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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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It's an Update!!!! :-0

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Greetings from the Otherside!

Exams, interviews, and hotels have been my last 2 weeks, so I've had precious little time to check in. For which I profusely apologize! However, as I have mentioned previously, silence is not an indication of inaction. Things continue behind the scenes here--sometimes slower, sometimes faster--but ever forward!

In news, we hit a snag on our 5e conversion work when a converter ran into some major health problems. We've brought in additional help in the form of the inestimable Steve Winters of both old school TSR fame as well as WotC and FGG 5e fame. So we're back on track but a little delayed on some of the 5e conversion.

I had hoped to release our first pdf for Halloween (if felt appropriate for this KS, after all). However, Bill tells me the first of the bonus adventures Bloody Jack should be ready for release this coming weekend. I approved the proofs for all three versions and Chuck is bookmarking each of them as we speak. So if you ordered that adventure, you should be receiving notification for its pdf to download sometime this weekend. The physical copy will ship when all of the other stuff does, but we didn't want to keep you waiting while we get everything compiled.

After that, The Tome of Blighted Horrors will be in layout for PF and S&W. The development, editing, and art for this book is done. Steve is currently working on completing the 5e conversion of it, as that is where we were when the interruption occurred. The good news is that since the PF version is usually the largest/most complex for layout, Chuck does those first, Then he can just take that layout and swap out pieces for the simpler S&W and 5e versions. So with ToBH well on its way (or even done with layout) by the time Steve finishes the 5e conversion, it should be a pretty simple matter for Chuck to lay it out real quick so we can get that one released. The timing of it will depend on Steve's ability to get through it (as a monster book it's easily the most rules-dense piece of the puzzle and therefore the most complex for conversion). As soon as we get that, and the layout is completed, ToBH will go live like Bloody Jack.

After that we'll get to Richard's original adventure The Crucible. The development, editing, art, and S&W conversion for this adventure are done. It will also need it's 5e layout which will either go to Steve after he finishes TOBH or, if our other converter is up to speed by then again, he may be able to work on it concurrently. Anyway, as soon as Chuck is done laying out TOBH, he'll be able to get started on layout for at least the PF and S&W versions pending the completion of the 5e conversion (so layout should go fast for it as mentioned above). The development, editing, maps, and art for this book are done as well. We're still waiting on the cover art, but I sent the order to the artist a month ago, so I anticipate it should be done very shortly as well. So expect The Crucible pdf just shortly after The Tome of Blighted Horrors.

After that comes Horror in the Sinks, the excellent adventure by Alistair Rigg. I am finishing up the development and sending to Jeff for editing followed by S&W conversion. As soon as we've got one of our 5e converters available, this one will go to them as well. The map order on this one is being completed by Robert as we speak, and I'm putting together the art order now. It'll be a race to see if this one goes out before the next one.

As soon as I get the final development of Horror away for editing I will be turning to development on Brandon Hodge's sinister adventure, The Crooked Nail. Whereas Bloody Jack, The Crucible, and Horror in the Sinks are more on the mega-adventure side (each clocks in over 50,000 words), The Crooked Nail is more normal sized as around 16,000 words. It's art is done, but its development, editing, and conversion should not take anywhere near as long as that of the longer adventures. So it may be ready for layout around the same time as Horror in the Sinks.

Finally after that comes Bill's The Children of the Harvest. Like The Crooked Nail, this is a shorter (or at least more normal-length) adventure. So I'll be working development on it right after The Crooked Nail. Art is already done on this one as well, so it shouldn't follow far behind The Crooked Nail.

Meanwhile, as all this is going on editing and development on the main book continues. We're about through the gazetteer half and starting on the adventure path half. Again, with all the TOBH monsters already created, there's a lot of plugging in that occurs here rather than original development again. Plus, most of the art for this big book is also done. The Player's Guide, GM's Guide, etc. are developed simultaneously with this since they have so much overlap. So the progress of this book will be the big influence on timing of physical release since this will be the big print order. More on that below.

While all of this has been going on, we're about 75% through with the Blight Maladies decks, Richard is working on his short novella, and we've got about half of the Blight Pathologies in. The poster maps are also underway in design and progress as development on the city itself progresses. (as I type this I'm looking at my cluttered glass-top table where I have graph paper overlaid on Rich's original sketches so I can render the maps just right before I send them to Robert for the final versions). Richard has made a really cool setting here, so we want the visuals to be right for it as well.

Okay, so time frame for the whole kit-and-kaboodle is really what you're wanting to know. Our hope against hope was to have it all in the mail to our backers before the end of the year. As it is now November and we'll still have to send the big book through the printing and proofing process I don't think that we'll realistically be able to meet that goal unfortunately. However, I think a first quarter release is still looking very possible. That also happens to coincide nicely with my schedule with my last boards exam before residency on the 29th of this month and my last final on December 14. My final interview is on January 9. So once those tests (and to a lesser extent the interviews) are out of the way I have scheduled more than a month of vacation. And by vacation I don't mean "fly to Florida and sit on the beach", I mean "sit down at the laptop everyday and work this project as a full-time job until it's done". Incidentally that is also the time frame when design assignments are supposed to go out for the Lost Lands Campaign Setting boxed set that we're Kickstarting next June, so if you think we may lack motivation on getting The Blight fulfilled, rest assured that our entire Lost Lands line relies upon its completion so it is and shall remain a top priority until we can get it into your hands.

As with the modules, et al, we'll be releasing the three versions of each pdf together as they become available from layout, so you won't be stuck waiting for the physical copies before you get to dive into the awesome stuff Richard has created. I don't know if we'll release those pdfs for sale on the website shortly after that (for those of you who didn't order them during the KS but may have changed your mind since then) or not. That'll be a logistics issue decided by Bill, but we will definitely be making sure they get to the actual backers before they become available to anyone else. The same goes for the physical books as well. We like selling books to anyone, but it's the actual backers that cause the books to get made and we never forget that and the debt we owe you for it.

I think that covers everything. It's all I can think of at the moment. If I've missed something, I'll try to keep an eye on the comments for this update so you can ask about it. I can't give any more clarification on dates than my guesses above because so much of it depends on how much time 5e conversions take, which I honestly don't know the answer to at this time. If The Tome of Blighted Horrors goes fast, things speed up considerably. If its 80-odd stat blocks take awhile, it also affects the timing. So we'll have to see on that.

So before I go, let me leave you with this last little tidbit...

What're you lookin' at?
What're you lookin' at?


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    1. F Scott Nessler on

      In support of running Bloody Jack, a pdf of the city would be helpful even if it is not a detailed map

    2. Christopher Manos on

      Thank you VERY much for the update, Greg! Much appreciated.

      Is distribution of Bloody Jack still in progress? I haven't seen a notification.

    3. Patrick P.

      Thanks for the update, Greg!

    4. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      First: Bloody Jack is ready!!! The 3 versions of the pdf have been given to Chris to begin distribution to backers.

      Second: Questions/Comments below
      @Ryan - The main book pdf will be available for distribution before it returns from the printer as well.
      @Patrick - Thanks!
      @David - Of TSR fame and more recently of WotC fame.
      @Heine Stick - Indeed
      @Marquis - The main book is moving simultaneously to all the above but will be the last thing completed because of its size/scope. It's the estimated Q1 date I gave in the post.
      @Sam - It's not really a focus on the stretch goals so much as the fact that they become available as the process progresses and not holding them while awaiting the completion of the main volume. Rest assured, there are many cogs in The Blight machine; even as the smaller books are completed and made ready for distribution the work on the main book continues as well in other quarters.
      @Everyone - Thanks all! Look for Bloody Jack as your first taste of The Blight with more to follow.


    5. Ryan Blackstock

      @Patrick I read Crooked and loved it, and cant wait to see how it is transformed into a Fantasy setting. So like you, I have been thinking about the city that way and developing some NPCs, but I am still very eager to read through the core book!

    6. Patrick P.

      @Ryan - I've started kind of fleshing out my own interpretation of The Blight for my group to give them that experience. I'm basing a lot of it on the city of Brine from Richard's book Crooked, which is what The Blight is based on. I highly recommend checking it out.

      I have been leaving a lot of the core details very vague for my group so I don't have to go back and retcon any of it.

    7. Ryan Blackstock

      I'm just sad about the delays. Every time I have to announce to my group that it is delayed again, it seems to take a little wind out of their sails.
      I know when it finally ships it is going to be like getting this bad ass treasure chest of wickedness from Richard Pett,

    8. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      I am a little disappointed at the focus on stretch goals over the main project. I get why some of the stretch goals should come first - the Tome of Blighted Horrors feeding into the main book makes sense but I have a hard time seeing how so many of the adventures feed directly into the main book.

    9. Marquis Hartis on

      So I see a date for literally everything BUT the main book. Any update on that one, captain?

    10. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      This is Matt again on a second topic. Greg mentions the projected date on the Lost Lands Boxed Set as June 2017. That is a very, very tentative date, and will be determined based on a certain level of completion as we get closer. I personally don't think the Kickstarter will hit a June 2017 date, although it would be really cool if I'm wrong. We'll need to have most of the art in hand, and be in the editing process before we launch that Kickstarter, so June 2017 is an extremely aggressive date.

    11. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      This is Matt writing:
      Heine Stick is correct about the timing on the pdfs. First the printer pdf is prepared (the pdf that goes to a printer is somewhat different than the pdf format that goes to a regular reader). Then, once the subsequent communications with the printer are done, the regular pdfs are prepared by Chuck from the version he sent to the printer. We don't release the pdf for any edition until we have the completely formatted one for all versions. Basically we don't wait until the books are printed before releasing the pdfs, but the pdf release won't happen until the printer-formatted one goes to the printer and Chuck handles all the communication with the printer that follows (a process that can take weeks on a project of this scope) and all of the versions are finished for simultaneous release.

    12. Michael Potter

      As soon as I saw the update a while ago about where you were in the Med school process, I knew that it would be a while longer. Went through that with my then fiancé ages ago. I hope you get a good placement. And looking forward to seeing the material as it comes available but as a 5e backer I assume it will be a while longer.

    13. Heine Stick on

      @Ryan Blackstock Greg mentioned the following in the section of the update that deals with the main book:

      "As with the modules, et al, we'll be releasing the three versions of each pdf together as they become available from layout, so you won't be stuck waiting for the physical copies before you get to dive into the awesome stuff Richard has created."

      I interpret that as saying that each individual PDF, including the main book, will become available to us as soon as it is ready (development, editing, art/maps, and layout is done).

      This follows normal Frog God Games procedures, I believe.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      Thank you for the update. I've backed several Kickstarted projects in the last few months, but this is the only one whose updates I read immediately.

      First Quarter does sound more do-able than "by New Years", based on everything that's happened recently. Let's just hope it's earlier in the First Quarter, rather than later.

    15. David Starner

      I believe you mean Steve Winter of TSR fame?

    16. Patrick P.

      Thanks, Greg. Appreciate the update. Good luck on the exams and interviews.

      If anyone is interested in getting an idea of what The Blight will feel like, I would encourage them to read Richard's book, Crooked. It is dark and delightful and oh, so wonderfully twisted. It has a gritty, dark, steampunk setting, but Richard did mention on Facebook that The Blight has been tuned to have the fantasy feel, so there will be differences - YMMV.

      Also, for fans of the The Lost Lands, some of us on the FGG forums have started working on a Lost Lands wiki that will eventually capture as much lore, location info, cultural details, and so forth as possible. We did get the blessing of Greg & Bill prior to starting it, so they are aware.

      Check out the FGG forums info.

    17. Ryan Blackstock

      Will we get a PDF of the main book before it goes to print?