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Full Measure, the University of Pennsylvania's premier Christian a cappella group, is releasing its fifth album & we need your help!
Full Measure, the University of Pennsylvania's premier Christian a cappella group, is releasing its fifth album & we need your help!
65 backers pledged $2,769 to help bring this project to life.

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"As We Wait" Now Available!

Hello everybody!

In case you haven't heard yet, our CD is now finished and available! We know you've been waiting patiently for the CD so we want to be able to get it into your hands as soon as possible! Everyone who supported us through this Kickstarter project and chose a reward should have received an email about filling out a survey. This survey will help us know where we can send the CD and the rewards so please, fill out the survey as soon as possible! Thanks to everybody who has already filled out the survey. If you haven't received the CD yet don't worry, you'll be getting it very soon! Thanks again to all of you for supporting us and being patient during this process. We hope you'll enjoy the CD!

In Christ,

Full Measure

Another update!

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We have been fully funded!!!

A huuuuge THANK YOU to the 65 of you and for your generous support, as our project has officially been funded! The success of this Kickstarter campaign is still so unreal to us and we cannot fully express how amazed and grateful we are to God and for every single one of you.

Full Measure is now back from a blessing weekend participating in a Christian acappella conference in Boston and is heading into concert preparation week. But rest assured: the album is on its way and will be available very soon! When production has been completed and the CD is ready to go, you will receive a survey which will enable you to provide whatever information that we may need to get your reward(s) to you (shipping information, for example). We will keep you updated during the process; in the meantime, please feel free to message us at any time with questions or comments!

We are beyond excited to share our album with you. Please continue to keep us in prayer as we continue on through this busy time; we are always in need of God's grace and the power of your intercession is invaluable to us.

Again, thank you all so much for making this project possible!!!

Love & blessings,
Full Measure

Thank you (& a preview track)!

We are so humbled and amazed. Barely 24 hours after our Kickstarter page went live, the project was already 158% funded! We are extremely grateful for the 59 of you who have now contributed over $2,600 in total, as well as those of you have supported the project through prayer or by spreading the word. God's faithfulness has been so evident throughout this project; His plans are clearly far greater than anything we could have anticipated!

The production process is still underway: all of the members of Full Measure are working hard in order to get "As We Wait" to you as quickly as possible once this Kickstarter campaign is over.

Although we have been able to reach and go beyond our initial goal, please help us out by spreading the word: financial backing is certainly essential (and much appreciated), but our hope as a ministry is to be able to reach as many as we can with the message of the Gospel. So, whether it is with family, on Facebook and Twitter, or another online community, we hope you'll be able to share our mission with your friends so that others may be encouraged by the power and goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the bottom of this update is a preview of one of the tracks that will be featured on the album ("Crumble to Pieces", originally performed by Phil Wickham). It is not the final mix, as tracks are still being edited, but if you like the preview, please feel free to share it with anyone you would like!

Please also continue to keep us in prayer during this time, as we are in the midst of preparations for our spring concert as well. It is a busy period but we are all so excited to share both the album and the concert with all of you.

Feel free to shoot us a message at any time with questions or comments. Once again, a million thanks to everyone for your support and love!

- Full Measure