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A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
275 backers pledged $6,970 to help bring this project to life.

BoD Update - First Stretch Goal Unlocked & Cardstock Stretchgoal

Posted by Fedor Sosnin (Creator)

THANK YOU BACKERS! Old and new. We've crushed the first stretch goal! 

Linen Card Stock Unlocked:

Currently, the cards in Battle of Durak will be printed using high quality 275gsm Blue Core Cardstock with a Linen Finish. They will feel light, flexible, and super easy to shuffle. Along with added durability from the linen coating.

That means we only have a few more hundred to go to unlock the Linen Finish Gamebox.

This upgrade would make for a much longer lasting game!

New Stretch Goal Added: 320gsm Black Core Cardstock

A much thicker, even more durable, higher quality playing card. With these three stretch goals unlocked, Battle of Durak's components will be among some of the best. 

Let's keep things rolling along by spreading the word and sharing the campaign on social media. 

Don't forget, you can always buy a friend or a family member a copy at a discounted rate - Then politely crush them using the Barbarian. :)

Thank you and see you in the comments,

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    1. The Nacho

      Thanks Fedor for even entertaining the idea... but I see now as of this writing, the issue is moot. YAY! WE GOT OVER $6500. So, onward with both! Smile face.

    2. CatInSpace on

      I'm all for the linen box and cards. I'd very much love a fancy linen packaging myself. :)

    3. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Thank you @Joel Mathew. Any one else like to chime in on the subject? I'm totally fine with making the switch, but I still believe the majority would like to open a linen box and pull out their linen cards then to open a standard box and pull out slightly thicker linen cards. ;)

      I'd love to see more opinions. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    4. Joel Mathew on

      I do like @The Nacho idea but at the same time I would like a better quality box to hold my cards. I think I'm more 60% to swap the two stretch goals and 40% to keep it as it is.

    5. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @The Nacho: I mostly agree with you. Let me explain the other side of the coin though. I chose the 275gsm blue core initially because they felt much better when handling compared to the 300 or 320gsm cardstock samples. It wasn't a decision based on cost. Mind you, this was before linen coating, but they had cleaner edges and were better to handle. The thicker cardstock with black core will be higher quality but the margins in improvement are small. Plus paired with the already linen coated cards we unlocked, the box and the cards will make an impressive first impression when opening or handling the game. Whether a photo or looking in a store, first impressions can be a critical key to the success of this game and the box finish can play a huge role. It's much more psychologically pleasing to open a high quality box then a standard box. I'm sure you can agree with me to an extent. It would make the game feel more complete because of it's quality right away.

      With that said, if you agree with @The Nacho, please let me know! After-all, this project is all about you guys, the backers!

    6. The Nacho

      Possible to swap the $6000 and $6500 goals? Not that I don't care about a nice looking box, but I am actually going to play with the cards - not the box. Nice, thicker cards would be cooler than a box that has a different finish. Just a thought.