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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

The Blight may indeed be a mad, corpulent, deranged thing, but above all else she is a horror setting. But what type of horror?

Well, she’s got the usual mix of horror themes you’d expect; lots of smart undead, particularly ghouls, she’s set firmly at the lower end of levels making life tougher, she is wreathed in sin and danger and crammed with countless encounters and horrific ideas.

She’s also got a large number of walking legends—gods the locals call them, although there is little divine about them. These walk the alleyways and are part of the story and fabric of the place. A simple night at the theater might turn into a frantic escape from the Harvester of Cribs or a glimpse of the Madness in the Mirrorstorm, but these chance encounters are rare—you’re far more likely to be choked by the Canker, meet a Bloody Jack or run into one of the countless gangs in the city. Horror stalks the streets at night in human guise, but there are plenty of monsters who call the Blight home—particularly those who like to wear human skins so they can carry on their work.

The Blight oozes stories; her stonework is steeped in sin and despair, her alleyways cloak terror and misery and foulness, her rulers are heartless and greedy and selfish to their core. I hope to have imbued every part of the Blight Guide with the possibility of a tale or adventure, a worthy and memorably horrific encounter or a moment of dumbfoundment. In many ways the Blight is a palette of horrible colors for you to use, but you can also use her as a simple guide if you wish, she's ready for you.

And then we have Between…

Between lurks behind every door, slithers from every reflection in a dirty puddle, clothes itself in terror and fear and becomes fleshy. In a city where the alleyways are bloated with danger, Between offers a darker path that may never be escaped from.

She is another facet, but in truth, there are too many to mention, this is a city of a million stories...

Castorhage exists as an urban horror setting, and events of the Adventure Path Levee bring those matters front and center. It’s difficult to delve too deeply into the things that occur in Levee without giving too much away, except to reiterate that she is an urban-based horror adventure path of 9 parts, visiting many of the darker parts of the city on the journey and being well and truly set within the Blight’s flaccid limbs.

And there are some nasty twists on the way as you'd expect, this is an AP where the PCs are not just in the story; they are part of it, and will not leave it without taint, if they leave it at all...

Events in Levee leave the PCs in no doubt that their enemy (if that is the right word) is at their shoulder, and that everything has a consequence. The reassuring warmth of countless surrounding souls does not help. Locked doors are no good against the foes here, and even sleep offers little comfort. The opposite, in fact.

Each chapter of Levee includes a backstory of events within the city so that as the PCs explore and run through her alleyways life—and unlife—goes on. This backstory is just an aspect of the PC’s own greater story, however, and as the year rolls on and the seasons change, the adventure path draws them—willing or unwilling—into its clutches.

As well as the main event, there are suggestions and sidebars and options, as well as inspirations. Those influences range from films like Eraserhead, Freaks, Twelve Monkeys and Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, to books like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Shriek – an Afterword by Jeff Vandermeer and China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station. These influences are included to give you a taste of the type of atmosphere each adventure aims for so you can expand on them, or not as you wish.

From Calamitywhere the Fetch rise for a single night, dancing on rooftops and taking over the city once every three years—to the smiling faces on the rats of Festival and the twisted surreal place that is Between, the Blight introduces you and your players to somewhere you’ll never forget.

Be careful, you're heading into the wrong side of town... 

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