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"Now, everyone can create beautiful mobile apps, right on their smartphone. This product will take the world by storm."


FYI, pledges amounts are in GBP since we are a UK-based company but here is the approximate conversion rate in USD / EUR. GBP 1 = USD 1.61 / EUR 1.17 (so our most popular £65 option equals USD 104.46 / EUR 74.74).

THE ADSY ROADMOVIE, feat. adsy's CEO in the role of the creative magician ;-) Enjoy the ride.


adsy offers the most intuitive “mobile design platform” aimed at creating mobile content. adsy enables you to magically design an application in the environment where it will be experienced by the end-user. From mobile to mobile.


This immersive approach allows you to share your users’ sensations while you’re crafting your application, in an unprecedented way. We believe that the context of creation has a major influence on the content itself. The context is both determined by the specific constraints of the device on which you are creating your content AND by the location / instant of your creation. Designing and/or updating an application “on the go” gives an organic time-specific pulse to the creative format. adsy applications will have their own vibe, their own signature.


The beauty of adsy also comes from the fact that it is a mobile WEB application, that can be opened straight in the browser, without the need to download anything. We have invested a lot of time to guarantee that the user experience would be as smooth as possible. Mobile web applications have usually been associated with traditional mobile websites, responsive or not, prompting brutal reloads of full pages when tapping on a link. Nothing like this happens in adsy. You gently flow between pages in the smoothest UX ever developed in a mobile browser, both for the app designer and their end-users. We often compare our design team to luxury watchmakers. Every single detail counts. Removing friction requires time & focus. We said “no” to many features to capture the essence of web design within the boundaries of the browser. adsy is surprisingly sophisticated in the creative possibilities it offers while being extremely simple in terms of user experience. Our “magic touch” feature sums up the spirit of the UX: using adsy almost feels like performing a digital magic trick.

Being a web app, adsy seamlessly works across different platforms: you can create an app on an iphone that will be perfectly viewed on an android device & vice versa.


We know that life is about diversity. Things change, passions evolve. We won’t force designers to maintain one & only application all over again. If a brand new creative idea crosses your mind, you can start a new app and even link your apps together, in a few taps. You can edit your apps at any time & delete them if they’re not relevant any more. No strings attached, adsy offers you the true freedom of the open web.


We will soon introduce social features on the adsy platform, adding another layer of interaction between the adsy apps and their users, developing a vibrant network around rich mobile content. We will also launch an api / sdk, open to third-party front-end designers, who will be able to offer their own applicative plugins to the adsy community. This is only the beginning of a very long creative story.


What about pricing ? We have opted for a simple freemium model, a “free treat” plan (forever free) and an exciting “magic plan” at $4.99 (£3.15) per month (incl. extra features such as statistics, premium plugins, chat support,...).

Very soon you will be able to play with adsy. This platform was crafted to awaken the designer within. It is all about the user experience. Unleash your mobile creativity, be an app magician.

What we have achieved so far...

In approximately 10 months, we have developed our mobile app maker, in the mobile browser . The app maker includes at this stage the following tools: add pages (made of pictures, solid colors or patterns), add text, both in headline & paragraph mode, add vectorial shapes/stickers, add plugins (videos, sounds, maps, street view), create hyperlinks using the magic touch, organize, move & clone pages, users profiles & basic community feed, creation & publication on iOS (6 & 7) and the latest android versions (adsy apps are viewable both on mobile & desktop).

What's next ? 

Thanks to your support on Kickstarter, we will develop by Dec 24th, just in time for Xmas : detailed analytics, built on the Piwik engine, the adsy community, incl. a searchable index based on #tags, extended interactive features (ratings, comments,...) + new exciting functions, such as adding your own pictures as stickers on any page + a series of applicative plugins, incl. an e-commerce widgets, a form generator, an appointment engine, etc.

Much more than just a mobile-first web design tool, adsy will be an ambitious platform enabling anyone to create complex services using interconnected content units.

It brings back the very best of hypercard & geocities at the age of twitter, tumblr, facebook & pinterest. 

Together, let's make the adsy magic happen !

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

hmmm... let's say that the main risk is that we all decide to move to a remote island in the Caribbean and give up this exciting project (oh noooo). But of course this will never happen !

More seriously, there can always be delays in software design but since we've been busy for almost a year crafting the magic, we know our pace of development and are able to promise you a fully functional release for early 2014.


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