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A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
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BoD Update - Introducing the Alchemist & component quality.

Posted by Fedor Sosnin (Creator)

You did it! You've shared Battle of Durak on social media over 100 times. That can only mean one thing...'ve unlocked the Alchemist!  

The Alchemist is said to be a crazed chemist that creates powerful concoctions. Putting together unwanted Battle Cards to create much stronger attacks. He is a master card shedder, focusing only on dissolving those he doesn't need. If played correctly, the Alchemist will be highly unpredictable...just like the outcome of his concoctions. 

The Alchemist will now be included with every game of Battle of Durak. Which means you will be able to choose between 5 characters! Now, let's focus on getting 200 shares so we can unlock the Assassin. :)

Component Quality:

One of my main goals with Battle of Durak is to put out a game that feels natural to play with out questioning the quality of the components. The last thing I want is sub par quality of the cards, box, or rulebook. Our printer, Whatz Games, has sent me samples of card stocks and boxes to play around with. The main choices were between 275, 300, 320gsm paper with various core colors. 

Various Print Samples
Various Print Samples

I spent a lot of time shuffling, dealing, and playing with the cards. The 320gsm cards looked good on paper, but there was something about the edges I didn't like. The 300gsm black core was great all around. But the 275 blue core was the clear winner. The cards just had an amazing feel. When shuffling or fanning the cards they had the least amount of friction and just felt...natural. The edges feel crisp and I want my card game to have these qualities. 

I would love to add linen finish to both the cards and the box, but I would much rather focus on getting the game out. That required me to keep the prices of "extras" like linen finish to a minimum. However once we are past the funded mark, there is some potential for upgrades. :)



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    1. Karl J. Dyback

      Let's see some stretch goals on the main page! =D

    2. Eric Arsenault on

      Very nice that they sent you those samples to test them out.

      Linen finish would be a nice upgrade for a stretch goal if we get there =)