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A 2-4 player card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
A 2-4 player trick-taking card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills.
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    1. Mighty Max on

      Just wanted to come back here and show my love for this awesome game that has become a staple of our gaming nights! Im hoping to see more from you Fedor at some point. :)

    2. Missing avatar


      Game had arrived here in Denmark. Looking good.

    3. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Glad to hear everyone is enjoying what they are getting. Thank you so much for helping me create this game! :)

    4. Eric Arsenault on

      Got it today, production values are excellent !

    5. Veronica Andersson on

      Recieved it today! Thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Nesbitt on

      Arrived today in N.Ireland perhaps of all the nice things I could say, just this little bit of
      attention to detail will suffice. Simply having a little plastic tab on the cellophane surrounding
      the cards making it so much easier to access the precious contents. The number of games
      I've had were I had to battle tightly fitting plastic to reach the goods! Astonishing.
      Well done Fedor...Genius :)

    7. Karl J. Dyback

      Got it two days ago in Pennsylvania USA, looks really good!

    8. Chad E. on

      My copy arrived a day early and it looks great! :) Well done Fedor!!!

    9. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Angel Rodriguez: hahah! My last game I actually lost as the thief against the alchemist and on the last play he played Acid Flask too. I bet that victory did feel good. Let us know how the 4 player goes. Its a bit faster and once you master it, you can always play with "Ambush". ;)

    10. Angel Rodriguez on

      First win goes to me. My Alchemist destroyed my wife's Thief. Final play was dropping the Acid Flask leaving me with a 14 Star(trump suit) to beat her 12 Star. Satisfying victory. Now off to try a four person game.

    11. Angel Rodriguez on

      Received. Cards feel great!! Can't wait to play!!!

    12. Chad E. on

      I got my shipping notice, it was shipped 3/14 and on it's way to Minnesota. I'm super excited!

    13. Jim Klipfer

      I received my shipping notice last night (3/15) for Michigan. Should be here Friday! Awesome!

    14. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Ooh Yeaahhh! Super excited to hear that.

    15. Missing avatar


      Also got my shipping notice here in Denmark.

    16. Th3B0m5 on

      yes, just got mine...:D

    17. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Anyone get their shipping notice email yet from ShipNaked?

    18. Chad E. on

      That is great news Fedor!

    19. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Rodrigo Rangel: I am patiently awaiting confirmation from ShipNaked but the vessel should have reached the US shores early this week. Keep in mind, that would mean the games still have to get through customs before they reach the fulfillment center. Because I am honestly not sure how long that process will take, I have held back on posting an update. We are so close! Once I have a solid idea on "what and when" I will post a more detailed update. Thanks for asking!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Rangel on

      Any news on status of BOD?

    21. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E.: Lost? Why do you say that?

      The best place would likely be You can always post in the forums sections or even just in the comments of your collection. ;)

    22. Chad E. on

      Where am I going to post random thoughts when BoD arrives? I have a feeling I'll be lost...

    23. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E: Thank you! I've played a few times and it works great once you have a grasp on the controls.

      Here is a new room as it seems the one previously posted, no longer works:

    24. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor - the game looks great on Tabletopia. :)

    25. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E: Hi Chad! Thanks for stopping in.

      I have been working on getting Battle of Durak to Tabletopia. Tabletopia is a tabletop simulator for tabletop games and is currently in Beta. Battle of Durak still needs to more work to be played smoothy, but if you would like to play around with the cards and get aquatinted with the controls of Tabletopia, check out this link:

      I will make an update once I get a few more details complete.


    26. Chad E. on

      Just stopping in to say hi. :)

    27. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Ryan: I sure did. Check your messages. ;)

    28. Ryan on

      Hey, I shared the Bazaar game via Facebook and tried to tag you in the post but I don't know that it worked because you never contacted me for my address for the extra class... Can you please verify that you got mine? I really think the mimic class will be a great addition!

    29. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor - that's great to hear!

    30. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E: Great! It's a bit of a waiting game at this point but the holiday delays are over and we are moving forward.

    31. Chad E. on

      How did the call go? :)

    32. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Tarcha Saleeba: I have a call with the on Monday to get an update. It has been a while simply because of the holiday delay. Either way, please keep in touch via messages. I can always update your address and send you the package to the right address. Just keep me updated. :)

    33. Tarcha Saleeba

      So you know if they have sent out the games? I'm suddenly and sadly being told I have to move in a month and I'm worried I will move before this arrives!

    34. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor - I'm loving all the photos you've posted!!! I'm still super jazzed to get my copy, one of the most anticipated games I've backed.

    35. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E. Yea, I was so excited for the production copy, snapped some photos of my prototype. ;)

    36. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor: I noticed some nice images recently on BGG too. :)

    37. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Thank you guys!

      The first Battle of Durak production copy is on its way to my office! Update soon! :)

    38. Pub Meeple on

      @Fedor, congrats on the birth of your daughter. Super excited for you, what a blessing!

    39. Chad E. on

      Hopefully everything went okay and your wife and daughter are doing well.

    40. Rick Haasnoot on

      Well, good time tonight I guess :D

    41. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      Hey guys and gals. Sorry for the inactivity! I try to post when I at least have more then one thing to update you guys about. BOD is in production and I have just been waiting for any kind of update from my printer. Once I have photos, news, updates, I will be sure to shoot everyone an update.

      I will likely be sticking with SFC for fulfillment. I have been told by a friend of mine, Artem, that a wire transfer also works. Cutting out a ton of money in fees. I have been waiting on updates from printing to continue forth with fulfillment.

      In other news, my wife and I will be heading to the hospital tonight to finally give birth to my daughter. We are a few days past our due date now but otherwise healthy. Wish us luck! Hopefully, when we get home, I will have some updates or news to post on the campaign. :)


    42. Rick Haasnoot on

      Fedor sir, is there any news about the delivery process?

    43. Chad E. on

      Just checking in. :)

    44. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @ThomasDN, @ Chad E.: Thanks guys. :) Really looking forward to getting a printed proof into my hands and sharing it with you guys.

    45. Chad E. on

      @ ThomasDN - Ha, I feel the same way. I think this is going to be a really fun game, excited to see the final product.

    46. Missing avatar


      Survey completed. You may send the game. ;-)

    47. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor: That works out well, I love buying games. :)

    48. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E: Of course, I love making games. :)

    49. Chad E. on

      @ Fedor: Thanks for the quick response! Glad to hear things are moving along well.

      Oh boy....more gaming goodness another project!

    50. Fedor Sosnin 4-time creator on

      @Chad E: I am just patiently waiting for the samples. They have been shipped to me by the printer. I'm hoping they show up between today and Friday so I can take some photos, share them with you guys, weigh them for better shipping quotes, and hopefully approve them. I'm so excited! I also have news about a promo character class "the shapeshifter" and a new game I have been working on "dice bazaar" - a family friendly dice game. :) #soon

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