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Community poll: New box cover art for Samurais (and up)?

Posted by Funforge SARL (Creator)

Hi all,

While we received several comments from people prefering the original artwork of the game (versus the new walking character), we thought about proposing a new cover art design for the higher pledge levels (as, yes, this is more stuff to do, more time and money to spend, more logistics, etc.).

As it is not possible to please everyone, we decided to setup a community poll before doing this move. Please note that this poll is for SAMURAI (and up) pledgers only as they will be the only concerned ones!

Here are the 2 cover proposals:

Proposal #1 (original Collector's edition cover - "the walking ronin")

 Proposal #2 (new diorama art - "travelling the Tokaido")

Even if the proposal #2 is still a sketch, we feel that it gives a pretty good idea of the final result (just imagine the same kind of color and rendering treatment as on the classic edition cover art).

We'd like to hear your (positive) voice on this! To do so, if you are a Samurai (and up) please comment on this update by typing 1 or 2 (depending on your choice of course), we'd count on the votes upon the end of the campaign (March 23) and will chose the Samurai's community call on this.

Please also note that it is useless to ask for both of them as this won't happen, we are asking you to make a choice and to give us your voice on this choice. ;)

Also please note that this is NOT the Samurai update we were speaking of previously. This specific update is on its way too!

Thanks to you all!


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    1. Thizizmyname on

      I also like the first proposal so if it could be on the instruction manual (almost as a really simple manual, "the game is about a journey")

      As people before me have said the originals cherry tree is really good looking but the sketch is quite stunning as is as well.

    2. Laurence Comont on

      Like the 2nd better, but please keep a cherry blossom tree somewhere, to me it's quintessential to Japan.
      Je préfère la deuxième, mais avec un cerisier en fleur, c'est possible? (et bien sûr en couleur, les panoramas sont magnifiques dans le jeu).

    3. Gabriele Pezzato on

      I already voted for cover #2. I have now a suggestion. Why don't you leave it black and white but with a golden finish (like the Puerto Rico Limited Anniversary Edition)?

    4. Robert Mills

      I prefer #1
      but #2 aint bad

    5. cystreviel on

      Projet 1, définitivement!

    6. ETELKÖZI Timea

      Though I still miss the blossoming cherry tree.

    7. Nick Papadopoulos on

      2. Will the final image remain black and white or be in color?

    8. Edward on

      2. I think it will capture the feel of the game better.

    9. Buddah on

      Probably way too later, but I like #2 better.

    10. Missing avatar

      nicolas crochemore on

      Merci pour votre travail et la possibilité que vous nous offrez de profiter d un si beau jeu pour nous reunir avec nos proches. Bon courage et bonne route.

    11. Missing avatar


      1 both are good but gotta give the edge to walking ronin.

    12. Xuntar on

      (but I love J.Coles suggestion as well)

    13. Tony Krahn on

      I love them both, but...



      2 même si la 1 est vraiment belle
      2 even if the number 1 is very beautifull

    15. David Thomas on

      #2, differentiates it from the standard edition