for these additions as a straight add-on, rather than as a stretch goal, to thank you for all of your support already!

We're not done yet! As thanks for hitting $220,000 pledged, today we're revealing the voice of Hitomi Kanzaki, heroine and protagonist of The Vision of Escaflowne.

Hitomi will be played by voice actress Caitlin Glass! Caitlin's numerous popular voice acting credits include Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist, Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, and Kyoko from Danganronpa, and Petra from Attack on Titan.

Next cast member will be announced when we hit $230,000!


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    1. Amber Stone on

      @Trudy Thank you. :) That's a bit disappointin to hear. I already have a small set and was hoping for one that has the cute little bunnies on it from the minor arcana.

    2. Carlisle on

      @Troy - Regarding your earlier comment: No, you're not crazy. I would be totally down for spending some more money if it would net me the smaller box and art cards, too. In fact, looking at the number of pledges right now, the smaller box is going to be the more collectible of the two, which still seems kind of backwards to me.

    3. Girls With Guns on

      @Tayler Franklin - It does sound like the plan is to just add a special finish to the box - I'm guessing something similar to the holographic flakes they used on the new Noein LE box. I'm hoping the artwork would also be different, but most likely that will be the same for the Kickstarter CE and the Retail CE versions - because to be cost-effective they are going to want to do only one graphic setup to send to the presses to make the boxes...

      The bigger question they do need to answer before the end of the pledge period is if the smaller exclusive box will have basically the same artwork as the CE Box or if it is totally different; If it is going to be different, they could make a good bit more $$ by offering an option for backers to get both boxes.

    4. Richard J. on

      Awesome news! Exclusive content is key to making a Kickstarter like this not merely successful but also meaningful to the fans. Hopefully, we'll see some more projects like this in the future. (Could I beg for Future Diary Redial here? Please?)

    5. Sara Ehlers on

      This is fantastic! I was hoping to get the tarot cards! And I love the decision for Caitlin Glass for Hitomi. I think her voice will suit Hitomi perfectly. :)

    6. Trudy on

      @Amber They mentioned in the comments that it'll be 26 cards.

    7. J.Sanders134 on

      Hurray!!! Caitlin is one of my all time favorite voice actresses! And I can see her working very well as Hitomi! :D

      It'll be great hearing her opposite Maaya Sakamoto once again. ^^

    8. Amber Stone on

      Awesome! A quick question, will these be a full set of major and minor arcana or will they be the limited set like the one that was included with the Escaflowne video game? (I guess i'm asking "how many cards?"...)

    9. Missing avatar

      Is the box / art work for the $175 be different to the $65 one ?

    10. starmage2 on

      How do the art cards compare to the artbook in the collectors edition and why are the cards not in the collectors is it because the art is featured in the book?

    11. Usakuun on

      This is excellent news! Thank-you, Funimation! And Caitlin is a welcome addition to the Escaflowne franchise. Let's work on that next stretch goal, and looking forward to future announcements.

    12. Trudy on

      Ah, Dybex was the France distributor of Escaflowne, so this set is probably going to be functionally identical to the one in the European Special Edition. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lorin on

      This series literally inspired me to collect Tarot sets from all over the world and different time periods. The original set was only available through a Bandai give away when I was kid. This means so much to me as a fan that Hitomi's Tarot set is being included. *is having so many feels*

      Thank you for thinking of us and including it (and thank you to Dybex).

    14. Tayler Franklin on

      So, is the artwork on the Collector's Edition going to be the same as the retail version still? It sounds like the only major difference at this point is that it's going to have the "specialty effect premium finish". I think that's pretty cool, but I'd like some clarification on whether the actual artwork on the box will still be the same as the retail version.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Now that's more like it. I'm looking forward to seeing what it is though, but this all sounds great. Thanks for the upgrades.

      @Troy Frey I like that idea and agree that we need to know about the different artwork (if it is different).

    16. Girls With Guns on

      OK! Great to see the announcement that the CE box will now be exclusive as well... This makes WAY more sense for the backers who are pledging, and the new incentive should really help boost the pledging even more, now... I foresee a significant surge of $$ in the near future - I read it in the Tarot cards... :P

      Now if you could just include the option yet to add the smaller Exclusive box to any CE order as a paid add-on... I'm sure I can't be the only Collector who would be interested in getting BOTH Exclusive Kickstarter boxes for their collection, especially if the art for each of the two boxes is going to be significantly different (we really need to know the answer to this!)... or am I just plain crazy wanting both?!

    17. Trudy on

      @WiredClover I knew you would know where the suits were located! I couldn't remember what book it was in. X)

      Looks like it won't have the Escaflowne on the back like the old Bandai ones -- thank god!

    18. Jon Turner on

      Caitlin Glass as Hitomi? I'm not sure if I can really see her doing the part, although she HAS proven herself to be a very good actress. But then again, it's just me, having gotten used to her voicing of Elma in [b]Xenoblade X[/b] (a REALLY good game BTW). We'll have to see how it goes.

    19. wiredclover on

      Thanks Funimation for listening! Will these tarot cards be of a higher quality than the ones that were given away as a mail-order exclusive in the US? Will they have the 'Escaflowne' logo that the other ones did? Very excited for this!

      @Shachihiko According to the 'Sunrise Art Works' artbook for the TV and Movie I have, there is lineart for 28 cards.
      According to:…
      the extra cards are: La Ambizione, L'Aria/La Vita, La Terra/La Legge, Il Fusco/La Luce

      There is also lineart for how the 4 suites would be represented: 1 of Fish/8 of Birds/3 of Dragons/5 of Rabbits (note, I have no idea what these correspond to in other decks, I'm just going by the pictures XD).

      As a huge Hitomi fan, I am very excited by the choice of Caitlin Glass.

    20. Jerry on

      Caitlin Glass is a great casting choice for Hitomi. I'm really Excited to see the rest of the cast now & I think the casting & the final product will end up great! Thanks Funimation.

    21. Carlisle on

      Great news all around! First off, big thanks to Funimation for listening to our pleas and making the correction with regards to the Collector's Edition box. I do have one more question about it, however: will the art adorning the box be the same or differ from the exclusive box for the $60-$155 tier. Not that it will affect my pledge either way (I'm already an upper-tier backer), I'm just curious. Regardless, it's awesome news.

      The tarot cards, I'm less enthused about because, like Trudy, I already have two sets (the original mail-away and Limited Edition PSX game), but I'll be no less interested to see how these compare. That notwithstanding, though, I'm thrilled for those who've always wanted a set but just never managed to snag one before now. It's a classy move, Funimation.

      Now, the big one: Caitlin Glass! I'm a pretty stalwart Kelly Sheridan fan (and I'll take this opportunity to once again suggest some cameos for the original dub cast), but Caitlin is legitimately one my favorite voice actresses, too, so I'm definitely psyched to hear she'll be playing the role of my favorite character in my favorite anime series. I'm sure she's going to hit it straight out of the park!

      Anyhoo, enough gushing from me. Thanks again, Funimation, both for the update as well as for listening to us fans. It's much appreciated!

    22. Nicole Jean on

      Just stopping by after reading this latest update, and wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for including Hitomi's tarot cards!! It's a collector's item I've coveted since I found out about them many years ago, and I am thrilled I'll finally be able to own them. :D

      Thank you very much also for the special finish on the Collector's Edition box!

    23. Lauren Miller on

      For in order to buy separately I mean?

    24. Lauren Miller on

      When you say that the cards are a add on is that for people that didn't pledge for the $175.00 and up?

    25. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Awesome set of news! Admittedly I don't watch (or listen to) dubs very much - I'm largely a subtitles purist - but Caitlin Glass sounds like a good choice for Hitomi

      And while I'd love to see a full 78-card tarot deck, even the 26-card set is going to be a nice little addition. (Did any of Hitomi's tarot cards show up during her readings within the series that didn't get used for an episode title screen ... ?)

    26. SpacemanHardy on

      So Caitlin Glass is playing opposite Aaron Dismuke, eh?

      It seems like Winry dumped Edward and hooked up with his younger brother instead. XD

    27. Tiffany Thomas on


      It goes for anyone whos getting the CE.

    28. Shelly on

      If I'm understanding correctly, "THE LOVERS tier" will get the tarot cards too right?

    29. Trudy on

      @Funimation Wonderful, they're full-sized like the European release! I just went through all three sets and must have been misremembering -- all sets are just 26 cards each. D'oh!

      Just sayin', if you really want my money you'll do a full deck. ;) I know that one of the artbooks has the art from the minor arcana cards -- not sure if I have it scanned, though.

    30. Tiffany Thomas on

      Really? Catlin Class. Thats a very good choice. i wish Sonny Strait my wish on directing the dub. I actually just updated to the $175 pledge instead of the $65. I hope it goes well. Now....I hope My herp.Academia. gets a CE. I would buy that in a heartbeat. XD

    31. Funimation Creator on

      Wow, so many comments already--thanks everyone! So happy we could work to bring a better product to you. This Kickstarter has really been a great way to connect more in ways that aren't as possible with a normal retail release, and it's been an awesome experience so far. Thanks again for your comments and questions--and your patience!

      @Trudy: the tarot set includes 26 cards that were shown in the Escaflowne series proper and will be 70mmx120mm. Hope that helps clarify!

    32. Matthew Rayle on

      Woohoo! Caitlin Glass is one of my top favorite voice actress! The original Escaflowne is what really got me into anime as kid and this just keeps getting better and better!

    33. Trudy on

      Is the tarot set a full set? There's been several tarot decks over the years (I have the Bandai 8 VHS mail-in offer one, the PSone Limited Edition one and the European Special Edition one), so I'm curious to know the details on this (e.g., size, number of cards, etc.). I know one of my sets (either European or the PSone Limited Edition) had a full set (not just major arcana), but the size was smaller than the others and not true to size.


      Thanks for this update -- it's exactly what I was looking for, and is actually enough to make me bump my pledge up to the Special Edition.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Hooray! All is good and well :) thanks

    35. Elder Zeekutar

      That's great news!
      I remember sending away for the escaflowne tarot cards when I first got the anime. You had to collect all the tickets in each dvd as they came out and then MAIL them somewhere. To make matters worse the last dvd had the wrong ticket in it but they sent me the cards despite that. To have them (or similar ones) included with the collectors set is amazing. Keep up the great work getting the voice actors as well :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Juliko on

      Ooooh, Caitlin Glass. I can definitely see her doing Hitomi. Are you gonna have her do her Diancie (Pokemon: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction) voice? Or just her regular voice? She's a good actress and I think she'll be great for the part!

    37. Robert Kidwell on

      You guys/gals rock ^_^ Great news!