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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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The Last 60 Hours and the 5e Catch-22

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

We're down to the final 2-1/2 days of The Blight Kickstarter, and we've not only funded recently but have been smashing through stretch goals.

We're now over $85,000 and seriously eyeing that $100,000 stretch goal where The Blight suddenly becomes a 5e print product! But here's the rub: 

There are a lot of 5e fans that are still not ready to commit to a print version of the book until they're sure that there will be a print version of the book, and there can't be a print version of the book until there are enough 5e fans that are committed.

So that's our Catch-22. And I don't think that the 5e fans that are on the fence have unreasonable concerns. I mean, unless you'd like another version of the print book just as much and would be content with a 5e pdf, then that's a lot of money to invest in the possibility of hitting the goal. I fully understand.

But this is the point where we really need you to step up so we can get there. And if at the end of the campaign it appears that we are coming up short, then by all means reduce your pledge accordingly. You can do that at any time prior to when the Kickstarter ends. But we really need you right now so that other 5e fans can see the trending as well.

Remember, this product was written before 5e was released. So we didn't originally have the option of writing/releasing it as a 5e book and had never intended to make such a massively huge and expensive book as a test-case of the 5e market. But the overwhelming demand of 5e fans feeling slighted or disappointed that we had not included them in The Blight showed us what you wanted and made us put our money where our mouth is. So we committed early on to doing a 5e conversion of The Blight and including it's pdf in the campaign. Doing this is not free. At 550,000+ words that is A LOT of paid editing and conversion work that we can't back out of once it has been contracted. And FGG is not a massive company that can just thousands of dollars here or thousands of dollars there on a whim without the risk of it hurting our bottom line very badly. 

We have mentioned previously in our comments that even though the KS funding goal for this project was $75,000, even from the start, before adding the additional expenses we really needed about $78,000 to reach the break-even mark for the costs associated with producing this book; we just thought that $75,000 was already so high and didn't want to cause any fans or potential backers to be dispirited by the daunting level of the goal and left it at $75,000 as a result. That means that $78,000 was the first time that Richard Pett actually sees any direct payment for the writing of The Blight since we entered into a royalties deal with him. With the addition of the 5e conversion expenses, we're probably realistically just now reaching the level of profitability where Richard and FGG make any money on the book. That's why we had to make the 5e print stretch goal so high, because it adds to substantially to the cost of the project.

Right now we've got 62 backers sitting at the $1 pledge level. I suspect that a very significant portion (if not virtually the entire group) are 5e fans who are waiting to see if the $100,000 goal is reached. If those 62 fans increased their pledge to the $135 print copy level, that would push our funding up over $93,000. We've got 148 backers at the pdf-only level. Some percentage of them (maybe half?) are likely 5e fans waiting to see if we reach $100,000 before committing to the print version. If between a third and a half of them increase their pledge to the $135 print copy level, we're already over $100,000. And none of that includes the myriad add-ons and stretch goals that are available to the 5e fans as well. Plus the already-a-print version-for 5e of the Monster Book that becomes available as soon as we hit the $92,000 stretch goal.

I think you can see where I'm going with this. And I'm primarily addressing our 5e fans here, that great horde of fanatic gamers whose faces and names are only now beginning to come into focus as FGG takes these early tentative steps into a market that officially only opened yesterday. We love you guys, and we want to make the books that you like. Just like we do for our long-standing PF and S&W fans. We have committed and made the investment in you. We don't want to trick you, and we don't want to cheat you. If the $100,000 goal isn't going to be met then we want you to reduce your pledges so that you don't get stuck with a product that you don't want. FGG is all about our customers, and once you've been on board with us a little while or have had a chance to talk to some of our current customers you'll see that. But we are asking a favor of you. We've committed; we're all in here. The Blight 5e is happening whether in pdf or pdf and print. What we're asking is that you take a chance on us as well and make the leap. We need you to make it to the golden $100,000 goal. We need you to pledge for the $135 level. We need you to buy any add-ons that look interesting to you. We need you to spread the word to all those 5e fans out there that we don't know yet and don't know who Frog God Games or Necromancer Games are. We need your help, and now is the time to do it if we're going to make it.

We sincerely thank you for all that you've already done and the faith that you and all our existing fans have already placed in us. We're just asking you to help us get over this last hurdle and make this book a 5e print reality.


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    1. John Taft

      We have now reached the point that if the one buckers (68 x134= 9,112) converted we would be BEYOND the 100k marker...

    2. Ryan H on

      While I am not a 5th Ed fan, I do hope we reach the 100k goal. I would love to see the lost lands (and Frog God) reach more people, and gaming tables.

    3. Jackson Starky on

      This is the same Catch-22 I've seen in nearly every Kickstarter I've backed, for one reason or another. Backers are on the fence until the project funds or such-and-such stretch goal is reached, not realizing (or not understanding) that keeping their money out reduces the chances of what they're waiting for. I would say it's like not buying a lottery ticket because you're not guaranteed to win, but in the case of the lottery I think that's actually sensible. Here on Kickstarter (at least where FGG is concerned), you actually have the closest thing to a guarantee the platform can provide (I know this from experience), and as was already pointed out, if the target isn't reached, you can reduce your pledge before the deadline.

    4. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      Woot! Thanks Blutok! :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Blutok on convinced me. I upped to the print level. I'm REALLY hoping we make it.

    6. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      No problem, entropyrat. It was a good question. I'm glad we could answer it. :-)


    7. entropyrat on

      Fair enough, heck it's cheaper than Ptolus which is both shorter and an older title. Thanks for the responses.

    8. Frog God Games 24-time creator on

      Plus, if you buy the print product, the pdf is $0. Which is actually incredibly low for how much those things usually go for in tandem with a print book. Thanks Daniel for chiming in!
      To further elaborate on what Daniel said, it's a 550,000+ word/900+ page book whose print version is $135. $50 is not at all steep for the pdf of a work that size at well below the 50% price level. Compare to other pdf vs. print prices and to works of (at least somewhat) comparable size, and I think you'll see what I mean.


    9. Daniel Duran on

      It's probably just you, @entorpyrat. We're talking about a 900+ page pdf being produced by a small company. The $50 price tag isn't unrealistic at all for that much content. Compare it to, for example, the price for six PF AP pdf's (which would have roughly half the page count).

    10. entropyrat on

      I also imagine you'd have gotten quite a few more if you were charging a bit less than the incredibly high price of $50 for a PDF. Is it just me or does that seem incredibly steep compared to most other games?

    11. Nick J. on

      I have a feeling there's going to be the usual 48 hour bump, right after all of those people that "starred" the project over the last few weeks finally remember it's coming to a close and has already funded. I suspect the 5e version is practically a fait accompli.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ashley Brown

      In regards to an update about pushing the 5e version - for those of you who don't know Frog God/Necromancer games, they really are VERY committed to their fan base. I've been playing the Pathfinder versions of their work for years now, and if the Canadian dollar wasn't so darn low right now I'd be snapping up every supplement available. As it sits, if you're a 5e fan and you're nervous about it, honestly, pledge it now and if it doesn't make it reduce your pledge. There's no penalty for that. :) I'm hoping for a 5e edition to buy at a later date when my wallet recovers from a hit of over $200 CD and only wish I could support enough to help that push now!