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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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J - Welcome to the Jumble...

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)
What the Jumble looks like…

Like a child’s drawing of a land-bound ship of impossible scale. The Jumble is almost all wood, with a little bit of rope and prayer for good measure. Temporary, mad and rambling, the Jumble does not so much increase as grow; as balconies and arcane engineers find another bulkhead to throw a street upon.

Within it feels even more like a sailing vessel, its very streets arrayed with lobster pots and rigging and even in one place a ship’s wheel.

And if you look hard enough you can find the old arcane knots beneath the growth of boughs and strangling rusting iron.

What the Jumble smells like…

Of wax and polish and old wood. It has an uncharacteristic pleasantness to its odour, of age and growth and history. Somehow even the stench of the jakes that line its walls are masked, and while the close confines of its population brings the redolence of sweat and grime and humanity, it is a background smell only.

What the Jumble feels like…

Like a ship at high sea. As a temporary, ramshackled place living on a prayer, the entire Jumble is constantly swaying and moving. It is claustrophobic; so much so that some cannot bear to be here, it’s also vertigo-inspiring, its outer edges bereft of rail or rope or safety and plummeting far, far below. Worst of all is the Ladder, the way up and down the infernally beautiful place. The Ladder has been likened to the most demanding rock-climbs in places, and with its temporary nature often giving way to breaks, it often does become a climb in itself.

What the Jumble sounds like…

Like a ship at high sea, never still. There are some who have developed a sickness during storms and high winds, who find sleep impossible; the creaking and grinding of its vast weight of timber prevents all but the soundest of sleepers from getting rest.

Seven words to describe the Jumble …

VERTIGO                     IMPREMANENCE       SWAYING      CREAKING

wood womb                                                                                   CLAUSTROPHOBIA


Welcome to the City of Thieves…

There is a difficult, but little-known, truth to accept about the Jumble if you are truly in a position of power; it is anarchistic, it has its own ways, and no matters how many times it is invaded, attempts are made to burn it down, or vast bribes are issued to its residents, it remains apart, almost elite. Try as they might, the aristocrats cannot get a strong foothold here; representatives are poisoned or meet with tragic falling accidents or just leave out of fear. That is not to say the place is lawless, it is not, but its laws are set down by gangs and groups and guilds away from others. Its taxes are odd, and not a penny strays into the royal coffers without good reason, yet adequate funds are paid and royal representatives are welcomed. The Guild—who run operations in the Jumble—would not, and could not, have it any other way. A bizarre mix of ideas and wishes and hungers cram into this uneasy group, formed of an alliance of a score of petty gangs who pay homage to the Guild below in Toiltown.

Some have called it the City of Thieves.

Happily, as every good aristocrat knows, there is no honor amongst thieves ...

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    1. Richard Pett on

      Tcha! Cheers Jeff, that's the trouble with sending stuff out before the edit beavers have had their hands on it...

    2. Jeff on

      Cool idea! Another district I want to read more about :)
      PS: typo impermanence ;)