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Monumental is a next generation civilization game with a mix of innovative mechanics taking the best of the deckbuilding and 4X games.

Playing from 1 to 4 players, raise your empire, develop various knowledges and build majestic wonders while exploring and conquering the known world to emerge as the most dominant civilization of all time.

  • Civilization deck-building game
  • Easy to learn but hard to master with a progressive learning curve
  • Experience hundreds of potential combos
  • Unique “cross-tapping” game mechanic
  • Modular board with hex-shaped tiles for infinite replayability
  • Play solo or up to 4 players • 90-120 minutes

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6 sizes: 1920×1080, 1440×900, 1366×768, 1280×1024, 1280×800, 320×568.

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Monumental is a massive board game for 1 to 4 players where you’ll compete with your opponents to lead your prestigious civilization through the ages.

The game starts with the Classic era (antiquity), will cross the Medieval times to end up in the Modern industrial age. Through all these ages, you’ll have to assemble your military forces to conquer new territories, focus on scientific research to enhance your civilization’s abilities, build breathtaking wonders to harness their unique advantages, and develop your cultural policies to guide your people to victory. The fate of your civilization is upon you!

Each civilization has its own deck of cards with cultural specificities, as well as an army to explore and conquer the provinces on the board. On each turn, you’ll be able to draw and activate cards, combining their effects to develop your civilization and conquer the world. But you’re not alone in this race, as your opponents will try and outrun you as soon as they can. A game of Monumental plays over different eras, each of them featuring new cards to acquire and use. At the very beginning of the game, you control a small town in some remote country that nobody has ever heard of. Yet by the end of the game, thanks to the many cards that you will acquire, all will admire your monumental city, the jewel of a glorious nation!

As war is inevitable, you’ll need to lead your troops to combat when necessary. Fight the barbarians or protohistoric Free Cities to loot their resources, then wage war against your opponents! Each civilization comes with 14 army units - either nicely illustrated tokens (Classic edition) or finely sculpted unique miniatures (Deluxe edition) that you’ll be able to deploy on a richly illustrated modular game board to take control of the world. On the other side of your army, send your explorers to crawl new provinces, exploit new resources or even obtain new ones from various marketplaces in order to reinforce your city production capacity and speed up your evolution. Not a warmonger? Then maybe focus on Knowledge to enhance your cards’ abilities and gain more resources. Build Libraries, Laboratories, Colleges and other scientific buildings to educate your people. Then use this Knowledge to gain powerful cards that will allow you to do more actions in a single turn. Another solution would be to focus on Culture: various actions you take in the game will develop the culture of your empire, which in turn allows you to deploy special Cultural Policies with permanent advantages.

And of course, what would be a civilization without its wonders? The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the Great Wall… all have powerful in-game effects that will allow your empire to rise to glory. Building wonders is another way to assert your dominance over your opponents in Monumental, and a great way to show your greatness to the world.

The path to glory will not be simple. You need to find the proper balance between all these possibilities to achieve victory… and this will take time. But after all, Rome wasn’t built in one day!

Each Civilization comes with a set of cards comprising common buildings along with a unique building and knowledge card. The basic buildings of your city will give you the basic resources: the fort will provide Military, the Library will provide Science and the Work Camp will provide Production.

A unique Knowledge card as well as 5 Cultural Policies complete the cultural distinction between civilizations. A Warlord card, working along with the corresponding unit on the board, also gives a unique and special conquest power to their owner.

Knowledge cards that will increase other card’s capabilities when coupled with them.

In Monumental, the cards that you will buy and activate in your city are the key to victory. You must find the proper balance between the different types of cards, as each of them will give you special advantages. Managing your deck and anticipating the cards to come will also give you the upper hand over your opponents.

As the game progresses through its 3 ages (Classic – Medieval – Modern times), so does history allowing you to acquire several types of more and more powerful cards: Buildings to bring you more resources and some occasional special abilities, Knowledges that will increase other card’s capabilities when coupled with them, Wonders which are very expensive but very powerful (and very rewarding as victory points) and, to finish with, Cultural Policies cards which can be activated thanks to culture points given by other type of cards and which will give you powerful passive permanent advantages.


Before the first turn, you randomly draw 9 cards from your deck (out of 14 at the beginning of the game) and place them on the table in a square of 3x3 cards: this is your city for the first turn. Over the course of the game, your city will evolve. You’ll start with basic buildings with limited interaction, but by the end of the game, your city will be full of advanced buildings, breathtaking wonders, and top-notch Knowledge.

However, even if there are 9 cards in your city, you can only activate 5 of them on each turn. This will lead to difficult choices, as all cards can be useful. Your citizens cannot work all the time though, and you need to allow them to rest.

This unique gaming mechanic is called CROSS-TAPPING. To activate your cards, you choose a line and a column in your city, and activate (tap) the cards from this line and column (5 cards out of 9). You can choose any line and any column; you simply cannot choose two lines or two columns.

This innovative mechanic introduces a whole new way of programing and using the cards of your deck turn after turn as optimization and combos are the heart of the game.


Developing your city and your empire will require you to gather resources and to conquer new territories.

The territories of Monumental are called Provinces. The modular game board gives the basic setup of each game. This setup will be different whether you use one of the pre-defined scenarios (made for a certain number of players) or one of the scenarios you create.

At the beginning of the game, the provinces are all to discover and are occupied by independent barbarian tribes or ancient Free Cities. You’ll have to move your army (thanks to your military points) to conquer them. The conquest mechanism is very simple: one military point allow you to move one unit – you need to move at least the same number of military units as the defense value of the province (a number given by the terrain difficulty + the existing inhabitants resistance). Each conquered province gives you victory points at the end of the game but it also gives you more required space to build your wonders.

The Provinces also contains various resources depending on them. Sometimes you may recruit some workers (as a production token) and sometimes you may end up in a Maketplace (such as Babylon or Rome) where you will be able to grab new resources to bring to your city in order to enhance your future turns capacity of development. All these resources are only opened to your Explorers who moves thanks to military points too but who never take part in any battle.

Turn after turns your realm will become bigger and bigger, your knowledge and culture stronger and your buildings and wonders more and more impressive.

Designed to be extremely modular, Monumental is implementing on one side the power and depth of a deckbuilding system which loads the game with hundreds of potential combos and on the other side the flexibility of a modular game board which allows the players to create an infinity of new scenarios, all of this to bring on the table a game that is super easy to learn but hard to master thanks to an important learning curve and which will grant dozens and dozens of hours of renewed playing pleasure!

Please note that we are currently working on the graphic layout of the rules. However, you may already access the prototype PDF file which is absolutely not what the final files layout will be ;). Please note also that, despite the fact that these rules have been thoroughly tested, they may still evolve during the campaign tweaking and fine tuning process.

Please click on the pic to download the PDF file.
Please click on the pic to download the PDF file.
Cliquez sur l'image pour télécharger le fichier PDF.
Cliquez sur l'image pour télécharger le fichier PDF.

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  • TABLETOP MAGAZINE, DAN JOLIN: “Played a demo of this civ-builder at Tabletop Gaming Live and was very impressed - nice blend of deckbuilding, tableau-building and area control on a lovely modular board with very impressive minis. First impression: 7 Wonders meets Scythe. Can't wait to play it some more.” 
  • MAN VS MEEPLE: “These miniatures are insane these are some of the best looking miniatures you’re gonna see in board games.”
  • DICE TOWER, MARK STREED: “Funforge has done an amazing job here.”
  • BOARD GAME REVOLUTION, JEREMY HOWARD: “This is quite an epic game in a box! What I have here is absolutely amazing.” (final thoughts: 13:36 in preview video above)
  • GEEK DAD: “Monumental has a lot to offer. It is a 4x civilization game. It’s a deck builder. It has a unique cross-tapping mechanic that gives a player maximum flexibility each turn. All of these combine into an interesting and engaging game with good production quality and beautiful artwork.”
  • THE GAME SHELF: “Monumental is a really interesting combination of deck-building, area influence and civilisation building. We love how each turn you can trigger a whole sequence of interlocking actions, by activating cards in your tableau and exploring or conquering new territory. It's a game that we've fallen in love with and we highly recommend checking it out on Kickstarter.”
  • BOARD GAME MINIMALIST: “Monumental is truly a monumental game, combining civ building, deck building, area control and lots to do on your turn.” […] “If I had to summarise my experience of Monumental in one word it’d have to be - FUN.”   
  • THE POLYHEDRON COLLIDER: “There’s a lot of very cool things you can do in your turn and lots of combos.”
  • MORE GAMES PLEASE: “One really interesting aspect of the game is your cards which get laid out in a 3x3 grid each turn. You'll trigger one row and column of that grid and use the cards abilities to set up your actions for that turn. That might be military based, taking new territory, exploring or upgrading your cards with new ones to improve your deck for future turns.”
  • TRIC TRAC: “Designed specifically for Kickstarter, so that players have a great deal of fun playing it.” 
  • THE GAME PIT PODCAST: “It's an interesting game, I enjoyed it and I'd like to play it again.”
  • CANARD PC: “Nothing to say, civilization board game lovers feel at home”.
  • SYFANTASY: “EXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. Such an atmosphere reminds us of the best civilization games. As far as gameplay is concerned, there is a strong deckbuilding aspect with multiple strategic combos. And, best of all, Funforge decided to add minis to these mechanics, giving an extra dimension to the game.”
  • GEEK MAGAZINE: “A deck-building and conquest civilization game that is innovative, dynamic and fun, playable in less than 2 hours - we recommend it!”
  • UN MONDE DE JEUX/ LE MONDE: “We were lucky enough to play a few turns of Monumental at the International Game Fair in Cannes, and we quite liked the game mechanisms!”
  • LE LABO DES JEUX: “Monumental is a true 4x game (eXploration, eXtermination, eXpansion, eXploitation) that do not keep cards close to its chest. With nice card illustrations and superb soldier and warlord miniatures, we were promised a classic, yet with a graphic identity of its own.”
  • BORDEL DE NERDS: “Monumental plays with simple rules but features all the depth of a true civilization game... it could open the genre to new players, beyond the usual expert gamers.”
  • LES DRAGON NAINS: “We like the innovative game system and the relatively short games for a civilization-like.”
  • CARNET DES GEEKERIES: “Meet us at Kickstarter to fall for Monumental!”
  • EXTRALIFE: “I liked it a lot […] A very dense and rich game.”

My name is Matthew Dunstan, and I’m a research scientist and game designer based in Cambridge, UK. I started designing games about 8 years ago, when I was still living in Australia, and to date I have had 11 published designs. Monumental is my second game with Funforge following the release of Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time last year. Monumental is a fitting title for the game, considering it is the most ambitious of my designs to date!

While the origin of Monumental isn’t as old as the Pyramids or Stonehenge, it is still one with many twists and turns, a journey that started over 4 years ago. At the heart of Monumental is a new mechanic I call ‘cross-tapping’, where you deal cards from your deck into a 3 x 3 grid, and you choose 1 row and 1 column of cards to use on your turn. In this very simple system, you already have all the tools for some very satisfying combos, and every turn you are presented with engaging and interesting decisions.

I was intrigued by deck-building games, which are interesting by the fact of them offering a random selection of cards from your deck each turn, and then you have to make the most of what you have been dealt. But the interest is not really in the playing of the cards – once you have a hand your choice of actions is mostly automatic. I wanted this feeling of getting a new set of opportunities each turn, but with some juicy decisions as to how to use these opportunities. What do you need to do right now, and what can wait until later? Do you pull off a small combo now, or wait and hope for something even better? Hopefully this tension and excitement permeates through Monumental from its core mechanism.

Funforge has done an amazing job bringing my design to life, immersing you in the world of mighty armies, feats of technological advancement and towering wonders. The choices you make in Monumental will ultimately tell the tale of your civilization...what will you be remembered for?

Pledge levels will be available in English or French. You’ll have to choose the language of your pledge in the Pledge Manager, after the campaign completion.

Les niveaux de pledge seront disponibles en français ou en anglais. Vous devrez choisir la langue de votre pledge dans le Pledge Manager, à l'issue de la campagne.

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign completion.

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  • USA: 12-15€ to most states, 40€ to Alaska, Hawaii, and all remote islands.
  • EUROPE: 12€ to France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. 15-20€ to the rest of the UE countries. 20-25€ to the non UE-countries.
  • CANADA: 20€ to most cities
  • LATIN AMERICA: 45-80€ to most countries.
  • ASIA: 15€ to China and Hong Kong. 20-30€ to most other countries. 
  • OCEANIA: 20-30€ to Australia. 35€ to New Zealand.
  • FRENCH TERRITORIES: 40€ to Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Guyane.
  • REST OF THE WORLD (all unlisted countries): 80-100€ to most other countries.

We cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally.

We DO NOT SHIP to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia and Syria.

Please note that these prices are NOT including the possible brokerage and/or custom fees and/or local taxes that may apply to your country, these fees are at the customer's charge (i.e. you). As a reminder, if your country is listed into the Friendly shipping badges, you would have no import fees to pay.

The decision of making this project a Kickstarter exclusive is the result of a long and precise thinking.

In short, we had the choice of offering a « regular » game at a « regular » price or a fantastic game at a fair price.

We decided to go for the second option as we believe that this game deserves the best from our publishing efforts. Notably we have put a lot of hard work for months into the testing process but most and foremost into the production works, hiring dozens of stellar artists to turn each of the card artwork into a masterpiece. This is also true regarding the mini pre-production process for which we aimed to fantastic sculptures and unique (and expensive) design choices. These are just some examples of our commitment into making MONUMENTAL a unique experience for you.

We are used to publish games for ten years now and we know fairly well the distribution network and how it works. Should we choose to let this game go to the regular network, it would have been financially unsustainable for us because of the cascading margins of the classic distribution scheme.

For the very same reason, we do not offer any retailer pledge as it would mean offering the game at roughly 50% of its KS price which simply means for us to lose a lot of money each time a unit would be sold and this does not make any sense.

  • Game Designer: Matthew Dunstan
  • Publisher: Funforge
  • Art Direction: Philippe Nouhra
  • Artworks: Paul Mafayon, Georges "Gorg" Bouchelaghem, Fajareka Setiawan, Agri Karuniawan, Asep Ariyanto, Maerel Hibadita, Tey Bartolome, Justine Cruz, Wyn Lacabra, Raph Lomotan, Brian Valeza, Chang-Wei Chen, Andreas Rocha, Marco Gorlei, Hendry Iwanaga, Philippe Nouhra, Charles-Victorien Kaing, Grafit Studio, Ivan Sevic, Roman Tishenin, Piotr Dura, Eugenia Firs, Jordan Albro, Orion Vang, Esmail Zalat, Uros Sljivic, Heng Tang, Tomislav Jagnjic, Alisher Mirzoev, Tuan Nguyen, Alexandre Mokhov, Martin Mottet
  • Lead sculptor: Charles-Victorien Kaing
  • Additional sculptors: Alfonso Gonso, Nicolas Pessina, Gregory Krasnoperov
  • Translator & rules editing: Antoine Prono, Gersende Cheylan, Claude Amardeil
  • Publisher Testing: Philippe Nouhra, Antoine Prono, Claude Amardeil, Thomas Baggi-Sani, Charlotte Noailles, Gersende Cheylan
  • Community Manager: Charlotte Noailles
  • Assistant Community Manager: Brett Myers

Funforge would like to express special thanks to David Preti and Régis Bonnessée, you guys are the best! ;)

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FUNFORGE is a well-known international publisher, producing high-quality games since 2008. We have published dozen of games worldwide, and our titles have received many awards.

We are working with numerous suppliers and partners in the USA, in Europe, and in Asia for many years, and the quality of our games is internationally recognized.

After 3 successfully fulfilled KS campaigns from which we learned a lot, and hundreds of thousands of games delivered to distributors and retailers, manufacturing and shipping are a well known story for us.

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