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i have an immense passion towards expressing emotions through songs because it encourages human conversations
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Kalu James

217 backers pledged $30,309 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Kalu James on June 6, 2013

      Hey Gene, Thank you for your support. i'm sorry that i put you in a position to ask that question. I should have more updates on my kickstarter page. This is and has always been a very ambitious album and with that some delays occurred( as they often do) and dates were moved back but we are making sure that everything ties in as expected and anticipating August as the release month. We will be asking for backer mailing informations as we move closer to that month. For samples on what we have uploaded for listening, please visit our website Hope you enjoy it and thanks again for the support.

    2. Creator Gene Chavez on June 5, 2013

      KALU, what have I missed? I don't have any rewards from my pledge of almost a year ago. I pledged at the $50.00 level. THANKS, Gene

    3. Creator Andrew Slominski on June 19, 2012

      Congrats Kalu! I hope you give a shoutout to your fans in Rochester.

    4. Creator Alyse Black on June 19, 2012

      So so so so glad!

    5. Creator Melinda Smith on June 19, 2012

      Congratulations!! Can't wait to download my copy. :)

    6. Creator Dead Tree Duo on June 19, 2012

      Congrats man!

    7. Creator Daniel Ball Jr on June 19, 2012

      You did it!

    8. Creator Daniel Ball Jr on June 19, 2012

      A little over 5 grand in 2 hours... if anyone can pull this off, it's Kalu... :)

    9. Creator Cassie on June 19, 2012

      LOVE YOU!

    10. Creator Mo McMorrow on June 18, 2012

      Wow Kalu, go for it!!! Mo xx

    11. Creator Susan Violante on June 3, 2012

      Great talent deserves to be backed up!
      Best to you Kalu and to everyone in the band.

      Susan and Michel Violante

    12. Creator kelly stagen (deleted) on June 2, 2012

      I will never forget your beautiful rendition of 16 petals at the momos elvis costello night that my brother jack put together for me...yours was one of the most beautiful pieces of music that evening...happy to pledge to your project...many prayers and good wishes to you!

      love, kelly (jack martin's sis)

    13. Creator Teagan and the Tweeds on June 1, 2012

      You are one of the most beautiful people I know. I happy to help you achieve your goal, because everyone should hear your music.

    14. Creator Billy Bennett on May 15, 2012

      Good luck Kalu.....the World Needs Your my friend!

    15. Creator Rob DeChant on May 11, 2012

      Wow... Kalu your voice is amazingly unique!! I can't wait to hear your new album! Does it come with cupcakes? Great video! LET'S FUND THIS GUY!!!