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The Lost City of Barakus (Gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2004) is being revised, expanded & updated for Pathfinder!
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    1. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Andrew-wait until I announce we are ready to ship and I will attempt to make this work--Krista will probably kill me; but I'll see if we can do it

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson on

      I'm not sure where to ask this, but I'm going to assume the answer will be relevant to all foreign subscribers, so I'll ask here.

      Postage to my country is horrendous and I like to combine shipping when I can. I can't use the coupon for additional stuff here, can I get whatever I buy on the frog god games site shipped along with my RA subscription? Can I for example get RA 2014 (which I've subscribed to), CD 2014 and TOH4 all shipped together using this?

    3. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Ok--here is why it is meaningful. CD is like the Underdark, and Matt wrote it. It ties in with several dungeons (RA, Barakus) and creates an underworld sandbox, with cities and dungeons and monster lairs. Its a lot like the D series.

      RA 2014 has 7 new levels and lair areas added that are not in the main book (keep in mind we still play, and we write stuff up when we do). Its an extension of the main RA book.

      Oh, and Skeeter runs RA sub levels at conventions:)

    4. Sid138 on

      @ John Rudd
      When RA was a kickstarter there was an option to add in a module subscription for RA based material (extra levels, areas, npcs) and they also introduced a side product of Cyclopean Deeps (mid to high level Deepearth adventures) in a sub format (same price as RA sub).

      The 2014 tag covers the subs that came out in 2014 - RA subs is basically complete (just waiting for the last few installments and the book), same with CD. CD is going to also have a 2015 sub. So those of us who ordered the subscription (which is still available - we just got a 10 dollar discount at the time of KS) received pdf installments as they came out and now we are waiting for a re-formatted print version of each 2014 sub.

      Due to the fact that the pricing was too high (this update) at the time these subs were offered and based on the final production cost to print RA sub and the CD sub they are giving a rebate to buy some stuff from the FGG website for those of us who purchased any of the the subs (before or after he KS).

      They pulled down the books/sub order due to the pricing issue and they will probably be putting both options up once they get their site updated to reflect the new prices.

      I think that covers it. I think.

    5. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      What's the difference between "I have Rappan Athuk", and "I have Rappan Athuk 2014", and what's the subscription exactly? I have Rappan Athuk in PDF. I don't remember if I bought it directly from your site, or from DTRPG. I might have gotten the S&W version from DTRPG and the PF version from your most recent KS (Sword of Air I think). I honestly don't know.

      And, I don't even see Cyclopean Deeps in your "All products" list ... I see a mention of it in your blog, but that doesn't help me figure out how I might have come across it in the wild.

      So, I have no idea whether or not any of this good news applies to me or not. Further, not seeing any up-front "see info about subscriptions HERE" on your product lists, I am now curious what your subscriptions are, and what they entail ...

      So, please explain these things so that the update is actually meaningful.

      Bonus points: explain why it's meaningful to _this_ KS (ie. why did you announce it HERE). I mean, Cyclopean Deeps isn't mentioned anywhere on the main KS page for this project, and Rappan Athuk, while mentioned, doesn't mention Rappan Athuk 2014.

    6. Machpants on

      Fair enough, marriage savers rock (ours is the dishwasher, I am happy to leave dishes til tomorrow, Better Half is not!)

      So for me I need to figure whether I save more by adding onto KS or doing an independant order which has it's own international shipping with the coupons. Will the coupons be emailed before the backerkit goes live?

    7. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Backer kit is a survey tool/software package service that helps us integrate fulfillment info and add ons--its a 3rd party service that saves Mama frog sane and us married:)

      Basically someone figured out how to do the kickstarter fulfilment and charge like 1-2% to make it so you don't have to custom design the survey--it worked AWESOME on SOA--and after RA/RC--we almost went insane trying to reconcile 1000 orders.

    8. Machpants on

      Rather than just an endless stream of confusing emails between us ;-)

    9. Machpants on

      What is backerkit? Is that the service that this is using for add-ons after the KS?

    10. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      e.g. backer kit is a 3rd party service

    11. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      We cannot use the coupons with 3rd parties--it just won't work easily

    12. Sid138 on

      So we wouldn't be able to use this buy things in the backerkit? Not for kickstarters per se, but can be used as part of the add-on purchases in the backer kit for this KS?

    13. Machpants on

      And thanks for being honest, we love you Froggies!

    14. Machpants on

      I hope, as a full subscriber to PF and S&W subs of both products, I can apply this coupon to add-ons for this kickstarter?