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The Lost City of Barakus (Gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2004) is being revised, expanded & updated for Pathfinder!
991 backers pledged $57,458 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Rouse on

      I'm OK with pledging a little more but I,m not sure if I have got it right on how this works so I have upped my pledge to cover the extra is this correct?

    2. Keegan Fink

      @SKEETER - You might want to add those "$2 add on for X map" to the front page, as I didn't know PDF map add-ons were possible until I came here to the comment section.


    3. Skeeter Green

      Michael- because we still have to pay quite a chunk of money for these "free items". We're offing them at a hugely reduced price from retail (as in, we don't make money off these).

      that being said, we could offer a bunch of free items, but then we wouldn't have any more kickstarters, or likely a company anymore. How many other publishers have done 1 or 2 kickstarters, and are now out of business? We're trying to be (mildly) responsible with our business model so we can continue to produce good product for people.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael DeMeritt on

      How's this for a stretch goal if you make $60,000 -- the Herolab file for the adventure for free?

      Ok -- I like herolab.

      But seriously -- if you make that level, how about tossing that color map in for free?

    5. Skeeter Green

      A little more clarification:

      Map Size - I believe these will be in the ballpark of 17" x 22" for the 4 panel B&W, and 25 1/2" x 22" for the 6 panel. DO NOT quote me on that, but that's the typical size of 4- and 6- panel maps. I did not see the actual quote from the printer detailing size specs. But that's my (educated) guess.

      Prices - B&W physical map $4 during this Kickstarter, $5 after the KS ends; ALL PLEDGERS can PURCHASE pdfs of this map for $2, will be $4 after the KS.

      Color physical map is $8 during this Kickstarter, $10 after the KS ends; ALL PLEDGERS can PURCHASE pdfs of this map for $2, will be $4 after the KS.

      I think that's it? Feel free to ask questions if we haven't made something clear

    6. Machpants on

      Bill posted on Paizo that the maps were 4 panel for the the B+W and 6 panel for the colour. BRING ON THE COLOUR!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matrix Sorcica on

      Uhm.. Every reward level comes with the pdf. If a free pdf copy of the maps are not included, all the new stretch goals except the iconic npcs (who asked for that?) are the possibility to buy more product. What's with that?

    8. Skeeter Green

      Adam - were looking at what to do for the pdf-only crowd. should have info soon.

      Inner Geek - they will be part of the backer-survey. No reason for us to lose money to Amazon.

      Alessio - sorry.

      Mach - Ill try and find out.

    9. The Inner Geek on

      So, existing products as add-on's... will those be available when the KS is over or at the time of KS delivery?

    10. Missing avatar

      Alessio Serini on

      Mmmh, I don't like discounted Frog God products as add-ons. I just have them boughtand, as backer, I would prefer new material like other kickstarters do: new spells, iconic characters (yes, ok, always welcome), new monsters, more canonic info about the Lost Lands and so on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam M

      How will this work for those of us getting PDF copies only? i.e. Pathfinder Squire?

      Will we get a PDF copy of the map included for free or do we have to pay?

    12. Machpants on

      What size are the maps BTW?