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Gamble and game in Last Stand. Protect the planet from giant monsters by climbing them and punching them in the face.
Gamble and game in Last Stand. Protect the planet from giant monsters by climbing them and punching them in the face.
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Bio-Armor and Stretch Goals

Uh, wow. I didn't think we'd be talking post-6k this soon, if at all. You guys are the best.
Looks like everyone's getting monthly supplements for all three games. These will be on pdf, but we'll offer the option to get hardcopy compilations as well.

So do we set a stretch goal for $7,000? I mean, we're already offering extra supplements, extra cards, an adventure, official roll20 support and three full games. Isn't that enough?
Nope. At $7,000, we'll also include a Designer Advice pdf. It's very similar to what we provide our freelancers and design team - comments on how the mechanics work, why the mechanics work, everything we've noticed working on the game. This will make it super easy to design your own content for Last StandRagnarök, Düngeön and any future products using the Fortune System.
We'll also include a few more cards, both in the game pdf and the physical cards. If we hit the goal, that's nearly 80 cards coming your way.
We've also also added four more box set rewards. Yesterday we found out we can include about 2-3x what we expected in there, so expect a box set update soon too.

So Bio-Armor.
The game begins a few years after the first invasion. An enormous creature crashed into a coastal city and then disappeared almost as quickly. The few people who know about it speculate it was some kind of crew transport; inside were the corpses of a variety of creatures. Giant insects, huge sea creatures, large serpents, all kinds of nasty things. The kind of stuff you'll be fighting in Last Stand, of course.

When it comes to Bio-Armor, the PCs are it. Most people aren't compatible with having the repurposed corpse of what might be an alien invader permanently implanted into their body. And it is permanent - once someone goes through the Bio-Armor process, that's it.
It's not all bad. The armor can be retracted, though it never disappears entirely. It also provides its wearer with perfect health. Wounds heal quickly, diseases and illness are a thing of the past, aging slows down significantly. A potential recruit might be on death's door when they're approached by a mysterious man offering an untested surgical procedure, volunteer for a front organization testing candidates or be otherwise persuaded to join.
It's not a difficult proposition. Bio-Armor soldiers have their family well taken care of, they're financially set for life, they just have to uh fight giant monsters potentially for the rest of their lives and work for a mysterious benefactor and hope the implant process is as benign as it seems and rip off monster parts to attach to themselves and bear the crushing burden of protecting the Earth at all costs. That sounds fair.

Also, since we've only got about four days left, how about a preview of Ragnarök? Let's start with a preview of the art, by Brady Ramaker (aka blurry).

and some words by the writer, Andri Erlingsson.

Jack Campbell is a Berserker from the Canadian border. He will be tremendously powerful in combat, but no one fully trusts a Berserker at their back. The word “Berserkur” literally means “Bare Torso”, as they were famed for being able to withstand terrible battles and punishment – including walking through fire – without taking harm even while wearing no armor at all. This will be a useful trait in the battles to come.

Jack carries two great hammers made from the lumbars of a Frost Giant. He has Named them “Glacier Breaker” and “Giant Bane”, as Names have power. In Ragnarök, taking the powers of your enemies can be very grisly indeed! The tattoos granted to him by Odin and his blood-brotherhood with the Æsir grants him this power to reshape dead flesh, just as the Gods shaped the world from Ýmir when it all began. This is necessary, as the Æsir cannot outfit all their warriors with dwarf-craft now that the great land of the Gods has been besieged.

Odin hopes to avoid Ásgard’s inevitable fate by granting such potential to mortals, but Jack is a violent man who has lost his family and who may have killed his own brother. Does Jack even want to save the world, or will he be satisfied to watch it burn? Does Odin even deserve to avoid this fate?


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