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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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It's Coming (No, It Really Is!)

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

I have seen the final proofs for The Tome of Blighted Horrors in PF and S&W, and they are beautiful. I'm attaching the cover below. Don't freak out that it's not fancy (it'll of course have the appropriate logos upon release). We were going for a minimalist approach to both capture the color scheme and font style of our products for The Blight but also be true to the style of the Tome of Horrors series of which this is the latest installment. So this'll probably be the most different-looking cover of all the books that come out with the Blight.

"Your mom's a disembodied glowing skull..."
"Your mom's a disembodied glowing skull..."

I have been told the 5e conversion should be done by the end of the month so it can go directly to Chuck for layout. Since covers and layout are complete for the other versions, it should just be a matter of tweaking it to the template for 5e and it should go out pretty fast after that.

TB3 and TB4 have been released (they were the first two written) and all of the others stand-alone adventures have been through editing, development, art, and maps for the PF and SW versions. TB2 is through with 5e conversion as well and should be hitting release soon. TB1 is in 5e conversion right now and TB5 is cued up and ready to go to whichever 5e converter finishes first (TOBH or TB1). So these should be popping pretty quickly.

All of the big book has been through editing and initial development now (I just received the final adventure of the AP back last week).

I'm nearing final development completion on the campaign portion of the big book but I'm in the heavy mechanical part write now, so it's the slowest going. As I review it I'm cross-checking against everything else and determining its needs. One of the things that came up was I discovered it needed to have another half dozen or so player characters races fleshed out for play (things that were mentioned elsewhere in the book but never got a complete explanation), so even as I work the final development phase, the book is still growing. This is kind of like what happened with The Tome of Blighted Horrors that was supposed to be 64 new monsters based on the KS pledges but ended up being 81 new monsters as I evaluated its needs. So the good news is even though it's slow going, your books are growing. :-)

Once I get through the campaign guide portion of the big book, the GM's Guide, Gazetteer, and Player's Handbook are all based on the information therein, so we'll be able to immediately begin layout for those three books as well while I finish development on the AP portion of the big book.

Malady Cards are in process with art and design (all content is completed) and about half of the Blight Pathologies are in. Rich is working on Scoured to the Bone.

Design on the Blight Map Folio is progressing along with development of the big book, so it and the big book will be the last two physical releases probably.

So that's where we are. As Bill mentioned a couple weeks ago this project has turned out to be a huge mouthful (apparently of hard caramel) to chew for our little company, but we're getting there. We're lining up the targets and shooting them down one by one. Only it appears that we're using a cap-and-ball Colt, so kind of a slow rate of fire in our little shooting gallery. :-/

I hope the little pieces you've seen so far (TB3 and TB4) are giving a good indication of the quality of what we're putting out on this project and that you're liking what you're seeing. Chuck is kicking layout in the a** like he's the love child of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, and I'm loving the look that he's creating for us. I hope it's working for you too.

As always, we sincerely thank you for both your patronage and your patience. Not all of our projects get gummed up like this production, but sometimes they do. We hope that the finished product will meet or exceed your expectations even if the delivery schedule clearly fell well short of what we wanted. Thank you again, and we truly apologize for the delays on this KS. But it is proceeding, and we will deliver. We won't fail to get this into your hands, tentacles, or other assorted appendages.



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    1. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      ToBH layout proofs approved for all 3 versions and ready to go out. You guys should start receiving these within the next day or two (maybe a little longer with the weekend). But they're up and ready. At 125 pages (for the PF version), our little 80-page book grew substantially. I think it turned out pretty nice. :-)

      @Tristan - For the Pathologies I've gotten partial or completed turnovers in on 4 of the 7 so far. And honestly they've been my lowest priority since they don't have to go to a printer, so they've been on the backburner for awhile. So I don't know what the last 3 are going to be yet.
      The four so far are:
      1. The Schaduw Elite - a shady consortium of powerbrokers within the city
      2. An alternate party of Blight pre-gens that are deeply immersed in the player options/backgrounds available in the book. The pre-gens that are a part of the main book are Blight specific but are much more conventional.3.
      3. Taking the 13 Perversions from the Blight Maladies and filling them out as full factions within the city using the Paizo faction rules.
      4. Something called "The Library of Spiders". I can't remember much about it other than Brian Ditullio telling me it was a Vecna thing he wrote for his own players in a Greyhawk campaign years ago. So he's taking all the good pieces, shaving off the Greyhawk stuff and make it all nice and Blighty instead. I thin it should make for a pretty naturaly fit. If there was one Greyhawk guy most likely to show up in the Blight, it's definitely Vecna. Well, and probably Robilar too, just to hit all the bars.


    2. Tristan Godfrey on

      Do we have titles or rough ideas of what these Blight Pathologies might be yet? I vaguely remember Richard Pett throwing some ideas around - or maybe it was a horrid dream - but I can't find anything to back up that misbegotten memory...

    3. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      Hi James, this is Zach from Frog God. I sent you an email with the information you requested. If you don't receive it please email me

    4. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      Thanks guys! :-)

      @James: Your tech-related question exceeds my capacity to answer, so I will send it up the line. :-)

      @Ryan: Who told you?!?!? [looks around all shifty and suspicious]
      Seriously though, was it Skeeter? It was Skeeter wasn't it? I know it was Skeeter! He told me he'd never tell!! That lyin' sonofa...
      KHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaannnnnn..... er, I mean!

    5. Missing avatar

      James Crowder II

      How do you find out if you added anything to the kickstarter? Because I find what is just the base order and think I added to it.


    6. elorebaen on

      Thank you for the update and hard work!!

    7. Ryan H on

      No, your mom is!

      Seriously though, I can hardy wait to get this into my hard drive.

    8. Patrick P.

      Thanks for the update, Greg! Can't wait to see the ToBH! Obviously, the big book is what I want most but I have every confidence that it will be effing amazing when it does drop to backers. I can't wait to terrorize my players with the lovelies The Blight has in store. And I will say that The Crucible and Bloody Jack are both brutal and very well done.