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K is for Killers, Grand Justice Korsk and Knockers…

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

“A killer, my friend, never dies. Their legend lives on, and sometimes, in this city, what lives on is more than that legend…”

Inspector Hogg[1]

Many blame Between, some say it’s the poison air or the despair, but it can’t be denied, the Blight is home to countless killers, maniacs, psychopaths and mass murderers. Some have described Castorhage as a theatre of killers, at any given time every district seems to have its own Hornet Eater or Bloody Jack Calver. Perhaps it's just that the night air of Castorhage echoes with screams, and eventually, they just become part of the usual background noise of the city - something to be ignored unless it is very near you, or worse, is you...

Here’s a tiny sample from the endlessly long roll of infamy…

The Crooked Shadow

A true horror indeed, this serial killer came from the Between and was never caught. The Crooked Shadow drew the life from its victim’s madness and made them into Between-spawned things of terror that were imprisoned in people’s nightmares and looked for a way to get out, one way or another...

Of late, physicians have begun to notice an alarming increase in mental problems associated with nightmares and the conjecture is, the Crooked Shadow may be abroad again. As a consequence, institutions across the Blight, and particularly the Asylum itself, are swelling with people afraid to sleep.

The Hornet Eater

Able to vomit swarms of hornets whose sting caused his carefully chosen victim’s (almost all nuns or females associated with lives of purity and the church of Mother Grace) flesh to swell and burst, the Hornet Eater terrorized the city from 1599-1609 when it was (allegedly) finally slain by His Beatific Knighthood Gerrant of the Capitol (LG male human paladin 13). There is a well-known rumor within the church that Gerrant purportedly confessed on his deathbed that he had failed to kill the Eater totally...

The Physician

A.k.a. the Butcher, this madwoman also vanished into the night about ten years ago and has remained unseen since. Her specialty was disemboweling her victims, making undead statues from them and weaving their screams into her symphonies.

In truth though, as we all know, the worst killers in Castorhage rise to the surface and become figures of authority, respect and power.

These killers rarely get their hands dirty (unless they like to)—they don’t need to, they have others to do that for them. Take His Resplendent Grand Justice Korsk, Master of the Sinks, for example. Like all swyne[2], Korsk lives only for excess—in all forms. He wallows in the feculence of his own corpulence, and his followers, who include beasts and humanoids and devils, scour the hellholes of the city for new vices to ensure that his Grand Justice does not get bored. He is terrible when he grows bored.

A close friend and ally of Crown Prince Rorth, the pair are often seen in the Grand Justice’s iron carriage heading towards the Artists’ Quarter, a quartet of lovelies in the carriage with them.

Korsk is ostensibly the Master of Trade, he is responsible for taxes and imports and exports. He is presently lodging in the Crooked Cathedrals in the Sinks, and specifically in the cathedral of Alemiam, Sinner of the Flesh (Area#SI2).

Demented authority figures like Korsk make good use of the dreaded Knockers (a.k.a. the Faceless, the Undertakers, the Midnight Men); the secret police of the city. The Knockers use many weapons in their observations and punishments, drawing unstable wizards and sorcerers and witches and clerics into their ranks as well as those with muscle, cunning and greed. They must also, of course, demonstrate the primary characteristics of a Knocker—pitilessness and selfishness——in spades.

The Knockers terrorize the streetclerks and Under-Justices, using fear and betrayal and  lies to justify and administer their own terrible form of order and justice on behalf of their veiled masters and mistresses, many of whom come from the ranks of the Illuminati, the aristocracy or the Great Coven…

[1] (1622 –?) (CE mohrg wizard 8) longest serving City Watch Inspector, who disappeared after chasing Jonas Long Tongue the feared mohrg assassin capable of infecting his victims with his own form.

[2] The swyne are a race rarely seen outside the Blight. They are creatures of greed who resemble humanoid pigs and who are renowned for their appetite for all things of excess. They rarely leave the Blight as it’s too much effort, and a waste of valuable drinking and eating time to do so.

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