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Touchscreen LCD desktop 3D printer starting <$2k using LASER based tech for high speed prints, 7"x7"x9" build area, and detail.
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Introducing Clear and White Resin, Final Shipping Laser Spot Size ~80um


We've been super busy over here at FSL3D but wanted to give a quick update.  We've been working hard on the resin formulations to deliver the best materials.  We are now confident we can deliver just about any color including Clear and White by the ship date.  We've printed out some mini rook pictures here:

FSL Clear Resin, clearly see the stairs and double helix inside now
FSL Clear Resin, clearly see the stairs and double helix inside now

Perfecting clear was a top priority because now we can mix many other colors with just various pigments (like white below).

FSL White Resin
FSL White Resin

In addition, we optimized the laser spot by securing a large purchase of superior lenses from our supplier to reduce the price down to a level where we could include them with the printer.  Now we are happy to say we will offer Pegasus touch with an average of 80um laser spot size for the high definition!

We're working hard in production mode.  We've greatly improved the mechanical structure of the printer to offer much more reliable prints with less side shifting seen in other SLA printers.  We're very pleased with the final design and the remade sheet metal parts are on their way here from our supplier.  

We look to be on target to make our end of April shipments and look forward to hearing feedback from the first few owners of Pegasus Touch: Desktop 3D Printing 2.0


    1. Creator Cedric Anderson on April 2, 2014

      Thank you FSL3D team! You should be commended for your transparency and going above and beyond to deliver a quality product. We paid for 250 and you give us 80...that definitely inspires loyalty.

    2. Creator Keo Heng on April 1, 2014

      Nice, any hi res version of the pics?

    3. Creator kamtung chen on April 1, 2014

      THanks Philippe :> Thanks FSL3D team!!! Awesome !!!

    4. Creator philippe BALLESIO on April 1, 2014

      Yes, kamtumg, this is what they say. ;)

      Thank you fsl3D team !!

    5. Creator Gabriel Hernandez on March 31, 2014

      Great work to the whole team at Full Spectrum! I'm eager to work with the 3d printer as I've been with the 5th Gen. Laser which is awesome. Best of luck with your business. Special thanks to Mica for her great help!

    6. Creator kamtung chen on March 31, 2014

      AWESOME :)!!! For those printer (April shipment), do they have the same feature? (80um spot)?