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USPS to CANADA - WARNING, shipping fees update!

Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We finally got the last data for the shipping in Canada through USPS.

As we thought it would happen, shipping trough USPS is more expensive than our previous negociated UPS prices, however facing the MASSIVE demand from intensive and repeated comments from our Canadian backers to swap for USPS, even with a paid option to avoid the high UPS brokerage and import fees, we decided to swap for USPS.

This has consequences on the shipping to CANADA which is NO MORE FREE!


We want to emphasize on the fact that we won't treat any askings for free shipping with USPS as this is not possible at all. We said and repeated that this would happen as we are treating shipping in volumes through negoiated agreements. We made everyhting's possible to get USPS for Canada as asked by the backers but we had to break our current agreement to do this with a financial consequence on the shipping price.

We however still believe that this shipping price is way lower than the brokerage fees which were brought to our attention and that this solution is so greatly better.

Here is the new valid shipping fees table to refer to.

 Thanks all for your understanding.


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    1. CLARKETRON3000 on

      Agree with Tyler, this is ridiculous.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tyler McLeod on

      Glad to see my game is being shipped UPS, even though this very post says it would not. THIEVES.

    3. MinimalistCat on

      whoever Dominic is/was, guess his post got deleted.

    4. Dustin Walton on

      Unfortunately missed the chance to update my pledge as well, don't really check Kickstarter on the weekends. I hope something is arranged to pay for the Canadian shipping.

    5. Missing avatar

      Conrad on

      This message came too late to update my backing pledge as I was away this weekend. I trust provisions will be made for the extra $25 to be paid later. Also since this is a kickstarter paid way in advance, the rewards are really "gifts" and I hope they will be marked accordingly on customs forms.

    6. Missing avatar

      Emma Arenson on

      What can we do if we did not add the shipping cost to our bill? Can we do it now? As a first time user of kickstarter I am not sure how to do this now that the product is closed.

    7. Malkaiden on

      Beautifully handled Fun Forge. You should be commended for your commitment to your backers. Though I live in the US, it means a lot that you have really come through on the shipping front--really on all fronts--for your backers. I vote with my dollars and as such I look forward to future FF offerings.

    8. Adam Dufty on

      As one of those Canadian backers I'm very glad for this change. Off to update my pledge. Thanks Fun Forge!

    9. Missing avatar

      Troy D'Hondt on

      @Jason - A bunch of Canadians were very vocal about the hidden costs of using UPS. I'm glad they figured out and alternative that will likely save most of us.

    10. Missing avatar


      Was Dominic a samurai early backer? Hopefully someone benefitted from his leaving.

    11. Victor Chan

      A tiny bit annoyed that the shipping still works out to be more than to Europe but I don't fault FF. I fault UPS to be so greedy with their hidden fees that Canadians would implore NOT to use their service. Thank you FF for going with the flow and trying so hard to accommodate. I'm sure it was not an easy business decision.

    12. Jason Kossowan on

      Disappointing - both that I have to pay more than I thought I would and that hidden fees would have been an issue.

      Kudos to the team for raising this (even if last minute) and for trying to save me money. It is for this reason I'm still in (although just barely - I hate paying CA shipping fees).

      Now off to check shipping methods on other projects...

    13. Missing avatar

      Leslie Furlong on

      Welp, just a few extra dollars to get Japan shipping, so let's do that instead and get it into my hands a few weeks/months earlier.

    14. Ikalios

      Thank you !!!! You are really great !!

    15. Missing avatar

      Troy D'Hondt on

      Thank you. I'm back in. Let's get to the 600k!!

    16. Paul Ranstoller on

      Thanks for your hard work and efforts. My pledge has been updated. Bring on 600k!

    17. frederic ouellet on

      thank you , just upped my pledge to the right amount!

    18. Gabrielle

      Yay for Aus =^.^=

    19. Raymond John Powers II on

      The same thing would happen Sandrider, they would break a contract and your cost would likely be even higher. Not necessarily from the postage of the package itself, but from the handling charges of breaking down pallets and sorting out the hawaii packages on the distribution companies end.

      By using UPS for all of North America what would have happened was the factory puts all NA orders on pallets, sends those pallets to one location, at that location they print out all of the UPS tags to put on each box, then hand them all over to UPS on pallets. Now they have to separate out the Canadian orders from 4 different sections (accessories, normal, ronin, samurai) label those separately and get them to a different company.

      That is why it is costing more, it does not just relate to the rates the company that carries it is charging (which obviously also affects the cost).

    20. Christian Lacroix

      Merci infiniment de la part de tous les Canadiens qui ont souffert du "service" d'UPS.

    21. PanKratis

      No Cyprus shipping, so I assumed same with Greece. Please updare list.

    22. Sandrider

      Still wish you'd use USPS to Hawaii...

    23. Christian Stalley on

      Thank you very much!

    24. SherMMR98

      @FF You guys continue to show that you really are a company that cares about and listens to their customers! $25 shipping now, vs $50+ in duty, tax and brokerage fees is a no-brainer! And we get the keep the $$ out of UPS's pockets.

      Roll on $600k!

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Griffith

      Also just noticed Canada is the same price as Alaska and Hawaii which are more expensive than Slovenia.
      South America, South Asia, Africa seem to be bad places.

    26. Pete on

      And hey, the extra 25 bucks from everyone gets us closer to the larger minis....

    27. Munenori

      for all the nonbelievers of the brokerage fee:

      scroll down to additional services, thats where your money goes

    28. Pete on

      Better than getting a surprise 40$ fee a couple weeks later.

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard Griffith

      Hmm, signed up for a US drop mail address a while ago. Never tried it out. Drive = 1h there + 1h back + personal cross of the border + $7 handling. In any case the $25 is reasonably competitive with that process. And would likely get dinged for duty as well.
      It would be nice if all kickstarters annotated production costs and not retail cost on shipments. A "handling fee" from UPS would certainly be a pain given I don't recall having to pay duty on any kickstarter rewards received via post.

    30. Bulky Shinobi on

      Awesome job FunForge! This is truly appreciated! Youve gained my trust and patronage. I will check out all your projects if they too come up. Good job!

    31. Anthony on

      @l3igcicle - that is correct.

    32. DimsumDad on

      Thank you, I just updated my pledge amount!

      To confirm I just click manage pledge, enter new amount (1xsamurai=$115 plus $25 shipping)

      Then og into amazon to confirm payment? I just want to make sure I don't have to cancel something so I don't get charged twice.

      Cheers, and this is going to be the longest year ever waiting for my shipment. Great work!


    33. Tina N on

      Wow this is great! Thanks so much for the hard work on behalf of the Canadians!

    34. Munenori

      If people really would read the WHOLE text they would see, that FF themselves wrote that it is lower than the brokerage fees. People: Think before you decide.

    35. Caleb K. (Gilgilad) on

      Dominic would have been one of those guys who receives his package from UPS, sees that there is duty due, refuses package, charges back his credit card on Funforge, package is abandoned, and Funforge loses out. Better to be rid of him.

    36. Anthony on

      I just checked Dominic's profile. He sure did cancel. I hope this isn't a trend and hope that people see why this update is better than it was previously.

    37. Todd Johnston on

      Hopefully this works out for them apparently Dominic was not aware of the $70 Brokerage fee to use UPS to Canada.

    38. Theresa Baguio on

      Happy to hear this! Updating my pledge as we speak.

    39. Munenori

      Wow you guys managed it, congratulations. I am happy for all the Canadian backers, so they wont have to deal with the brokerage fees. Great work.

      Maybe you should consider Putting this on the Mainpage or send a reminder out to all backers in case the canadians dont see it.

    40. JF Audy

      Thank you!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jordan Fraser on

      I would much rather pay shipping up front and support the campaign than hand my money to UPS. Thanks for your work with this!

    42. Tim Riel on

      @dominic: your "free shipping" would have cost you 50$ fir "brokerage fees".

      You just saved 25$.

    43. Bergelmir on

      No more free? My pledge is thus cancelled.

    44. Michael Botterill on

      Well I think you did well by our Canadian cousins and gave them
      what they wanted