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Discover the Collector's Edition of TOKAIDO: the acclaimed singular gaming experience by Antoine Bauza.
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New Stretch goals added!

Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

Hi all,

First of all we wanted to warmly thank you all for having reached the bigger board stretch goal. This is simply amazing!

While reaching this SG, we decided to add new ones, slightly different from the first ones as we wanted them to be mainly fun.

We decided to add 2 new characters: Naïade (Tokaido's artist) and Antoine (Tokaido's author) along with their supercute minis (if the SG are reached). Adding Naiade and Antoine as character is an idea from the community and we wanted to create them for you! :)

The two last SG are focusing into improving the mini's quality, the bigger board allows us to produce bigger minis (cool for the details) and if we reach the last SG we would be able to add even more polish and effects to the painted minis.

Let's see if we can manage to reach these new SG thanks to you, our incredible community! :)

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    1. Gabrielle

      Keith - you can purchase up to two additional copies of the level you have pledged for but seeded to the shipping chart for new prices

    2. Gabrielle

      I believe new minis are painted are painted minis has been unlocked for samurai pledge and above

    3. Dr Folamour on

      Very good question...
      Somebody knows ?

    4. Andrew Sievert on

      Are these new minis going to be painted?

    5. Gabrielle

      Maybe you could open a few more spots in the SHOGUN pledge level . . . this would help with the new SG's

    6. Gabrielle

      I also think the new minis and their cars should be together in a SG i would hate to have the card and no mini . . .

    7. Gabrielle

      I would prefer the 600k and 550k SG to be switched. at least our current minis can be the best that can be and if we reach them getting taller thats just a bonus

    8. Missing avatar

      BabyCakes08 on

      I agree with Erick. Better paint, not "bigger" minis (can there be such a thing?)!

    9. Douglas Morse on

      Which of the stretch goals will be in the retail version of the game?

    10. Missing avatar

      David Vicente

      Aw, I would have hoped to see a strech goal with the foreign-languages rulebooks printed.

    11. S. R. on

      @Radka: I think when FF said "90cm wide", I'm sure they meant 90cm instead of the current 84cm. Not 90 instead of 28.
      So, keeping the same ratio (3 squares unfolding), the new board would be 30x90 cm.

      @FunForge: Am I understanding you correctly?

    12. Marneus on

      @Erick I agree, I don't like the idea of bigger minis without additional details.

    13. Erick on

      Wow... All great SG, but I’d prefer the 600k and 550k SG were switched... I like better looking minis more (ts a CE after all, so good aesthetics are what is priming here I think :P) than bigger ones :P

    14. A D on

      I hope we can get to a few of those but it will drive me crazy if we unlock a character but not the figure.

    15. Keith Koleno

      Is there still going to be an option(new pledge levels?) to be able to purchase multiple samurai level games?

    16. Poisonfish Games on

      Actually up. I have been tracking this project daily and the I raised about 60k in only 6 days; and another 8k in just the last 5 hours. It will be close but if they continue at this rate they may make it.

    17. Poisonfish Games on

      Naiade is sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!

    18. Lee on

      All they need to do to reach the new minis stretch goal is add an option to allow multiple purchases. BOOM!! This KS goes crazy!! :D

    19. Gabrielle

      Fantrastic :)
      But can you pleeeeeeease add the origional scoring tokens in somewhere. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . .. . .. . . ..
      . . . .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .
      . . .. .. .. . .. .
      . . .
      . .

    20. Missing avatar

      Jp Corkery on

      I think there's a strong chance that we'll end up with one of the new characters unlocked but not the mini for it. And then no one will ever play that character - why would you when you'd be the only player without a cool mini for you on the board?

      Doesn't really affect me I guess anyway as I'm in for Samurai anyway with or without these stretch goals, but I would much rather have seen new characters and their mini in the same stretch goals so that there was no risk of having one character that has no mini.

    21. Radka on

      WHAT??? The new board is 90cm wide?? Man, the old board is 28 x 84 cm!!!!

    22. Jérémie VUILLARD on

      Ces nouveaux paliers sont excellents et font envie!
      Laissez à chaque souscripteur la possibilité de commander un exemplaire supplémentaire et les 215k$ restants seront sûrement atteints en 4 jours pour acquérir tous les nouveaux paliers...

    23. Mechamonkey on

      Wish they would just make a 50k stretch goal if there going to give you a new character, and just lump the 2 items together, the card and the mini that is. They look awesome though. and i think there is no worries there going to go through them in no time flat.

    24. Albert Nakano on

      Bigger board allows for bigger mins, but then what happens to people who pledged just the accessories pack which will have components that will no longer fit the regular board? Also, bigger board means bigger box means more weight. Did you do the shipping calculations on these heavier modifications?

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel HAAS

      I'm looking forward to meet the maxi minis ;-)

    26. Likyam Yuam on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    27. Laurentas, Baker, Basilisk Lane, Valoria on

      Please do not forget that extra money pledge is not extra money available to spend or pocket from FF. This is more games to deliver, more energy and time (and cost) as the decrease of unit cost plateau's once you reach a few thousands.

      As for the SG, well, we might not reach all, but I think the next days are going to be amazing...

    28. Pieter Syroit on

      I am happy so far ...
      There a lot of people who back at the last moment because now they know for sure what they get. One downside can be that the project ends late in the month so paychecks did not arrive yet ;)

      We will see the next days

    29. Michael Botterill on

      The 600k is very ambitious, extra characters are cool and I hope we hit them with both cards and minis

    30. Dr Folamour on

      C'est vrai que le résultat est d'ores et déjà d'un très haut niveau.
      Vivement novembre pour en profiter !!!

    31. Missing avatar


      Perhaps a Crossover Campaign with another Kickstarter Projekt can help?
      Other Game Project like:
      - The Legends of the Wulin Board-Game
      - The Red Dragon's Lair (Already did some but perhaps they are Interested in even more?)
      - The Ancient World (perhaps they could have cards for ancient Japan as Crossover and we an special Panorama ore some thing like that)

      or other Japan orientated Projects like:
      - Artist's Residency at MI-LAB, Japan
      - Koe

      I don't know all of them so what is possible to crossover I don't know, I just know It could bring us some more backers ;-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Vince Lima on

      I agree with Jerry! 33 is enough. Better quality is the way to go!

    33. Noiraude on

      C'est vrai que la barre a été placée un peu haute, voir trop haute ...
      Mais rien n'est impossible si FF débloque également les commandes multiples.
      En tout cas merci à aux pour le niveau de qualité et de bonus atteint qui est déjà exceptionnel.

    34. Missing avatar


      KickTraq sees us at about 470k
      KickSpy(wich had a better Guess by most Projects I looked so far) even at 576k
      so If we make even more Advertising then until now perhaps it's not imposible.

    35. Dr Folamour on

      C'est super ces nouveaux SG et je ne peux qu'être satisfait de la dynamique du projet.
      Et j'insiste bien sur ce point (avant de "râler" un peu) : je suis super content de participer à ce projet !!!

      Cependant, mon côté aveyronnais me pousse à m'interroger sur le caractère à priori disproportionné du seuil de déblocage de certains SG ^^

      Je m'explique : 50 000 $ pour rajouter UNE carte, ça fait cher la carte ! D'autant qu'il ne faut que 25 000 $ pour augmenter la taille des minis. A moins de mal appréhender le coût de production des différents éléments, je ne trouve pas ces montants très logiques. Quelqu'un aurait-il une explication ?

      Sinon, une fois de plus, merci FunForge !

    36. Nameless on

      How about a printed artbook as an addon?

    37. Cathulhu on

      As much as I like the idea of the two new minis, I think it would be nicer to have the bigger, better painted minis as the next stretch goals. :-)

    38. Marneus on

      There should be optional add-ons, so you get backers to put more money on the table ^^
      Like the initial scoring tokens for $10...
      Or a real cloth furoshiki.

    39. somonflex

      Y'a 6 jours, on était pleins à douter du fait d'atteindre les 375 000$. Les 600 000$ sont possibles, les 525 000$ encore plus.

    40. Marneus on

      We have to get 50k a day... Go on, people, share!

    41. Jon Oowh on

      Cependant les nouveaux personnages de naiiade et antoine devrait attirer les fans :D

    42. Jon Oowh on

      oui je pense que deja 50000 c'est rude

    43. Marneus on

      600k ça va être chaud.

    44. Funforge SARL 6-time creator on

      As a note, Naïade and Antoine's minis will automatically come painted as they are Samurai only SG.
      For those asking, the new board will be 90cm wide so it will still fit on a table. :)

    45. Missing avatar


      Those are some awesome stretch goals, and the last few really may be quite a stretch. Good luck, Funforge!

    46. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      The fact that there aren't any add ons will make reaching that stretch goal even harder

    47. Missing avatar

      DIAFIS on

      You are fabulous!

    48. lunch on

      Les nouveaux SG sont encore une fois attrayants mais j'ai bien peur que 600k soit difficile à atteindre en 5 jours ! Nous verrons bien !

    49. Grisboui on

      I'm pretty confident that we'll never see the $600K stretchgoal. But, who knows, if we found 1739 backers at $115...