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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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It Came From Between 2!!!

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Back from Gen Con, and mostly recovered (and slightly caught up). It was a great week of little sleep, bad food truck food, standing all day, talking all night, and losing my voice on day one. :-/ (For me that's a struggle! I croaked like a cross between Kris Kristofferson and an evil Yoda for the rest of the week..."Hey, little kid, want a Paizo button? No, no! Don't call the police! It's just Tuk the Terrible!") Fun times. :-)

But I digress! You're here for updates and monster pics.


The Tome of Blighted Horrors is complete and off to editing and then S&W and 5e conversion. Waiting on the last batch of art and the cover design from Chuck. Since its a part of the Tome of Horrors series, it won't share the same cover design as the other Blight books. It'll have the same color scheme but will follow the graphic design that we used on The Tome of Horrors Complete and Tome of Horrors 4 as continued from the old Tomes of Horrors 1, 2, and 3 from the Necromancer Games days. The skull that we chose for the iconic motif is really cool and is actually an art piece from the book itself, so it's gonna look pretty cool. When this one gets through the conversions and layout, I'll look to releasing the pdf to all the backers that purchased it.

TB1: The Crucible - I'm about halfway through the final development pass on this adventure by Richard Pett as it had already completed the initial development stages. I'm talking to the artist about this one's art order right now. It doesn't have a ton of pieces, so it shouldn't take too long. Hopefully sending this one to editing in fairly short order and then on to conversion. This is a 42,000-word adventure, so it's a sizable chunk of Blight to play in.

TB2: Bloody Jack - I was pleasantly surprised to realize that this one was farther along than I thought. Editing and S&W conversion is done. Maps are done. Art is done or mostly done, just waiting to hear back from Chuck on that. I'm not sure how far along the 5e conversion is, but I'm checking on it. So as soon as the art comes in, the PF and S&W versions of this adventure by yours truly can go to layout, followed shortly by 5e. As with the others, when its through layout I'll ask Chris to send the pdf out to the backers who purchased it. As a 46,000-word adventure, it's another hefty chunk.

By comparison, the adventure portion of a Paizo AP is roughly 30-32,000 words. So each of these two are in the range of about 1-1/2 AP adventures for a relative content comparison. They're not lightweights. :-)

TB3: Horror in the Sinks - is in a through initial development. It's next on my last for final development and editing.

TB4: The Crooked Nail - is in and going through initial development with Richard and Alistair Rigg.

TB5: Children of the Harvest - is in and the next up for initial development

Richard is also hard at work on the second deck of Maladies. the first is essentially done from a design standpoint, and we're waiting on some of the art.

The Big Book - I am working on the final development of this constantly as I go through the adventures and ancillary products, as they are all closely interconnected. This will be the last physical book completed because every other thing feeds into it, but it is not lying idle. Plus all the various players and GM guides directly pull from its source material, so as it is completed, they are completed as well.

Scoured to the Bone - Richard's Blight novella is next on his list after the Maladies cards. It will be a pdf-only release and therefore does not have the same printer time issues, so it'll be the last thing he works on.

Blight Pathologies - As with the novella, these are pdf-only releases, so these little tidbits of Blight goodness are the lowest on my list, but of the seven: one is complete, another is nearly complete, another is in the works, and we're still working on contracts on the last four. These will be the last things released, so we're still okay for time on them, but we haven't forgotten about them.

That's all I can think of right now. So now for some art.

Bog Lantern
Bog Lantern

 This friendly fellow is the bog lantern. Lurking about the swampy banks and fetid byways of the Great Lyme River that flows through the city of Castorhage. It is speculated to perhaps be some sort of undead form of a will-o-wisp, but its appearance is where any similarity with that creature ends. The bog lantern makes psychic attacks against its prey that inflict both mental damage and negative energy damage. It is also only partially in phase with the Material Plane making it rather difficult to hit.

Between Vampire
Between Vampire

Staying with the undead theme, we have a type of vampire native to the insidious Between. This one in particular is a nymph who has acquired the Between Vampire template. In addition, to gaining a spiffy new pair of bat wings, this template also gives some interesting new abilities to set it apart from your grandparents' plain old vampire. Those things wrapped around its body are actually manifestations of nightmare that it can do some nasty things with. They use psychic magic and collect souls from their victims in order to power their spells. They can also infect their victims with a dread plague that may reduce them to a horrific mockingbeast if they're not careful.


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    1. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      My apologies to everyone. I wrote that update last week after Gen Con and then apparently forgot to press the right button. So it's been sitting unposted all this time.
      But on the bright side, I'm about to post updates 3 and 4. So if you're a backer you just got spammed with updates. Yay! I can now troll our own supporters! Thank you, Internet. :-)