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WIP on minis #2

Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

Hi all,

Just a quick update to share with you the amazing work in progress on the minis.

Here is the master sculpture for Gotozaemon the souvenir seller.

Hope you'll like this and get as excited as we are about them! :)


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    1. Marneus on

      33, et peut-être 35 ;-)

    2. Laurent Pasquet on

      euh... Toutes pré-peintes... C'est mieux...

    3. Laurent Pasquet on

      32 figurines et tous pré-peint... Mais la vie serait presque belle...

    4. Funforge SARL 6-time creator on

      This is one of the 16 base minis. The final one will be white (this is the color of the master only here) and Samurai's (and up) would get him painted. :)

    5. Huckleberry Carignan on

      These figures come with the game, correct?

    6. Marneus on

      @Laurent Je pense que celui-ci fait partie des 16 figurines de base. Au niveau Samouraï tu peux l'avoir pré-peint en plus, avec ses 32 collègues.

    7. Laurent Pasquet on

      Ceci correspond au bonus du niveau Samourai ?

    8. Marneus on

      @brent It was a 3D model, this is the real deal :-)

    9. Brent on

      I'm a little confused. Is this a new mini because it has been already displayed under the Review Section on the picture entitled, "Super Cute Minis"?

    10. Theresa DeMouy

      Will the figures be this color, or will they be molded a base white? I think the sample color shown on the figures are leading to some confusion. Can we get confirmed details on this? Thanks!

    11. moocifer on

      Not sure I want painted models after all, if the plain figures look this good ..

    12. Young Francis on

      Non mais novembre... Ça va être loooong!

    13. Joseph Larmarange on

      Magnifique !!!Merci FF pour le post

    14. JF Audy

      Elles sont superbes ces sculptures! Beautiful indeed !

    15. Ian T on

      Very nice indeed

    16. Séverine Gautier on

      It's very beautiful !! :)

    17. Jon Oowh on

      WoW ! amazing ! i'm excited ! beautiful !

    18. Mr Propellerhead on

      Congratulations [everyone] on hitting the Matsuri goal! :)
      @Ryan Ho @ Nakano - As Ryan says... masters are [usually] sculpted in wax.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ryan Ho on

      @Nakano It hasn't been confirmed by FF but generally the master sculpture is made in these types of colors because of the materials used to create it. Generally speaking the ones that are made and distributed are not generally if ever this greenish/brown color.

    20. Warembourg Nicolas on

      Magnifique! Je suis plus qu'impatient d'être en novembre!!

    21. The Inner Geek on

      It's not just cute... it's super cute.

    22. Jack Francisco on

      Coming along nicely! Totally stoked to get this and particularly excited to see them painted.

    23. Nakano

      Looking great! Are the non-painted miniatures colored like this?

    24. TheCyberGreg on

      simply fantastic ... I'm a big fan and can not wait to have them on my hand :)

    25. Alex Brown

      Looks awesome! Super excited to get this Collector's Edition!