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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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Z is for Zero Hour…

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

So here we are, the final letter in our Blight alphabet.

It's a sad day for me in many ways, I'm going to miss sharing these snippets with you, thank you for reading them, I hope you found them interesting.

I thought for today in our final visit—for now—to Castorhage, we’d skip a visit to Zyn, Ripple and Wade, Pipe Makers to the Aristocracy, pass by the Appalling Zar, and not even begin to discuss the many zealots who live in the city. We won’t even pause to watch zombie horses turn treadmills far away from sight, no, today for this last day, we’ll do something a little different.

Today I thought we’d just quickly summarize what the Blight is, for those who may be still sat on the fence wondering if their bookshelf can cope with the Blight and whether they ought not to also buy it a cage. So, rather than go through this obscure corer, that estranged family or those deranged monstrosities, we’ll look ahead at the Blight Gazetteer and some of the more significant things it contains (apart from fragments of human flesh in the spine) for those folks who may be considering a print version or investing in something a little fleshier on this one occasion.

The summary comes from the Pathfinder version of the Blight, as that’s how it was written, but of course other versions will get similar treatments, if not ending up exactly the same because of game mechanics.

What the Blight is – An urban, gritty, dark horror setting and adventure path. It is in essence part Alice, part Frankenstein, and has 13 very distinct districts, any of which could easily be moved into your own campaign setting if you wish.

New Monsters – There are lots of new beasts in the Blight, some of which follow the crooked biology of Between and are a mix of might, emotion and preternature.

Money Feats – In the Blight you can buy temporary feats using your cash. These feats usually open up a particular skill bonus or access to a minor feat at a local level for  a particular period of time.

Insectum – Insectum is using the twisted bloated insects of the Blight in a similar way to leeches (or by consuming them) to (usually) beneficial effect. Using insectum generally comes with a minor penalty as well as a boon, which almost always stacks with magical abilities.

New Base Race Options and New races – We’ve already looked at the local races of the Briny, Festering Brethren and Swyne, as well as variants on established classic fantasy races.

Power Rewards – The Blight uses an optional rule to allow the PCs to develop power in addition to their own class and race skills. using power brings rewards, sometimes financial, sometimes in followers, sometimes in darker benefits.

Enemy Penalties – But because this is the Blight, you also have the option to inherit or acquire enemies, both high and low; from individuals to families to whole cults.

Lots of New Equipment – Lots.

Secrets - Secrets in the Blight often come with a powerful (often arcane) effect, sometimes a penalty, but always something memorable.

Gangs and Family Stat Blocks – To make imagining how powerful groups, gangs and families are, a simple system has been developed to allow an overview of these. Make an enemy of the Borxia’s and you know just how deadly a penalty that is going to be.

Clubs and Guilds and Cabals – Rules on joining and advancing within these groups. Again like money feats many of these are financially based player options to allow a PC to develop her own story and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Relationships – There are also optional rules on having and developing relationships, and these too can be a power or enemy award in their own right. These also come with a very long list of unusual Blight options for just who these friends are and what they are called.

Between – Between is a place that lies a skin-thickness away from the Blight and enables you to introduce the concept of dark monsters and locations slipping in and out of the dirty alleyways and decayed buildings of Castorhage.

The GM’s Guide is full of notes on duels, fads, magic, religion, personal goals, campaign styles and running adventures in the Blight, twisted campaigns, law and order, a timeline, calendar and lots and lots and lots more.

We also have some remarkably cool add-ons, including some awesome adventures by Brandon Hodge, Greg Vaughan, Alistair Rigg and yours truly.

And lots and lots of lists – List are useful.

Oh yes, and a 9 part Adventure Path that is awesome…

…I’m sure I’ve missed several somethings too.

So there you have it. If you want a vivid dark gothic fantasy setting that will last you years, an inspiring book to sample parts of from time to time to aid your own writing, a district to place in your own campaign setting, or a campaign I’m committed to continue writing adventures for, for as long as there is demand, a place that will grow and fester with us, then today is your last chance to join us. Please do.

However much you pledged, can I take this moment to thank you very much. I know times are hard and that makes your support all the better. I’ve been welcomed into the Froggie cellars like a friend and I don’t intend to leave unless the Feaster of Flies calls me. You have been awesome, and some of you have been awesomely awesome.

Oh damn, one last thing, I still haven’t revealed the Blight’s greatest secret…

Rich Pett


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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      121k and 30 minutes to go. Congratulations to Richard and all the frogs for a very successful campaign.

    2. Richard Pett on

      If I understand the question right Marquis no, the GM's Guide forms part of the main book, each district also has its own GM's Guide section too.


    3. Marquis Hartis on

      Is any of the information in the GM's Guide not in the main book?

    4. Richard Pett on

      Thank you Mathew, I've really enjoyed it. Let's see if the last few hours bring any surprises...


    5. Magnus Storhoff on

      Thanks for all the updates Richard. I think the updates here and on the Paizo boards played a large part in the success of this Kickstarter. Also your presence in the comments section along with the Frogs was excellent. I think a lot of Kickstarter miss connecting as much as possible with the folks they're trying to get on board and it hurts their Campaigns. You all have done a great job. Congrats on a very successful Kickstarter.