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The Lost City of Barakus (Gold Ennie for Best Adventure in 2004) is being revised, expanded & updated for Pathfinder!
991 backers pledged $57,458 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      Excellent! I'm all for more content - but badges and dice and more taxes, not so much.

    2. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      @Andrew, thanks for pointing that out. I searched through the comments section and found that comment from Bill. He didn't tell me about that but hey, I'll roll with it! More Content! w00t!

      @Crazy_Cat, any additional stretch goals will be added content to the book, not dice and t-shirts and what not. We all have enough dice to sink a barge, we know that what you all want is content. That's what we will deliver... Adventures Worth Winning!

    3. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      Please don't add any non book/map materials like teh dice and badges that went into Rappan Athuk - they make the entire package suddenly liable to VAT in the UK (books are exempt) and the resultig tax increase will make the offer no longer worth backing (as VAT is charged on the entire value, not just the value of badges etc)

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson on

      Hi Chris

      I think you're an encounter light on that. Along with the Maps that skeeter said he'd do if it funded within 24 hours, Bill said he'd do another Wilderness encounter in addition to the ones listed as stretch goals.

      So, at the point of writing it should have been Level 4B and three wilderness encounters, not Level 4B and two wilderness encounters.