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Australia + NZ + Asia + Canada shipping update

Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

HI everyone,

After a hard work to find alternative solutions for the deliveries in Asia, Australia and NZ, we are pleased to announce that we managed to find a new partner who allows us to lower the shipping prices.

Here are the new shipping prices (for 1 unit - please refer to the price table for the prices for 2 units) for this shipping revision:

  • AUSTRALIA: 30$ (instead of previous 60$)
  • NEW ZEALAND: 40$ (instead of previous 60$)
  • JAPAN: 37$ (instead of previous 60$)
  • KOREA: 35$ (instead of previous 60$)
  • MALAYSIA: 35$ (instead of previous 60$)
  • SINGAPORE: 35$ (instead of previous 60$)

Regarding our Canadian friends, we received the confirmation from our partner that we could use USPS, HOWEVER, we are currently checking the USPS shipping prices comparing to our actual negociated UPS prices to check if we still are able to offer the free shipping. We will update you ASAP with our final call on this but please be all sure that we are doing our very best to please you. Thanks for your patience!

Here is the new applicable price table.

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    1. Eric Follows on

      I'm in the same boat as others. I'm living in South Korea and didn't want to pay $60 for shipping, so I had it sent to my family in the States, but the new cost is much more reasonable. Will there be a way for us to pay the additional cost and adjust the destination before everything ships?

    2. Brett on

      This is great news! But I'm sure there are many backers like myself who didn't view the update in time to adjust (lower) their pledge amount before the project was funded and CC debited. Can you advise how this will be resolved ?

    3. Aly McKay on

      This was the push I needed to get the game. $60 was just so steep that I felt unjustified to pay half the game again in just shipping costs. $30 feels far more reasonable. Thank you.

    4. Gabrielle


    5. Mr Propellerhead on

      Ta muchly chaps, a Kiwi thanks you.
      Adjusted pledge amount - hope it doesn't affect current standing too much. :P

    6. Mathew Barker on

      FF I appreciate your hard work, if shipping is higher at least its not going to UPS now.

    7. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      Free shipping to Denmark was what finally convinced me to back.

    8. Phil Christiansen on

      Sigh, no answer for Alaska. :(

    9. Birdienumnums on

      This is fanTAStic! it leaves the door open for international backers to back more of your projects without worrying about dreadful shipping prices! Thanks a ,million for all your efforts! They are truly appreciated!

    10. Billy Bradford on

      Thank you very much for the new arrangement. Really appreciate your effort~

    11. Travis Wong on

      much love from singapore! thanks so much FF!

    12. Jay on

      Much appreciated. UPS Shipping isn't free if they extort you on delivery.

    13. Bulky Shinobi on

      A million thanks from your Canadian backers!

    14. Ittiphan Jearkjirm

      Any hope for Thailand? :)

    15. Daniel McArdle

      Since you are already talking to USPS, is there any chance you can look into using them to ship to APO addresses? The rates really are very reasonable (the same as shipping within the U.S., sometimes even cheaper).

    16. Missing avatar

      Alan Romaniuc on

      You could also check your partner about shipping to Brazil by USPS, which is fully traceable by USPS and Correios website, instead of contracting a company that no Brazilian has heard about and that could charge any brokerage fee.
      And at the end, we (Brazilians) will have to heard words like "delivery challenges" ... omg

    17. Ikalios

      Thank you a lot. Personally, I really don't mind paying for shipping to Canada if USPS is the company you choose to use.

    18. Joseph Lau

      Thank you FF team for all the hard work behind the scenes!

    19. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      Oh man, all this in the last couple of days of the KS campaign, I bet this is going to shave years off your lives!

      But, as you can imagine, being in New Zealand and all, it's really appreciated! =)

    20. Missing avatar

      FushigiNeko on

      Thank you for your continued efforts with the Canadian Shipping! I appreciate it so much!

    21. Missing avatar

      James Wickline on

      @ Chang, Though it's not $85, which it was originally for 2 to Australia, so definitely better.

    22. Terry Chang

      well done!! so happy.... but i wish australia's shipping for 2 is not 30x2 though

    23. Beh Kok Seng

      Amazing! Thank you very much, FF!

    24. Low Chong Hung on

      Thank you FF, for you hard work. Really appreciate. :D