MONUMENTAL™ (Canceled)

by Funforge SARL

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    1. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      Good luck in the next round! I'll be on board!

    2. Thomas L. on

      Sage décision. A bientôt pour le reboot ! Bossez bien d’ici là ! ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Carlos Acevedo

      Count me in for round 2, thanks for not letting this dream/effort die. Good luck, see you soon.

    4. Badmojovoodoo on

      Agree, a wise decision. Keep us in the loop, and should you need playtesters let me know.
      Like to see five player support, more affordable pricing, perhaps a cheaper basic meeple variant for 40 EUR, larger tiles, some more varity with events etc.

      Looking forward to Monumental 2.0!

    5. nicogazet

      Bonjour, et "bravo" pour cette décision, qui n'a pas dû être facile à prendre. J'espère de tout coeur revoir ce projet sur les rails dans peu de temps! Enfin, prenez le temps qu'il faudra pour que ça fonctionne, on ne vous en voudra pas ;)

    6. Florian Berto

      Sad to see it cancelled yet happy to know its for the best (for the game, its hard working team and the backers!).

      Must have been a hard decision but nothing you guys can't handle!
      Looking forward to round 2!!!

    7. Axel Schmitter on

      Wise decision!
      Super pumped for the reboot of the campaign!
      Hoping to see a cheaper version of the game/ or more content for the same price.
      Also, hoping to see cheaper add-ons.

      Good Luck FF! :)

    8. Funforge SARL 6-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your support, this is warming our hearts after a tough decision like this!
      We'll do our best to meet your expectation in the future!

    9. Chase Street

      Good luck on the reboot, and you can count on me to pledge again!

    10. Matias Galleguillos on

      The game looks great. I'll also be here for round 2 😁

    11. Chase Street

      I think Picchu should have 2 Cs instead of one, but maybe someone else can confirm this.

      At any rate, the artwork you shared here looks really good as well. I especially like the Machu Picchu cards (which is the main thing that drew my attention to the spelling)!!

    12. Sam Watson on

      @Chase That is correct, Picchu is indeed spelled with two "c"'s :)

    13. Funforge SARL 6-time creator on

      @Chase Street, you are perfectly right! Picchu takes to C. We did this, of course, on purpose to draw your attention... ;) (thanks a lot by the way for the heads up!).

    14. Galthor-BD

      Certainement un choix difficile pour les concepteurs, mais pour ma part, de l'extérieur, je trouve que ça anime le projet et donne encore plus envie de découvrir la suite.
      Je serai là quand tout redémarrera, motivé et curieux.

    15. Morgan on

      I'll be here for round two. My "wishlist" item would be support for more than four players at a time- at least up to six. With these beautiful civilizations, it's hard to not want more than four on the table at a time. Good luck, and can't wait to see you back.

    16. SkyLarDam

      The decision to cancel this KS must have been a hard one but from my opinion will be the best for the game, its backers and also its developers and producers. With a fresh start and some of the prerequisites finished prior to the campaign the 2nd run will be a totally different show with early funding and lots of stretch goals unlocked. I again will be on board with "all in".

    17. Missing avatar

      Arek on

      Hâte de vous voir de retour en force, je garde de côté pour le All in ! Ce jeu à l'air franchement MONUMENTAL. :)
      Bon Courage pour la suite ! Garder la motivation !
      I look forward to see you come back in force, I'll keep my money for the all in ! This games looks MONUMENTAL ! :)

      Keep up the good work ! Cheers !

    18. Cyril Giraud on

      Pareil pour moi, mon pledge All-in du premier sera gardé bien au chaud pour le reboot parce que… je veux jouer à votre Monumental jeu ;) En cela vous avez déjà réussi votre coup et m'avez déjà bien accroché, comme je pense toutes les personnes présentes ici ;)
      Bon courage pour la suite et… à très vite.

    19. Chase Street

      @Funforge SARL: Then your ingenious plan to draw my attention worked!

      Seriously, the art on all these cards is really nicely done. Just another small part that makes me really excited to see how successful this campaign is going to be when it relaunches! Good luck and keep us all posted :)

    20. Núria

      I will be waiting for the relaunch!

    21. Charlotte Funforge Collaborator on

      Thank you so much for all messages and support!
      We'll share a lot until launch. Here of course, and on FB, Twitter, Instagram:
      #monumental #funforge @funforge
      #monumental #funforge @funforge

      Have a great day!

      Charlotte & the Funforge team