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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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W is for Worship, Witch-hunters, Windmills...

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

W so soon? Goodness, we haven’t even discussed any of the special character classes yet. No room for the Highwayman, the Fetchseer, no time for a discourse on the honorable and frighteningly dangerous trade of the Between-Thief.

Perhaps we can—very briefly—mention one; the Witch-hunter, now there is a profession to be proud of. Risky, suicidal perhaps, but honorable, and who can say that with pride in a place like this?

Here's the introductory text for the class.


The Great Coven is everywhere, it stretches into every street, every family, every church. The Witch-hunter aims to remove that sickness. A mighty warrior in her own right, the witch-hunter has specialized into dealing directly with members of the Coven and their ilk. Judge, jury and executioner, the witch-hunter's lofty goal is the annihilation of the Great Coven, its allies and subjects, and is prepared to do anything to achieve her aims...

And so to worship. The Blight has its own deities, dominated by Mother Grace, the official god of the city; although no sane ruler would try to stop the worship of others (although some, of course, have). Here's the first paragraph on worship from the GM's Guide, together with  a sample deity block for the Pathfinder rule set.

Worship—Divine Gods of the Blight

Whilst the gods of the Blight occasionally walk the street, there are still countless other older gods and deities whose names are invoked on a daily, sometimes momentary, basis. These gods have their own local names, but as with any icons, scholars have surmised that many are only local aspects of more widely named or quoted gods[1]...

Father Canker/Brother Choke


God of Poison, Silence and Smog

Representative Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Death, Trickery, Weather

Favoured Weapon: Poison

Symbol: A pieced of opaque glass

He is at your window, he swallows the breath of your children as he chokes them, sobbing as he does. Some say that Brother Choke is afraid only of birdsong, and many locals keep a canary in their homes to keep him at bay; when the bird stops singing, he is at hand.

…and finally to Windmills

As Castorhage wretches into the sea beyond, her stain still gropes outwards, as though afraid to leave home, or maybe hungering for more. Countless tiny islets—natural and manmade—infest the estuary beyond. These places are collectively known as the Spires, the Spines, the Bite and a host of other coarser names. They’ve served various purposes over the centuries—forts, warehouses, lighthouses and other legitimate trades—but now many have more sinister purposes; bases for cults, places for people (and things) to hide, dangerous ruins...

Towering amongst these rusting, flotsam teeth, are a collection of larger buildings—towering edifices that loom above the countless passing ships—the Great Windmills. Once there were many vast windmills, which rose across the bay, but fire, neglect and skullduggery has seen almost all fall back into the river. Many of the remaining windmills have been lashed to the rocky islets or man-made islands that jut up like broken teeth from the bay, these islands are very useful for anyone with a need to be hidden.

The Great Windmills (aka The Windmills) also command a towering view over the sea (when the Canker is not infesting it) and have been used as positions of strategic power, particularly by the Guild...

We’ve run out of room once more I'm afraid, and ended W too soon. There's been no room for Wicked Gren—A Sample Blight Goblin Pet, nor any space for the Whore of Weft, Jakob and Jemmynia Wilt – Mr and Mrs Average, the Queen’s Watch, Ruscharde Morsche Wether II

And tomorrow we come to X, that should prove…interesting.

[1] The Great Scholar Priest Alpresta Morn (1321-1426) identified no fewer than one thousand and three aspects for the god Brine across the religions of the known worlds. In his great work Insomnibulis he stated that in his view whilst the number of gods were countless, there were but eleven true gods, but that each god had dozens of subtle facets, avatars or aspects that made the number of gods potentially endless. Many current scholars dispute this assertion, and Morn was burnt at the stake as a heretic.

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