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A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
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BoD Update - Manufacturing

Posted by Fedor Sosnin (Creator)

Hey all! Hope all is well. 

My apologies for the lack of updates but I have a legit excuse!

My wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Tessa Nicole Sosnin on Oct. 29th. 

She didn't come with a Rulebook or Manual. So, I've been busy learning! Luckily, there are some good "how to" videos! haha. 

Durak is in Manufacturing with our printer in China, Whatz Games! I have however had no recent updates from them. Last I heard from my contact Aaron, there was a problem with their printer that should have been resolved shortly after his update. I asked him for some photos of it in production so we can all see Battle of Durak come to life. Once, I hear anything back I will let y'all know. Wish I had more exiting news.

As for fulfillment, my friend Artem, the creator of "Cauldron" has pointed out that I can wire the funds to SFC directly for a very very small fee. This means SendFromChina is back as the front runner for dealing with shipping of BOD. :)

In the meantime, I have been slowly working on my next game Dice Bazaar - A family friendly dice game

Dice Bazaar
Dice Bazaar

Check it out on BGG here:

Talk to you all soon!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joy McCurdy on

      Many congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

    2. Chad E. on

      Tessa looks very does her dad!

    3. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Just got an email from the manufacturer: I am very sure we could finish the production in next week"


      @Matt Holden: haha thanks buddy!

    4. Matt Holden - Indie Game Alliance on

      Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! That's even more exciting than Dice Bazaar!

    5. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Ethan Furman, @ThomasDN, @Torsen, @Eric Arsenault: Thank you all!

      @Rodrigo Rangel: Haha, had to read that one to my wife - she loves Fluxx. Yes, Dice Bazaar will be on Kickstarter but I want to make sure Battle of Durak is wrapped up before I launch. ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Rangel on

      Congrats! As a dad to a 12 year old girl, you will soon realize the rules are like Fluxx - constantly changing. Looking forward to dice bazaar. Will it be on kickstarter?

    7. Eric Arsenault on

      Thanks for the update ! And congratulations =)

    8. Torsten Stelling

      Congratulations :) You look very happy.

    9. Missing avatar


      Oh wow congratulations! She is beautiful!

    10. Ethan Furman

      Congrats! Definitely a legit excuse! :)

    11. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Igor Panchenko: My wife is doing extremely well. Thank you!

    12. Igor Panchenko on

      Congratulations! Speedy recovery to your wife and enjoy wonders of fatherhood!