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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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Yearnings of N’Gathau and Yards in Madhouses…

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Those many of you who have a copy of the fantastic Tome of Horrors Complete may have braved near the very back of the volume where a most revolting extraplanar creature lurks—the N’Gathau. The N’Gathau search the planes for living flesh to further their craft and trade. They found it in abundance in the Blight, and these revolting creatures lurk in the alleyways and nightmares of Castorhage.

Those friends who have been watching these updates closely will recall that there are many secrets in the Blight, and secrets are powerful. Some arcane secrets have considerable magical or psychological effects (or more generally both). Here is one, N’Gathau Yearnings, taken from the Booktown Section of the Pathfinder version of the Blight Guide.

N’Gathau Yearnings (Secret)

The vile N’Gathau (Tome of Horrors Complete 768) are a sadistic and cruel race of extraplanar creatures who gather the flesh of creatures and remake it.

The Pleasure of Unmaking and Remaking Skins

The dark pact enables the character to access one of the creations of the N’Gathau artists, a monstrously disfigured flesh golem.

Trigger: Speaking the words of the secret aloud.

Consequence:The words are written in an ancient and complex tongue, and unless the rhyme is correctly spoken (requiring a Spellcraft or Linguistics check (DC 30)) the N’gathau (in this case Aagash the Broken (Tome of Horrors Complete 769)) angrily appears against its will and immediately assails the speaker; taking a significant part of the character's flesh with it—usually her face—after it kills her.

Reward: If the words are correctly spoken, the N’Gathau Aagash appears momentarily, and grants a plaything for the character, a flesh golem—mere essay in the craft of the N’Gathau artists. It is a twisted and appalling thing made from the flesh of many creatures, and has the N’Gathau horrifying appearance special attack. The golem is considered to have been created by the character, who it follows without question.

...and as if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s an extract from the Asylum, a location in the Sinks that is so awful and memorable that it has become its own district, and the location of the fantastic adventure written by Alistair Rigg—Horror in the Sinks. So before we go into the Yard, watch out for SPOILERS and let’s have the seven words for the crooked District of the Asylum to set the scene…

Seven words to describe the Asylum…

Misery                   insane

Sobbing   sweating

Hell        purgatory      ...confinement

AS2 The Yard

Pandemonium, madness, human swarm. Are there words in language to describe the scene of hellish humanity cramped here?

Huddling beneath makeshift buildings and within what is left of the three streets of the old market, the countless inmates of the Asylum live and die here. Every sad facet of human suffering and mental illness is on show here; allowed to thrive or simmer or suffocate as whim dictates. This is truly a place of boundless suffering.

There are those, however, who have it even worse than the thousands crammed here in disease and filth and fear. The political prisoners assigned to the Asylum, are often less than human after questioning. These poor souls are noted by the inmate guards and the Judge (q.v.) for special treatment.

There are no laws within the Asylum save those of the Judge and those few good souls who work here to try to genuinely help. Sister Morgan Hawthorn (NG cleric of Mother Grace 2) and her three nuns (NG clerics of Mother Grace 1) are four such souls; there are others, some escape, some stay, some even stay to carry on their work instead of being sucked into the madness…

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    1. Shadow Demon on

      The N’Gathau are a fine example of creatures that will be converted into 5e from the Tome of Horrors Complete along with the others.