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Discover the Collector's Edition of TOKAIDO: the acclaimed singular gaming experience by Antoine Bauza.
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Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

Hi all,


We are super happy to announce that we officially open the possibility to get a double item per pledge!

This comes however with SOME RESTRICTIONS, please pay a careful attention to the following points:

- 1/ You are only able to get the SAME item as the original one from your pledge. This means that you CANNOT mix items in one pledge (for instance you CAN pledge for 2 Samurai copies but you CANNOT pledge for 1 Samurai copy + 1 Collector's Accessories Pack). Please also note that you are LIMITED TO 2 ITEMS maximum. Should you add more than 2 items or to mix 2 different items, we would need to regularize the situation with you later on which would lead to a lot of delay with the processing of your reward.

- 2/ You MUST ADD the SHIPPING FEE corresponding to your pledge quantity (1 OR 2 - maximum) and to your country of delivery by referring to the TABLE HEREUNDER (which is also on the main page) to your pledge (for instance, if you want 2 Samurai copies and that you are living in Norway, your pledge must be $115+$115+$22=$252). Please note that if you forgot to add the shipping fee to your pledge, we'll need to contact you later on for an additional payment which will complicate your order and lead to an important delay so, please, be careful to directly add the shipping fee to your pledge level.


Here is the new shipping fee table you need to refer to for the handling on your pledge. Please ADD THE SHIPPING FEE directly to your pledge depending on your choice (1 or 2 items) and on your country of delivery.

This update DOES NOT INCLUDE the last data regarding AUSTRALIA, to you our Australian backers, please note that we are still working on lowering your shipping fees. We hope to be able to bring a positive update on tomorrow. In the meantime, please refer to this table for the shipping fees concerning your pledge and adjust accordingly.

To our Canadian supporters, we are still working on trying to use USPS in place of UPS for your shipments. At this time we have no definite answer so please consider FOR THE MOMENT that UPS is still the carrier we'll use for your deliveries.

Please note that these prices are NOT including the possible brokerage and/or custom fees and/or local taxes that may apply to your country, these fees are at the customer's charge (i.e. you).

To everyone's attention: this table is the result of a careful work and double check with our logistics partners, there is no improvisation, prices are based on carrier fees depending on your location and zone (notably for EU) and have been adjusted the best way as possible to get the best prices. We are sure that everyone's has (apparently) better ideas to lower the fees for his/her own condition but you need to understand that we are not working on a single option basis. We are working on a wholesale basis with negotiated prices with our logistics partners. These prices are including a lot of hidden costs (for you, unfortunately not for us) like pallets handling, repacking, unit shipments, etc.

Thanks to all for your understanding.

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    1. Jason Clague on

      They really are leaving this update too late...

    2. Craig ONeil on

      +1 on price drop for Aus

    3. Ben Appleton

      Any news on price drop for Aus?

    4. Aaron Connor on

      Anyone want to share shipping to Adelaide, Australia?

      Also, are we going to have an update on if this is coming down cause DAMN $60 is harsh for down under.

    5. Richard Loh Kern Liang

      @Mel are you interested in sharing shipping cost ? I am from Singapore too.

    6. Erick on

      @Vincent... I hope too... As I’m in the same boat as you... Custom clearance fees are ridiculous... I spoke to a UPS person once and he told me the fees were because there were so many unclaimed items that they pay in advance for the clearance... but then again, its normal to have unclaimed unpaid items if you charge through the roof for them... There is no way a sane person will pay 10$ of custom clearance for a bic pen that is worth like 1$... He’ll just get his butt to the drugstore and that will be the end of it...

    7. Erick on

      @Ananahs... Its not duties... We pay for our duties like you guys...These are fees that UPS charges us for “Bringing the damn thing and passing it through customs for us..." (but of course not telling us when it comes so we dont handle it ourselves)... Get the difference?.. Its like if someone Is charging you 80$ because he took the box and passed the box from the US to Canada without your knowledge... and then says hey... I’m the one who took the package to you, so I’m entitled to a payment, and by the way, my fees are 80$/minute... They charge us for the duties (which we pay anyway when Canada charges us), but on top of that, they charge us ridiculous amount because they were the ones who delivered the package (while USPS/Canada Post only charge like 5$ for the “handling”).

      Before posting comments, I suggest that one educate himself on the subject to be discussed...

    8. Missing avatar

      Mel on

      Haven't received it yet... ... you wanna re-send? Or maybe you give me your email add.?
      P.S. I've even checked the Junk mail >.>

    9. Billy Bradford on

      I've sent an email to you.

    10. Thaddeus IV on

      Ahhhh.... I see...
      "Please note that these prices are NOT including the possible brokerage and/or custom fees and/or local taxes that may apply to your country, these fees are at the customer's charge (i.e. you)".

    11. Thaddeus IV on

      It's free for Canadians... Get a clue eh, lol, I'm kidding, but seriously, It Says Free For Canada, doesn't it? What am I missing?

    12. Missing avatar

      Mel on

      @Billy I'm from Singapore and pledged at the Samurai Level :) I don't mind sharing, but can't find a private message on KS (they should really consider having one!) You can email me at if you're still interested in sharing delivery costs.

    13. Billy Bradford on

      Disappointed that shipping to Singapore is $60. Anyone wants to share for two copies at $85 instead? Else may have to back out.

    14. Ananahs on

      To Canada. I'm not willing to pay their duties

    15. Missing avatar

      Vincent Chan on

      As I haven't used UPS before, I was concerned of the comments regarding UPS shipment into Canada. Curious, I went to their site and, after looking at the rates for customs clearance into Canada, I'm appalled and, even though I really want this beautiful Collector's edition, paying the exorbitant import fees is ridiculous. I hope somehow the shipment method to Canada can be changed. And soon, before the KS ends.

    16. Erick on

      @somonflex, did they change UPS to USPS? Venant de France, j’imagine que vous parlez français.... Malheureusement, je crois que vous seriez aussi offusqué que nous si votre service postal vous demandais pratiquement la valeur de votre colis en frais d’importation... En fait, vous connaissant chers cousins, vous seriez déjà dans la rue en train de dénoncer cette injustice... ;)

    17. Erick on

      @Gabrielle: UPS charge ridiculous import fees... like 25-50% of the Price the item costs... Se we are looking at roughly 50-85$ for the delivery ... Just because they are the ones that delivered... USPS/Canada Post would cost like 5$...

    18. Erick on

      UPS charges ridicullous brokerage fees...

    19. Gabrielle

      Why are people complaining about Canada shipping when its free? I don't get it . . .

    20. Phil Christiansen on

      I live in Alaska so I may have to drop this too if usps isn't going to be an option :(

    21. Luds on

      Yep I'll monitor the situation in the next few hours, but I'll likely cancel my pledge if UPS is used in Canada. Paying 110$ for the game is one thing, paying 200$ is another.

    22. Sandrider

      Well...I really wanted to back this project, but since you refuse to use USPS I can no longer support you. The additional shipping charge is almost a quarter of my pledge.

    23. Vladimir Koval on

      @ Funforge LLC Please clarify the situation with the delivery to Ukraine.

      Thank you in advance.

    24. Munenori

      @ Bruno i dont think that this is possible, would be too complicated in the end to sort everything out i guess.

    25. Gabrielle

      Also <3 the fact we can now order an additional copy =^.^=

    26. Gabrielle

      I understand that your crazy busy but YOUR TAKING A REST before you update the shipping prices again? There is only a few days to go! WE NEED TO KNOW NOW as we need to be able to figure out what we can or can not afford before it's all over . . . There are many shipping companies that offer tracking and that are cheeper than DPD and UPS. . .

    27. somonflex

      And now, canadian can stop whining, thx FF ^^

    28. Missing avatar


      Like Jason Clague, I'd also like to know if the future update to Australian shipping will also apply to NZ

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruno CAIETTI on

      Hi guy ! Pretty excited about the multiple copies ! ;-)
      Here is my question : i have a French Samourai pledge, can I add a English Samourai ?
      And, trickier, can I get one sent in France and one in the USA ?
      If not, no worries, I'll just create a new accounte and make my second pledge this way !
      Thanks for creating a awesome version of a great game !

    30. yao yao on


    31. Mark Stanoch on

      Thanks so much for extending multiple purchases to us. Now I can give one copy to my kids for Christmas and I can keep the other!

    32. Allen Sam on

      I mean if Funforge is using SFExpress to ship to some of the countries, why not use the same for Malaysia & Singapore? SFExpress do serve us who are living here.

    33. JFC on

      The home page still says you can only get one copy, they need to update that ASAP so people know they can now get TWO copies, and tell them how to do so. Otherwise, the $600K goal will never happen in 3 days.

    34. Allen Sam on

      Hong Kong, China & Taiwan is free but Singapore & Malaysia is STILL $60, I was hoping it could be lower since it is quite near to China... :(

    35. Ikalios

      Sadly, I'm another Canadian which will cancel his pledge if UPS ships the game. They charge as much as the content most of the time. I don't want to pay 250$ for this game which I thought was great.

    36. Vladimir Koval on

      @Hans Dombeek. I've sent them a message and wait for an answer. Thank you for your advice.

    37. Hypocenter on

      @Vladimir. It is likely a mistake that they have not included Ukraine in the list, as it was included before. I would contact Funforge if I were you.

    38. Přemek Zítka on

      Thank you for your hard work!
      Free shipping to Czech Republic, wow. We usually don't get to see that.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Caldas on

      I was going to pledge for the Samurai level, which would cost me $175 (I live in Brazil), until you said that you're going to use a UPS-like service, instead of USPS.
      Only one Kickstarter so far shipped to me through UPS, but I had to refuse the package because UPS wanted to charge almost $300 in delivery charges. That was for a $170 pledge. Never do that for Brazil. USPS is very reliable if you ship using Priority Mail.
      I can't tell you how sad and disappointed I am because I wanted this package VERY much...

    40. Vladimir Koval on

      so, this isn't a mistake, the shipping rate to Ukraine really raised for almost 4,5 times?

    41. Nakano

      Here are the old postage rates from the cache:
      Unfortunately things sometimes change in Kickstarters. This was very late so it will be a mess later. Not all people read updates. The postage rate didn't change for me, but once I have backed out due to the change (and luckily I did because The Crater's Kickstarter future isn't looking bright.).

    42. Beh Kok Seng

      Still the same for mine. ✌️

    43. Vladimir Koval on

      It was listed for 15 usd. This is for sure.

    44. Raymond John Powers II on

      The Ukraine was never listed at 15 was it? I thought the only previous listing was that EU countries would be 15, and unless I am mistaken the Ukraine is not in the EU?

    45. Gabriel Gendron on

      Unfortunately, I will consider canceling my pledge if UPS is used for Canadian shipping. The fees are scandalous.

    46. Vladimir Koval on

      Hello, what about Ukraine situation shipping. Previously it was 15 usd, but according to this list - it is 70 USD right now? Please clarify!

    47. Z-Dub on

      If we double the pledge, will we get double the unlocked stretch goals as well?

    48. Sandrider

      Wait, what? Now I have to pay for UPS shipping to Hawaii? This extra charge is greater than the shipping to many of foreign countries on the list. Please use USPS! This is ridiculous.

    49. Dominik Čapkovič on

      Wow, FF you're awesome!