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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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FGG Art Director Charles Wright -- Health Update

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Hi All,

The sound of tornadic activity thrashing against my study window as I write this reminds me of the joys of Spring in Oklahoma. But so far I've still got power--and a roof--so all is good here. However, the update I have for tonight is less positive.

Some of you may have been following the developments of the recent hospitalization of Frog God Games' own Charles Wright. Charles is our friend, art director, layout artist, and an owner of Frog God Games, and he has been struggling with health issues for several years. From the GoFundMe site that we established as well as other fund raising efforts by members of the this tight-knit RPG community we enjoy you are perhaps already aware that Chuck went into the hospital recently for complications related to infection in his foot that are secondary to his diabetes. We knew he would be losing a few toes and maybe a larger portion of his foot but were awaiting word of the surgeons' determination of the extent of the infection. Well, I have just gotten off the phone with Bill and learned that Chuck underwent a full Below-Knee Amputation, so it was considerably worse than expected. Our thoughts and prayers as well as those of the community as large go out to Chuck, and we appreciate all the support that has been given to help offset the considerable expense that Chuck is going to experience from his surgeries and rehabilitation.

But that's not why I'm posting here tonight. You can find out more information about Chuck's progress at the many sites that have been following his ordeal. The reason I am posting here is because you, our loyal fans and supporters, are owed a product, and we need to talk about it a bit.

I currently know no specifics on how these developments will affect the production of this book. However, as our art director and layout artist, I can't imagine that it won't have some kind of effect. We're trying to cover for the loss of Chuck for the immediate future as best we can, but he is an integral part of our team and we can't just easily replace him. I would realistically anticipate that there will likely be some delay in production, and as I find out more specifics I will let you know. Chuck's situation is tragic both to him personally and to all of us, but we also know that your support is what keeps us alive as a company so we have not forgotten you in this. Getting The Blight through production and into your hands is a top priority for us, and that has not changed though the road has gotten a bit bumpier in that process.

Anyway, I apologize for any delays this will cause but want to reassure that the book will continue forward. It's not going to fall between the cracks. We thank you so much for your patience and understanding, as well as the huge outpouring of support that Chuck has received.



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    1. Michel Godbout on

      Please convey my best wishes to Chuck. My cousin had diabetes so I have a little idea about what is involved where this disease is concerned.

    2. Michael Potter

      Thanks for posting the go fund me link. Sent some money his way to help in the recovery.

    3. Rednal on

      I have the utmost confidence that the book will eventually be completed and shipped - I'd be more concerned if you DIDN'T prioritize Chuck's health and doing what you could. ^^ Take the time you need to do what needs to be done - and if a delay is necessary, so be it. I'd much rather Chuck get the help he needs right now than get a book in a little faster.

    4. AaronT

      This is one of the things I love about Frog God Games. They are up front and honest with backers about delays that are forthcoming and why.

      The thing is, in this instance, there are very few backers who will complain about the delays. FGG has a reputation of producing high quality RPG books. We know you will get them done because you are an honest company who stands behind your word and your work. Chuck should concentrate on getting well. The book is secondary to that.

      Also, stay safe, Greg.

    5. Patrick P.

      I can't say it any better than has already been said - people come first. Thanks for the transparency. I hope Chuck makes a speedy recovery. His health is more important than meeting a deadline.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick Trapp

      I appreciate the transparency. Here's another vote for concentrating on Chuck and his recovery - the book will come, your reputation as a company makes that clear. Any forgiveness-in-advance that you need for a potential delay is yours. Godspeed, Chuck!

    7. Missing avatar

      Adrian Donaghey

      Our thoughts from across the pond are with Chuck, his family and all at FGG. All that matters is that he makes a swift and full recovery. As for the Blight it will arrive when it does, don't worry I don't think anyone shall turn into a pumpkin if its delayed. Concentrate on what really matters at this time, your friends.

    8. Machpants on

      I'll join n the chorus of 'as cool as The Blight will surely be, we can wait' There are more important things than our gaming!

      Besides, the evil will just stew nicely, it's horror will be extra-strength brewed ;-)

    9. Magnus Storhoff on

      I'd like to add to my support to those below and to positive thoughts going out to Chuck while he begins his recovery. A delay in the book is not going to harm me, so approach as you deem is correct for the FGG family.

    10. Isabelle Parsley on

      Screw the cracks, let's look after the people first.

    11. Randy Crockett

      I can't really see a delay being an issue with anyone. I will wait as long as is needed. I hope the absolute best for Chuck and wish him a speedy recovery under the circumstances. And again, no rush, take whatever time is needed.

    12. Doug Bailey on

      I can only speak for myself but I'm quite happy to wait for Chuck to get back in the saddle and complete his role in making this product happen. For someone to go through the traumatic experience he has (and will as he recovers and adjusts), having something to come back to to get back to some normalcy and accomplishment is a big deal. Will be looking forward to all the good work Chuck and the rest of the FGG team does for us on this product!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Jones on

      It's nice you worry so much about getting The Blight out the door for your customers' sakes. That said, I think Frog God has built up a lot of trust with its previous work and delays this sort of medical emergency might cause are very understandable. People are more important than books. Here's hoping Charles is out of hospital and well again soon.

    14. Patrick Healey

      Obviously real life some times gets in the way, and what is important is that he focuses on his health. I have supported several Frog God Kickstarters, and I keep supporting them because you guys are straightforward and trustworthy. I appreciate the honesty and know that you guys will get done what you can get done when you can. If it takes longer, it takes longer. Take care of your friend!

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      Thank you for the update. I hope Chuck's recovery goes as smoothly as it can after such a serious procedure. Under these circumstances, a delay in production is certainly understandable to me.