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For Escaflowne's 20th anniversary, join us in creating a new, definitive dub of this classic that finally matches the uncut HD content!
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First Cast Announcement for Van + More Openings of THE LOVERS Tier!

Posted by Funimation (Creator)

Another big update today! We're excited to present the very first of the cast announcements for the new Vision of Escaflowne dub. Our production staff has worked to evaluate options to ultimately choose great fits for these iconic characters, and we can't wait to show you guys some dub previews when we get closer to the release!

First off, playing the role of Van Fanel, young king of Fanelia and pilot of Escaflowne, is the talented Aaron Dismuke! You may recognize Aaron's voice from such roles as Alphonse Elric in the original Fullmetal Alchemist, Leonardo Watch from Blood Blockade Battlefront, and the titular prince Arslan from The Heroic Legend of Arslan!

The Escaflowne dub will be directed by Sonny Strait, voice actor, ADR director, and script writer of many, many other popular anime titles. Sonny's voice direction credits include classics such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, parts of Dragon Ball Z, and tons of Lupin III. His voice credits also include Assassination Classroom's Koro-sensei, Dragon Ball Z's Krillin, and FMA's Maes Hughes.

We'll be revealing more of the dub cast soon, with one new cast member for every $10,000 as we aim toward the stretch goal!

We've also been hearing many of you asking for more openings in the higher tiers. While some of these are still limited, we've been in talks with Sunrise almost every day and are ecstatic to announce today that we are doubling the number of openings of THE LOVERS tier, which includes the Collector's Edition, poster, and the "Lovers Only" soundtrack from Flying Dog, in addition to everything in the $15 level. The limit has been raised from 250 to 500!

What else is going on? Well... a lot, behind the scenes. We've been evaluating artwork for the various home video releases and rewards, working through potential items for the Collector's Edition with printers and Sunrise, and more. Still a lot in the works, but we'll continue to keep you guys updated as soon as we get anything 100% locked down--look out for more updates!

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    1. Sara Ehlers on

      I wasn't too excited at the idea of a new dub for Escaflowne but finding out Aaron will play Van makes me curious. I'm going to be looking forward to it now.

    2. Missing avatar

      Corey Farkas on

      What is Flying Dog?

    3. Carlisle on

      Thanks for the update, Funimation.

      Like Jen, I was really hoping to see the original cast come back, and I hope there are still some considerations being made, but I'm very open to giving the new actors a listen before casting any judgment.

      That said, Aaron Dismuke's done a fine job in all the stuff I've seen him in, and while I'm sure it will be odd to hear someone else voicing Van at first, I have no doubt that Aaron will do the role justice. Likewise, Sonny Strait (who voices my favorite Dragon Ball Z character, by the way) is a consummate veteran in this business, so I've no doubts that he's up for directing this new dub. Congrats, Sonny!

      Anyway, looking forward to the upcoming voice actor announcements in the coming weeks, particularly, like Richard J. just said, who is ultimately cast as Hitomi. She was always my favorite, so here's hoping you guys have someone great lined up for the role.

      Oh, and assuming you've already ruled out getting any of the Ocean dub actors back for their original roles, then how about some cameos? I think that would be a really nice nod to both the fans as well as the actors. Don't know how possible something like that might be, but barring a full-on reunion of the old cast, that would be the next best thing, in my book.

    4. Richard J. on

      Aaron's an interesting choice. I was expecting a new cast (in-house dubbing is cheaper) but not him for Van. Not a bad choice but not who I'd have expected. Hitomi's the one I'm particularly curious about though. I love Kelly Sheridan but Hitomi was not her best work so I'm particularly curious who the new VA will be. I'm hoping for someone from the newer pool of female VAs personally.

    5. Missing avatar

      Juliko on

      Aaron Dismuke? Huh. Not someone I had in mind for Van, but I haven't heard his voice in a while, so for all I know he might do a good job. I do wish him and the upcoming new cast good luck though! *coughcoughcastJoshGrelleasDilandauplzcoughcough*

    6. Jon Turner on

      So they ARE recasting the characters. Aaron Dismuke has proven himself capable as Alphone, but this will be a pretty big role for him to fill. I only hope the pressure isn't too great on him. Kirby Morrow did the best job he could in the Ocean dub, but the direction and dialogue took a toll on his delivery at times. It'll be interesting to see how Dismuke pulls it off.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      Really excited to see this with brand new cast members! I'm looking forward to further updates on the cast and crew for this. I can't wait to get my hands on this release - so many fond memories of Escaflowne!

    8. Jen on

      If you hate Funimation dubs, why did you even pledge? How dare Funimation use their own voice actors for their projects? Its a mystery..

      Crispin Freeman was never in Escaflowne.... He wanted to be. I suggested him for that reason. And because he is very talented.

      I wanted the original cast so badly..I made a long comment about it. But I will not trash talk their decisions. They know what they are doing and I trust them.

    9. Trudy on

      I am extremely fond of the original dub, but I look forward to seeing what the new cast does. I'm especially looking forward to hearing who is cast as Millerna, who I love to pieces. Best of luck to Strait and Dismuke in their new roles!

    10. Missing avatar

      JD Cowan on

      I really liked Aaron as Leo in BBB, but Van is an entirely different character so I can't really judge here. I hope he does a good job.

      Can we get a stretch goal just for Crispin Freeman? ;)

    11. Tiffany Thomas on

      Im ok with Sonny Strait Directing the dub. Never really had a problem with him directing and Mike McFarland can't clone himself and direct every single anime that release. I also dont mind Arron Dismuke doing the Van. I just wish that some of the old cast will come back. Like Chrispin Freeman. But we will see.

    12. Batch o' Graces

      @Adam I don't see your point...Sunrise is working with Funimation and they have a director choice. You make it sound as if Sunrise is your flawless wish-fulfiller in choosing English staff.

      Sonny Strait is a great voice actor and has done solid work both in front of the mic and behind the glass.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gordon on

      This is why I hate funimation dubs, every dub has the same cast. I here Edward and Alphonse but I see Van and... At least I will have the original audio. What was wrong with the original cast, and just dubbing the new stuff?

    14. Adam Lurgio on

      Ugh. No... Why can't Mike McFarland or someone direct this? I thought Sunrise was working with Funimation on this dub?