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The Lost City of Barakus (Gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2004) is being revised, expanded & updated for Pathfinder!
991 backers pledged $57,458 to help bring this project to life., Jackson Starky, and 3 more people like this update.


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      Roberto Hoyle

      Same question here as above, are both PF and S&W versions available on some books, or only one? Also, we worry about this after the KS ends, right? No need to alter pledge levels yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Luis Alfaro on

      Can we buy Sword of Air at end of kickstarter no discount? Just to add items to the international shipment?

    3. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Correct--add stuff on the survey--you all can add maps now if you wish

    4. Oliver Korpilla

      So, nothing is to be fine right now, right? I keep my pledge amount and update it through backer kit after the KS ends for discounted items?

    5. elorebaen on

      Ugh, I just saw the information I was asking about on the Home page, silly me.

    6. elorebaen on

      Are there ideas as to the discount amount being thought of?

    7. elorebaen on

      Awesome list. Now I have to decide on either a summer vacation or FGG goodness. Argh!! So tough.

    8. Missing avatar

      Luis Alfaro on

      Any chance of getting Sword of Air? I missed the kickstarter and it is the one that will need to complete The Lost Lands for me. Even if it is not discounted it will be a great opportunity for me as international backer to use the combined shipment. So difficult to find print copies here. Please ;-)

    9. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Pdfs too

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam M

      I'm in as a PDF backer only. Will these be available as PDF purchases, or will it be hard copy only?

    11. Missing avatar


      I am going to be sooo broke going into the summer this year. I over spent on the Dwarvenforge KS by 150% and now FGG is going to get anything else I can muster for the books I missed out on for Rappan Athuk's KS. I guess I really do not need to drive around Europe this summer, even if it is my last one....

    12. Machpants on

      Great I'll have a number 1, number 2, a (third) number 20, a (second) number 21 and a number 22. Oh and some fried rice :-D

    13. Robh on

      So no S&W pdfs of the spell deck, encounter deck and such. Any pdf's at all?

    14. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      RA and CD are in layout--RA backers will get it as soon as its printed. CD SW version is at the printer

    15. Sid138 on

      @alessio - they are the subscription compilation books that are still being worked on. I believe Cyclopean Deeps is closer to finish while Skeeter is adding and expanding content for the Rappan Athuk subscription/Annual 2014.

      Each installment is a small module or expanded encounter area (for RA, one install was a an underground community). I only have a few of the promo CD installs that came with the Rappan Athuk KS, I will probably pick up the full thing after the backerkit comes out.

      @Jackson Starky - Bards Gate or Tome of Horrors Complete?

    16. Missing avatar

      Alessio Serini on

      What are "Rappan Athuk 2014 Annual"and "Cyclopean Deeps 2014 Annual"?

    17. Jackson Starky on

      I'll second crazy_cat's question. And I know there's a title missing from that list that I was hoping to see, and I can't remember what it is, so I'll just ask if there's any chance of anything being added to the list until I remember what it was that I wanted. :-)

    18. Missing avatar


      Congrats on reaching this funding level, Frog God Games, and with plenty of time to go!

      @Crazy_cat: Thanks for bringing that up, I had been meaning to look into that and kept forgetting. A little quick digging led me to a bit of good news / bad news. The bad news? The book was being delayed as of March 25th. The good news? It's delayed because they decided the six chapters didn't feel like enough value for the price they had charged, and they're adding more.
      If you want more details, you can read it yourself over here:

    19. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      I notice this one - '3. Rappan Athuk 2014 Annual'
      I was a backer of RA and am still awaiting the promised compiled subscription - is this it, and when will RA backers be receiving it?

    20. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      Will things like RA be offered in both their SW and PF editions? What about PDF vs Print?