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The Lost City of Barakus (Gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2004) is being revised, expanded & updated for Pathfinder!
991 backers pledged $57,458 to help bring this project to life., Luis Alfaro, and 9 more people like this update.


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    1. Johua De Santo on

      Little sad that Dunes is Pathfinder only. Would have liked it for S&W.

    2. Imban

      There, booted in another $4 for the maps (under the hopeful assumption that we hit 55k) and definitely will pick up Dunes of Desolation when the survey shows.

    3. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Sid, I think Paizo has a few dead tree dead mans left. We have the pdfs of the pathfinder one on the site. The dead tree is 3.5

    4. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      Sid--give it a few days--I always take care of our fans...have faith:)

    5. Sid138 on

      Glades of Death was a pretty good book, missed Dead Man's Chest. I will add it in.

      Maybe instead of rasing the total KS funding via add-ons (or waiting for the Backerkit) we can have a small stretch tied to backer count? Maybe another encounter at 800?
      Or something...

    6. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      DO NOT ADD NOW--add on backerkit--I don't want to pay Amazon a bunch for it

      ok; now the rest

      Dunes is a desert sourcebook--travel rules/encounter tables etc. Extremely well researched. It also contains several adventures. Sort of like WSG--but far more in depth. If you have Dead Man's Chest or Glades of Death that we made when with Necromancer--its like those.

    7. Nick J. on

      I guess I'm not exactly sure what kind of source-book this will be. Is it more of a setting book with some adventures, or is it more about rules to run desert themed games - sort of like the Wilderness Survival Guide TSR put out for AD&D 1st ed?

    8. Evan Gross on

      Same question. Do we add the cost to this kickstarter? Or is it added in the survey?

    9. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      by "in the survey", are you referencing Backerkit? or do you mean the less sophisticated kickstarter survey?

    10. Gregory Geilman on

      In the year 2525, if man is still alive
      I will pay off my FGG bill!

      Great add-on guys!