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A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
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BoD Update - Custom Insert Approval & Fulfillment

Posted by Fedor Sosnin (Creator)

Hey Backers! Long time, no talk. 

Custom Insert

With the Chinese holiday and SPIEL '15 in Essen backing up our printing company for a little while, we have finally gotten around to the custom insert. Since then, we have gone through 2 versions and today I want to share that process with you.

Here is the first iteration of the insert for Battle of Durak:

Version 1
Version 1

Although this is not what I had in mind for the insert, I loved the pawn/attack token holder. 

At this point, I figured I would rather have a slightly longer delay in manufacturing but in return have a more appropriate insert for the game. So, I asked to have a new insert made with two trays for cards and still keep the attack token holder because I thought that was a nice touch. 

A week later, I received an email with the following insert:

Version 2
Version 2

Version 2 is perfect. Plenty of room for expansions, promos, or sleeved cards and the attack token has its own spot. I have approved this insert. Hopefully, soon I will be billed and the manufacturing will begin. 

At this point I think we are a bit behind in manufacturing because of the series of short delays, but generally we not too far off if at all. Hard to say. With that said, I will keep everyone in the loop as soon as I have any kind of news or updates.

That brings me to the next topic...


Originally, I was set on using SendFromChina to fulfill your orders. Since then, I have collected some of your addresses and played with their mailing interface. There is a learning curve for sure! However, that is not my main issue with their service. You must send them payments through PayPal to get funds into their system. That means when they receive my money, it is already less then what I originally deposited because of PayPal fees. Not a big deal, however I'm partial to just loosing money because of those fees. SFC was the reason Battle of Durak was so cheap, and the reason why I could keep the shipping prices FREE all over the world. Still, the fees is just something that stuck with me.

Because of that, I have looked into Ship Naked. Another service many publishers and Kickstarters use with amazing reviews. It does cost me a bit more to ship, but the service is fool proof. And if that means, paying a hair more to get better, more reliable service and potentially get the packages over to my backers faster, I'm all for it. 

Now, there is still plenty of time for me to figure this out while the game is being made. I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop, however I don't think there will be any difference to you guys. Either-way, I will do what I can so that you will be getting the game safely and quickly. :)

Fedor Sosnin


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    1. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Th3B0m5, @Chad E. I haven't any issues with them in the past, especially with receiving or even hearing about people receiving damaged games. I have gotten a few from them in several sizes and weights in perfect condition from other KS campaigns. But either way, this decision is still up in the air.

      I have found another way to get money to SFC, so I may be using them after all. Just waiting on hearing back from manufacturing to move forward with shipping and fulfillment decisions.

    2. Chad E. on

      I haven't had any issues with Ship Naked on the projects I've backed. Maybe I was lucky?

    3. Th3B0m5 on

      Not Sip Naked please... all their shipment have no end and damaged!!!

    4. Eric Arsenault on

      Looking good ! Great job, thanks for the update.