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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
795 backers pledged $121,301 to help bring this project to life.

Just Like That

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

And the $80,000 line has come and gone. With that stretch goal the adventure Horror in the Sinks is unlocked. And, I feel compelled to add, The Blight Player's Handbook is just a hair over $1,500 from being unlocked as well.

I'll go ahead and mention that another stretch goal has been added too. At $88,000 (only about $7,500 away), Bill Webb, co-founder and CEO of Frog God Games and co-founder and former president of Necromancer Games, throws his hat in the ring of The Blight adventure design with the adventure The Children of the Harvest. It's almost like Rappan Athuk and the Sword of Air had a baby in the Blight...and it somehow came out wrong. Don't say we didn't warn you!

We are now less than $20,000 away from hitting the 5e print version stretch goal...and we've made $20,000 in just the last few days. The 5e print version is not only in sight, it's well within reach if we get a huge blast from our 5e fans here in the final days. You guys can totally make this happen. Only 100 more base customers with no add-ons gets us 2/3 of the way there, and I feel strongly that there are more than 100 5e fans out there that haven't backed The Blight yet. And with add-ons to those orders, the sky's the limit.

I should also mention, since it has been asked and had never been formally stated in the product descriptions for add-ons and stretch goals: If we sell a thing in PF and S&W rules, then there will be a 5e version as well. Right now, for the books, there will only be a 5e pdf version, but as soon as we hit that $100k goal, those will all become available as 5e print products as well. Anyway, just in case there was any confusion I wanted to go ahead and get that info out there. And I have updated the KS text itself to reflect this. So tell all your 5e friends what's going on here. Make sure those who are backing for the main book are aware that the add-ons and stretch goals can be had in 5e as well.

We made it to $75,000 primarily on PF and S&W fans (yes, I know that there were many generous-hearted 5e fans who backed as well to make the initial funding, for which we are forever grateful, but primarily it was our regular PF and S&W who made that happen), and I feel like there are numbers of 5e fans out there sufficient to raise the additional $25,000. I realize we're not tried and established in the 5e community (which was obviously our initial concern as well), but from what I've seen of the 5e community in this KS, you guys are interested in 3PP campaign settings/adventures and you're serious about your gaming. So come on out and let your voice be counted. We believe you're out there, we just need you to pick this KS up and carry it the rest of the way home so we'll know we can do our books in all three versions from the get-go from now on.

You guys have the power and the numbers. Tell us what you want! Because we really want to know, :-)


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