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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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It Came From Between!!!

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Hi All,

Now that I've gotten some art in to play with, I wanted to start sending out some samples to give you a taste of what to expect (plus they're some of my favorites). Art for The Tome of Blighted Horrors is done by an artist named Terry Pavlet who we thought captured both a classic line-drawing look of Old School gaming with just a touch of whimsy to match the madness that lurks just beneath in the surface of the Blight.

I'll try to update these every week or so, to give you some more to look at as we progress through development.

So to kick things off I bring you some of me personally favorite things (for very different reasons). I give you the Between-Cat and the Blight Primates. 

I'm not going to say much about the Between-Cat other than its weird...and mysterious...and kind of uncomfortable to look at. Which is how they like it. Enjoy...just don't eat lunch while you do so, because gross!



The Blight Primates refers to actually two different species: Blight apes and Blight monkeys. Both are imports from some distant corner of Libynos who have existed for so long in the city that their exposure to its weird ways and proximity to Between has, over generations, created all-new entities. Both are now monstrous humanoids rather than animals, and both have developed some level of sentience.

What is up?
What is up?


By way of explanation, the design model for these all stems back to a 1998 episode of The Simpsons where they spoof Lord of the Flies (great episode...Zeppelin Rules!!!). Anyway, early on as they're building their new civilization on the deserted island, Bart visualizes a Swiss Family Robinson-type thing complete with trained monkey butlers. I give you the monkey butlers.

Blight apes are the more intelligent of the two species (running around 5 or 6, iirc) and have a strangely lawful and loyal nature to the point that they are considered paid labor in the city of Castorhage and are entrusted with not only jobs requiring great physical strength (miners, builders, etc.) but also those requiring great loyalty (to include nannies and major domos). They can understand spoken language but are incapable of speech on their own. They are kings of dignity and discretion. They are also extremely peaceful and naturally prone to non-violence. Really the only thing that can rile a Blight ape, is a Blight monkey.

Blight monkeys are much less intelligent (Int 3) and are like the Blight apes' annoying kid brother...on crack...if he was an anarchist. Every trait of peacefulness, loyalty, and non-violence that is found in Blight apes is juxtaposed in the Blight monkeys. They are chaos incarnate, vile, and mean for the sake of being mean. They like to try and sneak into nurseries where Blight apes work and hurt the children just to get a Blight ape in trouble. A Blight ape will absolutely lose its mind if it catches a Blight monkey lurking around and go the full King Kong on it if given the chance. In fact, the only violent job that Blight apes are given are as Blight monkey exterminators, patrolling the rooftops of the city. This job they relish.

Though its hard to tell from the illustration, the Blight ape is actually Small size. So more like a chimpanzee-sized gorilla rather than a gorilla-sized gorilla. They are suitable as improved familiars.

Blight monkeys are Tiny, about the size of a rhesus or other monkey. But with no redeeming cuteness traits. Yes, that's poop in its hand. Their inherent viciousness and chaos makes them untrainable and suitable for little other than a swift kick.

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    1. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      @N.A.Jones - Sapience is definitely a more technically accurate term insofar of the ability to reason, though sentience is accurate in regards to the creature's personal consciousness. In fantasy/sci-fi I have found sentience to often be used as a shorthand blanket term for both, and that is how I have used it here. So, yes, you are correct about sapience, but sentience as well.


    2. Nick J. on

      For the creator: When you say "sentience" do you actually mean sapience?

    3. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      I fling poo! :)

    4. Heine Stick on

      "Blight monkeys are much less intelligent (Int 3) and are like the Blight apes' annoying kid brother...on crack...if he was an anarchist."

      Best monster description ever!

      Thanks for the update. I didn't expect the Blight primates, but the idea is so ludicrous, so weird, that it absolutely works! I see so much potential for fun in those two monsters.

      And that between-cat...The artwork is all kinds of awesome!