The Lost Lands: The Blight - Richard Pett's Crooked City

by Frog God Games

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    1. Heine Stick on

      "Blight monkeys are much less intelligent (Int 3) and are like the Blight apes' annoying kid brother...on crack...if he was an anarchist."

      Best monster description ever!

      Thanks for the update. I didn't expect the Blight primates, but the idea is so ludicrous, so weird, that it absolutely works! I see so much potential for fun in those two monsters.

      And that between-cat...The artwork is all kinds of awesome!

    2. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      I fling poo! :)

    3. Nick J. on

      For the creator: When you say "sentience" do you actually mean sapience?

    4. Frog God Games 25-time creator on

      @N.A.Jones - Sapience is definitely a more technically accurate term insofar of the ability to reason, though sentience is accurate in regards to the creature's personal consciousness. In fantasy/sci-fi I have found sentience to often be used as a shorthand blanket term for both, and that is how I have used it here. So, yes, you are correct about sapience, but sentience as well.